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Affiliate marketing appeared on the horizon when the commercial business started using the internet for their work. With the dawn of commercial emails, online marketing came into existence. The world started changing, with change the businesses empire started shifting their firms towards this domain. After shifting their businesses towards internet marketing, their revenues started increasing and their corporation started reaching a height that no one could have imagined. Internet marketing means to promote your products online through ads, for which a platform is required. Affiliate networks provide a platform to the advertisers and publishers to promote and earn an increased revenue. But with the development of these corporations, there appeared some firms that were made just loot others. These firms were fraud and scam. They take the money and disappear in thin air. Thus, trusting even the good firms have become difficult, Merchants often think twice before applying to a platform. The increase of scamming platforms often have defamed the legit ones. To prove themselves worthy the platforms now work even harder and have proved their worth. Affiliate Future Company is one of the platforms that have been proving its worth from long, but still, there are unanswered questions about whether the platform is scam or legit one.


AF Affiliate Future Company Background

The company started operating in 1999 when the affiliation marketing started appearing on the horizon. The firm was created to provide a better platform to their clients in cost effective way. The platform was created in order to provide a platform through which the clients could generate their new businesses and to improve them to a level that a person needs it to be. They let you optimise your businesses, let you connect with proper network channels, make you meet with appropriate publishers, and all this with good security levels. The firm was built on the goals to provide good help to their customers with advanced technological options. The platform has its headquarters in London and other offices in India, Australia, UK and USA. The firm is also the part of Global Data, a media content company providing businesses information, research information, marketing solutions and decision making options. Being a part of Global Data helps the firm produce better options for its customers. The company provides better service levels to its clients and prides themselves upon it. Their professionals help their clients, that helps them increase their revenues. The platform increases the value of your brand and helps you reach the global market, which is essential for both your business and products. Affiliate Future helps you build your businesses future and expand its boundaries. The network has some 600 advertisers and 300,000 publishers that let you unravel new path in your business. The network itself is expanding its borders that have helped them attain a respect in this platform.

AF Affiliate Future Affiliate Program

The affiliation network of this platform has been providing many features to its clients for its betterment and increase in revenue. The firm has been optimising to provide better-digitalized marketing, it provided an increase in your online sales and lets you focus on your products promotion. The company has been providing revised reporting opportunities that can be accessed easily, they provide you monthly analytical data reports via emails, provides the service of tracking through calls and the best options while using their Dashboard.

How does it work?

The firm not only provides bright affiliate programs for their advertisers but, also for their publishers. The agencies related to this corporation also enjoy many features of their affiliate program. Whether a publisher, an agency, or an advertiser the affiliate program of Affiliate Future is the best.

  1. Publishers:

The most important features the publishers enjoy are that the firm helps them to connect them directly to the advertisers. They let you access some 600 retailers and brands that work in high businesses and provide a better commission to them. If the publisher needs any sort of assistance the Expert Publisher team provides it. They are also given the opportunity to earn quickly through this platform. The Publisher and advertiser are given the opportunity to meet directly so they can firm a proper relation with each other.

  1. Advertisers:

The Merchants or the advertising agencies are highly valuable to this corporation. The firm provides them with a huge publisher network that helps them connect with the proper publisher. They are allowed to have a direct contact that makes the dealing easy. The Expert Publisher team provides its expert advice to the advertisers too, if going through any problem. The firm also provides the detailed reporting options, monthly and on demand, which helps the advertisers keep track of their online sales and the most important feature are the options of increased sales.

Affiliate Future Joining Process

The joining process of the firm is real easy. You just need to get to the official website and choose how do you want to join the network, as an advertiser or a publisher. If you are an advertiser you would choose the advertiser’s plan to apply to it by filling the online form, with all the details about you and your business. The payment method options are also necessary to be filled in. Same is the procedure for the publishers. They would also fill in the online form with all the available details in it. In case pf an agency you would need to get in touch with the support team of firm that will provide you further guidance.

Affiliate Future Payment method

The firm does not provide any payment option to be chosen while filling the online detail form. When the corporation contacts you via email after you have filled the form and send it to them, then they will further describe the details of the plans about payment options and pricing.

The firm provides basically two options of the accounts to be established. A self-managed advertiser and an Account managed advertiser. The firm provides many features if you choose the managed advertising account because it is supported by the firm.

Affiliate Future Customer Support

The support department of the corporation provides a complete detail for making enquiries. It provides the options of making general enquiries, advertising enquiries and urgent enquiries. The Corporation provides a complete detail of email and phone numbers on the website and the customer support of the firm replies quickly too. It helps in advising the advertisers and providing every type of detail required.

Affiliate Future Scam or a Legit company?

The question regarding the firm being a scam or legit still remains unclarified. The company has been operating since a long time. Not only this the company has been working with one of the biggest brands around the world. If the business was a scam it would have been long closed and the big brands would not have been a part of their firm right now. The firm is a legit one. It not only supports all its customers but also provides them help when required. The firm itself is working hard to maintain the fraud and security issues that make it one of the legit organisations working today. If the business would have been a scam, it would have been proven long ago. The firm may be facing some problems for disclosing their payment details, but it is also due to the security concerns. Other than that the firm is a bright legit company working for its customers and providing them the best solutions available in online marketing programs today.


It is concluded that the firm has been proven one of the best affiliate networks working today. The firm has its business expanded with many agencies, advertisers and publishers that help them develop their own firm. Not only are they persistent in the technologies and help they provide, but they are thriving to gain more better results. The firm provides one of the best affiliate programs for all its customers and helps them gain better results. The affiliate program is well defined and also has the best features available in any program. Its customer care services are also quick and quite helpful for all. The Expert Publisher Team helps the customer and provides the proper services asked. The firm is only facing certain problem in their payment detail department but that would be improved with time too. Other than that the firm provides excellent services throughout the world and is proven a legit firm.

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