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Over 1.8 billion gamers are in the world with 48% playing online games and 62% gamers using personal computers. The gaming industry has a large market, making it a profitable industry. With this large volume of audience, game developers or advertisers find it difficult to reach a vast portion of their specific target market. This presents a key challenge as brand owners are unable to mine all benefits presented by this amazing industry. Affiliates, site owners, and mobile platform owners lack the needed capacity to convert their traffic to a revenue generating source. This leads to traffic wastage and ineffectiveness. These key challenges can be surmounted by partnering with a gaming online Ad network which provides members with all necessary tools and expertise needed to cover vast areas of this industry whilst enabling publishers or affiliates generate revenue from their traffic. This system which operates through a scam FREE model protects member partners from all forms of irregularities and online pirates. Clients are properly equipped to benefit from the huge population of engaging gamers across the globe. The network which provides an amazing opportunity for affiliates, advertisers, game publishers and brand owners to mine profitably into the gaming industry is ad4game Affiliate Company.


Ad4game was founded in 2004 with its headquarter in Dublin, Ireland. This online advertising game network is specialized in the placement of Advertisement for all types of games which may be RPG, MMO, and browser based games. As an advanced and high-tech game Ad network, this system has partnered with leading names from the gaming industry. The partners are Ubisoft, EA, SOE, Disney, Buzzard, Travian, Bigpoint, Nexon, mmXRPG etc. Having operated in this field for a long time, this program has built trust with its partners and the general public. This system provides top quality advertisement with varying formats to over 500 million different visitors each month. The program gives its partners an opportunity to attain 100% fill rate and also utilizes Advertisement backup from different networks. Publishers earn more revenue through the placement of relevant Advertisement to their traffic. All types of Ad formats are in this program, these Advertisements include Footer Ad, Mobile Ads, InGame Ad, Standard IAB, site skin, Gaming pop under, Editorial Ads etc. These Ads enables affiliates to maximize their empty spaces available for promotion of customer friendly brands which are highly compatible with their sites. This network is focused on enabling its advertisers reach a high level of engaging audience, making partners occupy all spheres of a specific target market niche. This result in the total dominance of the market space and the audience are subsequently converted into top quality gamers. As a leading affiliate Ad network, publishers with gaming contents are given an opportunity to monetize their audience via placement of suitable promotions and advertisers are given a route which ensures utmost market exposure generating a better return on investment.


Ad4game is an affiliate Ad network specialized in both desktop and mobile games. Publishers or affiliates are allowed to make a selection from a diverse option of Ad formats, enabling them to monetize their desktop traffic. Long term incomes are generated by displaying unique gaming Ads to your site visitors. The Ad severs automatically filters good performing adverts suited for your website from other Ad formats. This selection process makes it easier for quick promotion of only top converting Ads. With this process, genuine additional revenue is generated. The custom Ads are site skins, editorials, Footer Ads, Gaming PopUnders. Their standard IAB banners and exclusive Video Pre Roll aids affiliates increase their revenue drastically. Publishing partners with ad4game use the prepaid master cards to access instant payment. High tech optimization techniques aids in the detection and prioritization of top performing adverts on websites, enabling affiliates to achieve better benefits. Quality assurance is also guaranteed as third party adverts are not permitted in this system. There is also generation of ore money through the use of customized Ads and CPA offers. Real-time detection and elimination tools are used to closely monitor campaigns in ad4game. This enable affiliate partners make better profit in a simplified and secure medium. Forensiq and fraudlogix which specialized in fraudulent lead detection is fully integrated with ad4game affiliate company. This integration protects the network from all forms of irregularities and fraudulent practices, enabling genuine affiliate or advertising partners do business in a safe and reliable medium. As an affiliate network, they enable partners attain 100% fill rate in all market niches at various levels. Potential publishers or affiliates are guaranteed of one of the highest payouts with instant access to multiple mobile or online gaming offers and displays. Landing urls coupled with custom ads aids partners make huge profits at an exponential rate. Whilst publishers or affiliates mine into this golden offer, advertising partners also gain via the expansive network.

Having exclusive gaming and entertainment website with over 5 billion impressions and 450 million visitors, advertisers make payments in a cost-effective, flexible and simplified pattern. Merchants also make a selection of an operating model which may be CPM, CPC, CPA or CPI models. Payments are proportional to leads generated. Choices of advertising rates and budgeting are also made by you as Ads are only displayed on websites that creates top impressions suited for your brand. Partnership with this program is a direct route of enabling your brand to reach loyal gamers on smartphones or tablets as native app and videos are displayed on content websites. Being fully integrated with various tracking platforms such as HasOffers, Flurry, mobile app tracking, Ad-X, ko Chava, Appsflyer. Also Tapstream, Cake Marketing, Install Tracker, Adjust, S4M, and Apsalar etc enables advertisers to closely monitor their campaigns which aid them to make better decisions and launch effective marketing campaigns in a specified target market niche. Multiple content Ads are also launched in the platform; these content adverts include Thumbnail bar, large rectangle, Edit 300×250, bubbly skyscrap, medium rectangle, leaderboard, pushup ads, and wake up ads. Using this system, brand owners attain maximum market exposure in a particular target market which enables them to generate a better return on investment. Website owners are also aided by the addition of more valued contents to their traffic as they make greater revenue.


Joining ad4game involves a simple procedure. Potential affiliates or publishers aiming to join this platform are to fill up the signup form. It is recommended for publishers to have large volumes of traffic on their sites before signing up. For more inquiries telephone +1 (514) 448-1385.


This affiliate gaming network has partnered with PayPal and Payoneer. They provide quick payments to their clients. Through its partnership with Payoneer, ad4game offers master cards allowing member partners receive payment commissions every first business working day of a month. Cardholders avoid all forms of payment hassles or charges as they withdraw money in their local currency anywhere around the world. Through PayPal, clients are offered international bank transfer payments. It is important to emphasize that there is no threshold or minimum amount to make before withdrawal. Payments are made once it is requested at any price as low as $1.


Experienced account support managers are available 24/7 to enable you to overcome any hitch and launch top converting campaigns targeted at the right audience. There is also the availability of skilled designers who enable member partners to create attractive Ads and landing pages.


This is an online Ad performance marketing network which is focused on different brands of online, desktop and mobile games. They’ve generated various links on the online web. With unparalleled top quality service rendered by its system, enabling clients to achieve their various business goals and enhancing your brand presence in a specified target market. This platform is recognized and accepted by the laws governing this industry. The program is a legitimate means to grow your brand.


As a premium performance marketing network, ad4game is top rated company enabling various publishers, affiliates, advertisers or merchants in the gaming industry maximize their investment in generating better ROI and profits through complete exposure of its member brands. Publishers are paid for promotion of top quality games thereby enabling them to earn extra passive income at an exponential rate. Advertisers are also given an opportunity to attain utmost market exposure. This program is recommended for publishers or advertisers seeking to grow their various businesses.

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