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The affiliate business started becoming popular in the 90’s when commercialism hit the internet. It was a fast change even for those that were affiliated with the internet. The change was abrupt and fast but eventually, people started coming up with it. The plan was to introduce the affiliate business with the mixture of the web to take this business globally.

With the spread of this network millions and millions of sites were introduced doing the same business but some of these websites were used for fraud and trusting even the legitimate one became difficult. Our platform provides reviews for the affiliate companies so that customers can consult them before joining one. We would review AvanGate 2Checkout affiliate comapany today.


AvanGate 2Checkout company Background

The corporation was established in 2006, in the USA. The corporation currently also has its offices in the European countries like Amsterdam and Romania. The company is a digital performance-based affiliate network. The company works on the model of SaaS technology and has been rapidly advancing its approach in the global network. They have the method of changing for their customers and adopting what is best for them. They have been evolving and being in the key countries provides them approach of the global market.

The corporation is the best solution provider to its customers and helps them take key steps in the affiliate business. It is a network that provides a platform that is based on billing, online payments, online commerce, software payments, etc. The network is totally a unique and most digitalized system present in the region. They provide many options to its customers that help them in choosing the best for themselves.

The corporation has contracts with some 4000 digital brands that are present in 180 countries of the world. This huge option of Merchants lets its affiliates choose the best for their promotions. They have links with many digital-based companies that makes it an expert in the field of digital products. This helps their customers in adopting the best policy for advertisements and promotions. They provide the best to their customers by asking very little in return. The corporation has been enhancing its strategies for the development of their corporation and the popularity of the brands affiliated with them. They claim to increase the revenues of their customers and the commission of their affiliates. The company is a widely used platform today due to its planning and strategies.

AvanGate 2Checkout Affiliate program

The affiliate program of the corporation is based on the SaaS technology; they are a digital market business for those who are affiliated or want to affiliate themselves with it. The program helps the affiliates to guide them and to let them earn in the easiest way possible.

How does AvanGate 2Checkout work

As the program was made in order to help its customers and clients, it mainly focuses in the domain of digital marketing. Not only the advertisers and affiliates it helps other customers too. The online billing and payment method is quite essential for attracting customers to this site. Other features of the site are as follows.

  • It helps you in joining the site and getting started with it in minutes, whatever you choose they help you in maximizing the traffic of your page and let you manage it properly. They have the simplest and the easiest methods to join the network.
  • The model of CPA or pay per action is the hub of the affiliate network. The Merchants pay only when the affiliates make an action to sell their products to other customers, if not then the Merchant is not obligatory to pay any money.
  • They provide you with all the tools that are essential in making a promotion or choosing the best affiliate. They help you in making all the changes you need in the affiliate program.
  • They help you in making a payout for your affiliates, it may be on the basis of the revenues earned, or you can reward them on the basis of their performance.
  • Provides you the best platform requires for making and receiving payments, the tracking tools and all the reports that are essential in your business.
  • You can directly get in contact with the affiliates and discuss all the possible points you need in the promotion of your product.
  • They provide you with the upcoming campaigns on the platform and help you choose the best.
  • They also provide the option of taking part in promotional campaigns that are not available on many affiliate platforms.
  • They provide you a free demo on the site that informs you about all the important key factors required in joining the platform and the whole program that is run on the network.

How to join AvanGate 2Checkout

The joining method of the corporation is very easy. They provide you a free demo to check if you have any suspicions about the network and its joining process. The joining process of the site is free for the affiliates. In order to join the platform you just need to start the signing up process. This process requires all the detail of the customer and the business he is pursuing. After completing this process the firm replies to the applicant within hours and upon acceptance, you can start working on the platform in minutes.

AvanGate 2Checkout Payment method and terms

The corporation supports approximately all kinds or payment methods, from cards, check, PayPal, wire transfers, Direct deposits, etc. It provides up to 75% commissions to its affiliates and also provides rewards and bonuses to those who are being applauded due to their performance. The corporation promises to provide quick payments to its affiliate which is quite essential for the performance of its affiliates.

AvanGate 2Checkout Customer support

The customer care services of the program is quite quick and helpful. The affiliate teams of the platform, the blog, the knowledge center and the free demo on the platform is quite helping for all those that are new to the platform. Their customer care service is available 24/7 that can be contacted anytime via an online form available on the network. The customer care services reply to all the queries that are sent their way and respond to them in the most helpful way possible. The network also provides the phone number and addresses for their offices, the customers can make an urgent call via these details.

AvanGate 2Checkout Scam or Legit

The question that is most important to be answered is whether the platform is trusted one or not. The answer to the question is yes. It is due to the following reasons.

  • Firstly it has its contracts with some 4000 digital networks in 180 countries.
  • Secondly, the corporation has its offices in the three major cities of affiliate business.
  • The corporation has been established in 2008 that is very long for any fraud network to survive.
  • The network houses some hundreds of affiliates.
  • They have their contracts with some recognized names of the market and are spread all over the world.

All these things divided makes it a honest and well trusted business. The company would have been closed long ago if it was a scam. The corporation itself is against these people and have been proving its popularity and success true from a long time.


The firm is a digital solution and affiliate network provider. They have been providing the most diverse network to its customers all around the globe. The global markets recognized names are affiliated with this network today. The company has worked hard to recognize itself in the world and its business with some 180 countries proves the fight it has been fighting for a long time. The corporation provide many facilities to its clients all over the world and provides them the best too.

They provide SaaS technology based solutions to its customers, with CPA model working as its center of the affiliate business. The company has millions of affiliates working with it and provides many facilities to them also. The corporation is a proven trusted place for all types of people and its helps its customers just like its family.


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