Admitad Affiliate Company Network Reviews


Over 50% of all business activities across the globe are done online. The ultimate goal of all brand owners, advertisers and marketers are to increase brand efficiency, they generate more sales, leads installs, etc. within a specified period. This definite chief aim can be achieved through a mutual partnership. With this partnership, brand owners and advertisers have access to a vast network of publishers across the globe. Through this medium, brands are effectively publicized to a large target audience, generating more sales, installs, and download. This is an avenue where brand owners, advertisers, and various affiliate marketing partners earn a massive ROI with stipulated period.

In this risk-FREE business model, publishers are given an opportunity to promote leading brands in their specified market niche. Through this medium, they are enabled to maximize their traffic monetary potentials, making them earn much more revenue. Partnership with a performance affiliate network with a powerful tracking system, eliminating all forms of scams in a risk-FREE model is an assured way of dominating your specified target market niche. The performance network which will help you to attain your desired business goals and objectives is Admitad Affiliate Company Network.


AdmitAd is premium performance Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate network. Since its official launch in 2010, the company has partnered with over 543,000 active publishers and over 1300 advertisers. This is leading network which helps you to connect with top publishers as you launch top converting campaigns across the globe.

There is an easy to navigate dashboard which displays relevant information needed to monitor your campaigns, predicting market trends which enable you to earn more money. Outstanding features of this network include:

  • Top classic campaigns
  • Vast list of offers
  • Adequate promotional tools
  • Suitable payment threshold
  • Compatible WordPress affiliate plugin
  • Competitive payouts.

Up to date promotional materials like popups, videos and banners are provided. These tools are launched to maximize efficiency in the market space. Through the use of these promotional tools, large volumes of potential customers are converted in a short time. An in-house tracking system powered by HasOffers and Cake are utilized. Detailed reporting is provided, making it easier for business transactions to be thoroughly recorded and payments made within a stipulated period.

An amazing WordPress plugin is offered and partners utilize affiliate tools such as postbacks and pingbacks. As a leading affiliate marketing network, AdmitAd has partnered with leading brands like, Tomtop, agoda, AliExpress,, FilesFetcher,, GEARBEST, MAXIMARKETS, WARFRAME, YOOX, asos etc.

Publishers, advertisers and other marketing partners can easily signup as there is an easy signup format and setup system. With the use of a mobile phone, you can easily access your account via a downloadable mobile app. In this app, five accounts can be connected and you can easily switch to different accounts without logging in or out.

A committed team of customer support unit is available, aiding all associate to achieve their desired business objectives.


AdmitAd is premium affiliate network that aids to connect publishers or affiliates to leading advertisers. Traffic owners like Website owners, mass email database, social media profiles and other authorized traffic generating sources are allowed. A partnership can be achieved in four simple steps. Firstly, you’ll have to signup, make a selection of a suitable program, distribute top converting Ads in the market space and finally earn more income.

Diverse types of advertisers or merchants are also accepted. Advertisers permitted include e-commerce marketers, online service providers, online game companies, online loan agencies and other relevant marketing partners.

Having a worldwide market reach with offices across seven countries, AdmitAd offers a Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Sale (CPS) and Cost Per Install (CPI) commission types. In this platform, affiliates are prohibited from taking illegal actions such as:

  • Use of bots/software to complete or click offers. False generated impressions are highly prohibited.
  • Breaking Copyright Laws
  • Creation of duplicate/multiple accounts.
  • Encouraging completion of offers from others
  • Auto completion of offers.

Affiliates are also given access to top creative tools to increase efficiency. These tools include: Ad servers, Postback URLs, Deeplink generator, deals and coupons, Domain Parking, Link checker, SUB-ID, AdmitAd API, product feeds, mobile App, App Store, lost orders, cookie checker, chrome extensions, etc.

Through this network, advertisers are enabled to generate more sales, leads, make more installs and also generate predefined actions within a specified period. Partners benefit through:

  • Real Time analysis and updates.
  • A team of knowledgeable plus skilled account managers.
  • Secure and quick payment model.
  • Total management of campaigns.

A filtration process is employed to direct top quality traffic to your brand. By utilizing customizable Ad formats, high converting campaigns are launched on the global market, making partners generate engaged users in an online market space. A relaunching strategy is also established, making you convert passive audience by relaunching top converting campaigns in a specified online market niche.

AdmitAd is a rapidly developing platform, which has updated technological system, helping partners to have access to State Of The Arts networking system. This company has experienced growth at an exponential rate, aiding partners to access top improvement tools as they operate with a high level of efficiency.


This is a premium performance network designed for affiliate marketing partners aiming to earn more income; they attain their business objectives.

Publishers can signup through a relatively simple procedure. You’re to complete a registration form displayed on the company’s website. In this form, you’ll provide your name, business status (either individual, legal entity or individual entrepreneur), country, email address and a password.

Advertisers can also signup using a similar procedure as they provide their Name, email address, link to their website (or other traffic sources), phone number and segment. The segment includes online games, Webshop, online services, Hosting, mobile app, insurance and finance, travel, provider and others. After applying, you’ll be quickly notified of your acceptance or rejection.


Having over 900+ competitive offers, AdmitAd provides a guaranteed avenue to earn more income within a short period. Commission types include CPS/CPL/CPA methods. There is a minimum threshold payment of $10. This low payment threshold is to aid partners to easily access their earnings with little or NO restrictions. Partners can also cash out using mediums such as Bank Wire, PayPal, WebMoney, and ePayment. With this reliable, secure and simplified payment model, you’re assured of generating better revenue. Challenges encountered during this payment process are easily rectified through the customer care unit.


A highly technical support team is available to guide you throughout the partnership period. This customer support team consists of skilled and knowledgeable affiliate consultants and account managers. Challenges were ranging from payment issues to account management problems are effectively handled by this customer care unit. The account managers or affiliate consultants seek to understand your major business objectives to help you attain your goals in a short period. Through this support unit, long lasting relationship is established.


This Network is a leading company in the affiliate industry. This program is result oriented as they seek to help partners dominate in the specific target market niche. There is an anti-fraud plus powerful third party tracking software powered by HasOffers and Cake. This in-house tracking software ensures that all business activities are adequately recorded, and payments are made promptly. As a leading network, this prohibits all irregularities such as duplicate actions, automated actions and other forms of scam-like activities. Fraudulent practices are automatically detected and blocked. This secure business operational process enables partners to adequately launch risk-FREE campaigns, making a massive return on investment or revenues within a short period of time.


This is a leading network with a large volume of top converting offers, enabling partners to generate the desired result. As a performance network, payments made are dependent on the number of predefined actions taken. In this platform, publishers are enabled to fill up their Ad inventory and earn more revenue as they promote leading brands in a specific online market space.

Advertisers are provided with an avenue to generate a massive return on investment (ROI) as they attain utmost brand exposure in a specified online market niche.

Admitad Affiliate Company Network is recommended for brand owners, affiliate marketing partners and various other online businesses.

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