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There are over 3.74billion internet users in the world today. This vast population is dominated with over 50% of users who access the web using cellular phones. Mobile Internet users are divided into various categories, for instance, social media users, online shopping, e-commerce, online gamers, app or software users, etc. These commercial activities are done via smartphones. Through these various ways, owners of websites, cell phone apps or software, social media, email database, etc. tends to drive a high volume of traffic.

The traffic can be monetized through a RELIABLE network. Advertisers, as well as developers and brand, owners, can also generate a high volume of an engaging audience by launching top converting strategy. For success being attained in Affiliate marketing network, a genuine partnership has been created between leading brands and experienced publishers.

Within this method, advertisers plus affiliate are enabled to generate a better ROI and revenues respectively. In affiliate industry, a network which connects merchants to publishing agents, protecting them from all frauds, scams and misleading practices as they are enabled to achieve their desired business goals in the anti-fraud system is adatha affiliate company.


A performance affiliate network registered in Chennai, India. Millions of global conversations are generated by all publishers and software or app developers. It’s a cell phone Ad network that specializes on Android and iOS platforms, utilizing Ad formats, for instance, interstitial, rich media and videos. Traffic filtration process is done to separate top performing traffic from bad ones. Through this medium, top converting strategies are launched in the online global market.

As a result oriented network, Adatha operates using CPA, CPC, and CPI models., With the use of these models, payments are dependent on predefined actions were taken by consumers. This actions may be clicks, downloads or app installation. A highly efficient and customizable tracking system reports all activities, making it easier for campaigns to be monitored.

The network blog site is categorized into campaigns, advertising, installs, advertising network and announcement. These five categories contain various publications relating to the affiliate marketing industry and the continuous changes undergone from this program. This rapidly developing program has partnered with leading brands such as Samsung,,, eBay, EROS NOW, Snap deal, paytm, WeChat, Cleartrip, TimesNow, etc.

A team of highly skilled and knowledgeable customer support helps all partners achieve their business goals. This execution team comprises of a managing director/ CEO Venkatesh C. R. As a result oriented and professional in the affiliate marketing industry; He has led adatha to be a leading/top-performing system with this industry.

Other members of this team are Stephen Andrews F. (Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development), Ratheesh Kesavan (Head – Ad Operations), and Leo Prithviraj (Team leader – Ad Operations). As a cell phone affiliate performance program, adatha operates with the use of high-Tech and optimization techniques, enabling advertisers to cover a wide range of a specific target market niche.

This program stretches across worldwide cell phone users in various demographics. Using a CPA model, this platform aids advertisers to generate an engaged audience for all software or mobile apps. Publishers are provided with a medium through which they launch high converting campaigns as they generate more money. This program, affiliates get access to one of the greatest payouts in an affiliate network. This is a program which specializes in connecting advertisers or leading brands to top publishers, enabling them to provide valued contents or products to their consumers.


Adatha is a cellular performance affiliate network focused on monetization of mobile traffic and aiding advertisers broadcast their various brands in an online market space. Partnership with adatha is a guaranteed route to:

  • Access global market space
  • Maximize your campaign budget. Payments made are strictly based on results generated.
  • Broadcast your unique brand to over 100 million global users.
  • Get access to multiple Ad units.
  • Operate with a network having an efficient tracking program
  • Launch top converting campaigns and manage your account from a secure or anti-fraud network, protecting member brands from all forms of irregularities.

This premium performance mobile system has over 522+ publishers, 360+ advertisers and 100+ national/international clients across the globe. Having over 334+ top offers, partners are guaranteed of high payouts from this platform. It is reported of generating about 8,105 unique visitors and over 40,525 page views daily. There is also an estimated valuation of daily income of over 101 dollars, with an optimal Ads income to be over 30.30 dollars. The total estimated valuation is found to be above 60,000 dollars. Its website is ranked in 20% of all global sites and highly ranked in India.

Appsflyer, an independent marketing mobile analytics system has ranked adatha to be in a category of top five networks in mobile marketing, indicating the level of top performance in this program. This program is reported to have outperformed leading brands such as Twitter and cheetah mobile, confirming the secure, result oriented and top organizational mode of operation enforced in this. Having over 13,000 likes on its Facebook page, combined with its vast exposure on various social media platforms, this generates a large volume of leads, conversation, and specific actions.

It is an Ad mobile platform, which occupies various market from a global space. Various models of operation such as CPA, CPC, and CPI are used. Advertisers have an option of making payments for predefined actions like clicks, installs and customer acquisition. All types of Ad formats such as interstitial, rich media, video, etc. are displayed on various mobile platforms like Andriod and iOS. Partnership on this system enables publishers plus advertisers to:

  • Generate and sustain user retention via diverse marketing channels.
  • Make a better ROI as your brands are publicized to the right audience.
  • Earn better revenue by monetization of your mobile traffic.

In this platform, publishers with various traffic driving sources are valued. A support team ensures that you achieve your primary business goals. Publishers or affiliates are assured of:

  • Exclusive offers with high payouts
  • Secure, comfortable and simplified model of payment coupled with suitable payment terms.
  • Knowledgeable team of experts which will guide you throughout the partnership period
  • Full integration of accounts combined with an efficient tracking system.

Advertisers, merchants and brand owners are enabled to maximize their market exposure, making them generate engaged audience with loyal paying customers. Advertisers are helped to grow their brand presence within a market space via:

  • Launching of top converting campaigns through various channels such as In-app Ads, search engines, email database, app reviews, social media platforms, video promotion, etc.
  • Assistance with a customer support team, ensuring you benefit maximally from this system.
  • Operating with an optimizable CPA, CPI, CPC and CPM business models.
  • Real-time analysis, enabling you to properly monitor your campaigns.

This system is integrated with HasOffers, making it easier for detailed reporting of all transactions.


To partner on this platform, a relatively easy procedure is followed. Potential partners like advertisers, affiliates, brand owners, etc. can signup. All hitches are eliminated, as there is NO signup fee. Partners seeking to establish their brands in an online market space can signup by simply completing a signup form found on the website.


All payments are made in a secure, easy and reliable pattern. There is no specified payment threshold. No minimum amount is required for you to cash out. Payments are made on a Net-30 basis. The money will be released via Check, PayPal, and Wire. Partners cash out through a friendly model.


A team of experienced and skilled individuals is available. This support team helps all partners to attain a high level of market exposure as they gain better financial benefits. This support team is determined and has a sole purpose of aiding all clients to achieve their business goals.


Total protection is provided for all partners in this system. As a renowned affiliate marketing company, all business transactions are done in a self-supporting, anti-fraud system. This is a legitimate company where all valid affiliate marketing business is done in a scam FREE and genuine operational model.


Adatha Affiliate Company is designed for all advertisers plus publishers, enabling them to achieve their desired business objectives. In this system, affiliates generate more revenue from their mobile traffic while advertisers make a better return on investment by launching top converting campaigns.

As an affiliate mobile performance system, it is recommended for:

  • Affiliates were seeking to generate more passive income by promoting leading brands suitable for their traffic.
  • App or software developers were aiming to gain more installations from their target audience.
  • Advertisers or brand owners were aspiring to make a better return on investment as they attain utmost exposure in an online mobile marketing space.
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