Affiliate marketing or online marketing started with the rise of commercial email. The commercialism with the mix of the Internet brought the dawn of online marketing. A market with products to be sold online was created, but a platform was needed through which these products could be promoted and sold to the customers. Thus, some two decades ago a platform was made with the name of affiliate marketing or online marketing to promote these products. These products were introduced by the Merchants or advertisers and promoted by the affiliates or publishers. There are millions of websites working online to provide the affiliating network to the advertisers and publishers.

These platforms were often used by some fraud organisations to steal money from honest businesses. The rate of these platforms were rising from time to time, and it had become difficult to trust even the honest platforms, thus our corporation has made it their goal to point out those organisations that are working hard to prove their worth and are worth the trust of the customers. One of those businesses is 1betternetwork Company that has been providing a scam free platform to its customers. This platform is often doubted but our review will prove that not only is the platform trustworthy but one of the best affiliate networks available today.


One Better Network Company Background:

The firm was established in 2007. It was established in Chester Field UK. This was firm was established in order to provide an affiliate network to its customer that is transparent, excellent, and effective. The organization was created on the basis of CPA, based affiliation offers and the top quality of publishers. This system provides the top quality offers to affiliate with. They have been gaining success through efficient reporting and quick tracking of the sales. The most effective feature of this business is to gain no fee at the signing up process. An advertiser shall not provide any sort of fee to the organisation while submitting an advance for the publisher’s commission. The publishers only earn money when they have started making sales for their clients. But they gain more rewards once they have become permanent members of the platform.

The system also provides foreign and domestic campaigns and also worldwide offers to its customers. The system also provides the most effective tools and features to its clients like fraud detection, tracking, etc. The system also provides the most exquisite 24/7 online help support centre to provide professional help to its customers. The firm also helps you create your accounts easily through this platform. The main goal was to provide the best affiliate network, and it has been provided to its customers. Many top brands are even affiliating with this network to gain more revenue and increase more reputation in the worldwide network, which has been gained by them. The affiliation network is an not easy task but affiliating with this network you gain more experience and become an expert in this field.

OneBetterNetwork Company Affiliation Program

The affiliation network of the corporation has been reaching the heights of the worldwide market and has been admired by many top brands. The affiliation network provides different opportunities to both the affiliates and advertisers.

How does 1BetterNetwork Company work?

The network has been working to promote its advertisers and affiliates.

  1. Advertisers:

The network provides its advertisers the most safest way of using their money. It is the model of CPA and CPL, CPA means that the firm would only pay commission to the publisher when they have made an action of selling and the CPL, means that the firm would pay the publisher if it makes an action that would in future benefit the advertiser. This model ensures that the advertisers money is in safe hands. The firm also provides the advertisers to keep their trademark safe. They do not allow their trademark to be used by any other brand. The advertisers are provided with a sales management team that helps you 24/7. The corporation also helps you track your sales and provides a report about your products.


  1. Publishers:

Not only does the firm provide safeguard to its advertisers but also to its publishers. The company ensures to provide foreign and domestic campaign offers at your disposal. They offer you support team to help you out of your problems. The most effective option is that the corporation provides payments to its publishers on requests. The firm also provides all the publishing tool to help you in your task and the enhanced quality of reports to its publishers. The CPA and CPL model also offers the publishers to work easily.

One Better Network Company Joining process

The signing up process of the corporation is very easy. You just need to get to the official website and start the process of entering the process of an affiliate or an advertiser. The online form is provided for both of these separately and requires to fill in all the details of you and your businesses. The joining process is further then approved by the firm by an email. The company only accepts the application of those that have passed the anti-fraud test. The applications if have any problem are rejected or the person is contacted by the corporation.

One Better Network Company Payment method

The firm provides the payment to its publishers through PayPal, and check transfers. The company also provides other options if a publisher’s requests for it. This option of the corporation is very productive for those who do not have these options available. Thus, the firm has kept its doors open for all kinds of people. The publishers are paid money one or twice in a month, they can also request money from the corporation if it requires it. The firm is also well known for its on time payments to its publishers it does not delay its payments so that it gain the trust of its publishers.

One BetterNetwork Company Customer Care

The customer care service of the corporation is very quick and responsive it can be contacted via email service, and the service responds within 24 hours. The service is online 24/7 and is quite quick in its responses. It answers all kinds of questions and also provides you with proper solutions. The service does not delay or deletes any requests and replies to all. The FAQ section of the firm is also very detailed. It provides you answers of some obvious questions that are recorded in their database.

1BetterNetwork Company Scam or Legit

The most difficult question that remains in the end is whether the firm is legal or not. The firm has been operating since 2007 in Chesterfield and has been working with foreign and domestic dignified top brands not only this but the firm also provides no fees at the signing up process. The firm has been housing thousands of Merchants and affiliates in its network. These all things prove that the firm cannot be fraud. It has been using tools to decrease the chances of frauds and has been doing it since their establishment. The firm could not be a fraud and our review proves it. They have been working long in this business and have been proved a trusted affiliate network.


The firm has been working in this domain from a long time and has been proved a trusted network for both advertisers and publishers. The CPA and CPL model are beneficial for both. The publishers if work hard is even provided with payment on request. The advertisers are provided with the increase in their revenues and their product gains fame in foreign countries, while the publishers gain more commission after providing extra sales for their clients. The corporation uses the fraud-proof tools to help to delete any chance of fraud in the business through any site and also deletes the possibilities of using malware on the network. The firm is quite adaptive about the development of the technology and helps provide quick solutions to its customers. The firm is quite helpful about its clients and keeps them as their family. The company can be trusted with closed eyes.


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