Aragon Advertising and Affiliate Company Reviews


The marketers have influenced businesses of today a lot. This trend of business started when early men to one thing in return of others. These were the things that were used in daily life. This trend was further evolved into perfection by introducing many new technologies in it.

This pattern went through a setback when fraud and scam became more popular in it. Discriminating right from the wrong ones became impossible. To properly study those corporations that were working for the betterment of its customers our platform started writing reviews. Aragon Advertising Affiliate Company is the company that we will discussion today. In this article, we would review this corporation from head to toe.

Aragon Advertising Affiliate Company

This organization was established in 2012 as a performance network that provided a global reach to its customers. They offer Advertising in mobile ads, search browsers, and payment that can be done through calling. Thus, they are specialized from mobile advertising. This does not mean that the corporation only provides ads in these categories, but they are making its way in many different kinds of ads for its partners. They offer active campaigns from its website and quality of associates to work with.

They specialize in mobile advertising while providing best services in this domain. They have been proving to its customers that this site provides the best quality of platform to all kinds of marketers. They not only take great care in making new family members but also provide them the best environment in return. Its ads and campaigns are becoming very popular with the passage of time, and many customers are approaching this place for better revenue options.

Not only do they offer excellent quality in its campaigns but also provide best services to its partners from its website. Whatever the matter may be this site provides you solution whenever you require. They have some masterminds working at, their backs to provide the best to its partners. They have an active option of news and events from its site that provides info regarding the new changes and technologies innovation introduced by them.

Its convenient solutions have helped many customers shape its future in the best way possible. Its team and work both are par excellence, and its popularity speaks for it. They also have their connection with many another platform for producing best technology as its feedback.

Affiliate, program

The affiliate program of Aragon Advertising Affiliate Company is providing offers that are CPA, CPL, and CPS. These offers are not the only this website provides been providing, but they also provide the opportunity to design your own offers from the grass root level. They not only provide this option but also provide many other features in its affiliate program.

How does it work

As it is known working of this affiliate program depends upon the offers this platform provides. Like many other firms they do not provide an affiliate program which has the same options, but they provide features that are unique and different. The affiliate program provides many opportunities to its associates so that they can earn from every way possible. Following features are available in this program.

  • Provides global reach that increases the rate of revenue or ROI for them.
  • Provides options for building their campaigns in their own style and supports and introduces them on its website.
  • Like others, you do not have to wait for a long time to be approved on from their platform or from approval of campaigns, but this website provides the quickest approvals in the history of affiliate business.
  • Affiliate managers to help other publishers out is a good option that helps clients out in need.
  • Provides incentivized offers on its platform to worth and gain more revenue.
  • Provides weekly payout options for those clients that demand it.
  • The referral program of their platform is an another option that helps publishers achieve extra cash.
  • Also, Provides some 500 plus offers in mobile ads to work with that is quite a good range to work in.
  • Have a unique fraud check software on their platform that detects out if any client or offer is involved in the said case.
  • Have no fees for monthly registration or any other registration. Once you are registered with the platform, you may never be a subject to extra fee on the platform.
  • The quality of traffic this website runs for its clients is very sophisticated and excellent quality there are no cheap traffics involved in this method.
  • The program provides a very high quality of affiliates to work with and to get in touch with many dedicated and branded names from the global market.
  • Thus, do not compromise on anything when it comes to their clients.

 Aragon Advertising Affiliate Company

In order to start their joining process from their website, you need to get in touch with the official website. This site provides you the option of joining as an affiliate or as an advertiser. Online form on their platform is made with great care and precision. The applicants must provide a complete set of detail while joining the platform. After finishing the online form, an applicant must wait to get approved by their site. If any sort of fraud or scam is found in the form or the detail of the applicant, he/she must be rejected immediately. Applicants are approved very quickly on the platform; sometimes takes a little time because of the process and the access to form on their site.

Payment method

All the payment methods this website support for their clients are Wire transfers and PayPal. Its company does not accept any other payment methods, but exceptions can be made if requested by any customer. Minimum budgets on their site are $100. They use this money to pay their publishers who are working for the specific advertiser. The payment frequency they provide to their clients is semi-monthly, monthly and weekly deposits all upon requests. their referral commission for every publisher is 5% for the first six months.

Customer Support

The client care department of the website is quite helpful and responsive. They provide you a phone number that can be contacted in case of any inquiry or customers can make online inquiries through the official website. They also provide a dedicated accounts manager team that are available for each client 24/7. They can be contacted any time of the week or month, they never complain or close down.

Aragon Advertising Affiliate Company Scam or Legit

Obvious of all the question is whether this place can be trusted or not. The answer to this question is that this website has its own fraud detection program, they have been around not for a long time but are producing some excellent work. They are affiliated with some re known companies in the global market. They have put a lot of effort into making this place what we see today. All these things involved they also have many payment proofs from clients to prove themselves. All these things make this place trusted and honest for all types of clients.


This place was established with a dream to provide one of the best services in the global market. They have been making quite a good name and reputation with their work which makes them quite attractive to be approached. Their hard work and success stories are stapled on every wall of the internet.

They provide some quality business to their clients in the most friendliest way possible. Their features from their affiliate program are unique and addictive. They have referral programs, fraud detection, mobile ads, mobile apps to download and many other things to look forward.

Aragon Advertising Affiliate Company can be easily trusted with the payment proofs and their contracts with some re-known businesses. They provide their clients some excellent services to work with and to promote their business as they require. Their payments are also very flexible that helps customers gain more quickly. So many positives in one place make it one of the best network from the global market.

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