Cinstaller Affiliate Company Reviews


In the world of affiliate marketing, advertisers aim to generate better results with various marketing techniques. Software developers are also seeking for ways to generate more installs for their software or freeware, and publishers are generating high volumes of traffic are aspiring to earn more money by promoting top quality software or freeware on their sites. These challenges encountered by advertisers, software or freeware developers and publishers can be solved via the partnership with a pay per install network (PPI). Membership with a top rated per install affiliate network that operates without any traces of scam and protects its clients from all unproductive and ineffective transactions. The system which has one of the highest payouts and enables publishers or advertising agents achieve utmost market exposure is Cinstaller Affiliate Company.


The company was established in 2011 and it’s a top rated pay per install affiliate network based in the United Kingdom. As one of the leading monetization and software distribution platforms, it enables affiliates to generate more income through the promotion of quality brands. This platform makes advertisers attain utmost exposure in the UK, US, and European online marketing space. In this system, traffic is closely monitored in such a way that its audience is converted to loyal paying customers. In its early days, this program was focused on PPI in YouTube and mp3 traffic. Presently, it has grown at an exponential rate establishing multiple connections around all European nations and beyond. It is still expanding further; developing rapidly and can offer solutions, which convert all traffic types. With a higher rate, partners can generate over $2 per install. Traffic converted includes mp3, movies, download, software, YouTube, adults, Facebook traffic, etc. Publishers can earn more by making the selection of their traffic type combined with customized promotions suited for the traffic. Publishers engage in software promotion, and make earnings when customers take predefined actions like installation. Advertisers, software or freeware developers get utmost market exposure making them generate more engaging customers. In this system, payments are dependent on valid installation. The real-time tracking mechanism also enables advertisers to make informed decisions as their campaigns are launched.


Cinstaller is a premium pay per install marketing network designed for affiliates and merchants aiming to grow their various business in the affiliate marketing industry. Publishers are paid in proportion to the number of successful software installation made by their audience. It is important to emphasize that payments are NOT made when apps or software are downloaded. Payments are ONLY made when there is a software or app installation. For affiliates to be accepted into this program, certain specifications must be reached. These requirements include possession of a top level domain name and operation with a fully functional site. Publishers with websites under construction are not allowed into this program. The prohibition of exit pop-ups and spawning process aids in the easy functionality of this network.

Partners of this platform are empowered as the network features:

  • Timely payments
  • Friendly customer support
  • Customized landing pages
  • Best rates in the industry
  • Top quality optimized offers
  • High-tech tools

Member affiliates of this company are provided with top converting software or freeware which are highly optimized with various promo offer and landing pages. In this system, an affiliate can make the selection of either fixed rate or Revenue share model. The fixed price installation model is normally set as default and its more suitable for affiliates with little or no experience. The revenue share model, which is more profitable, is suited for experienced and skillful publishers who drive large volumes of traffic mainly constituting of users from low paying countries. With the highest payouts combined with its top customized and advanced monetization tools, clients are guaranteed of generating better revenue. Its revenue share pricing model, enables publishers to earn more as their installed bundle’s increases. In other words, higher installs mean greater commissions. As an advertiser or software developer, better return on investment is generated due to the result oriented model of transactions. This model ensures that top converting campaigns are launched making it easier to gain a more engaging audience who are subsequently converted to loyal customers. Through this model, member brands cover more market areas leading to total brand exposure. Publishers are enabled with the necessary tools for generating more revenue while brand owners, advertisers, or software developers are guaranteed of making a better return on investment.


This platform is designed for all publishers or software developers who aspire to earn more in the online marketing industry. Cinstaller offers FREE membership to all affiliates and publishers. Firstly, an affiliate or publisher has to agree to the terms and conditions of the network. Spamming and other forms of fraudulent actions are highly prohibited. After completing an application, feedbacks are given within 24-48hours. All potential publishers or advertisers aspiring to become part of this result-oriented network can complete the signup form found on its website. For further details contact cinstaller via Skype at cinstaller.aga


Payments are made to publishers on a biweekly basis. You can cash out through PayPal, Bank transfer, Panza, Bitcoin and Webmoney (WMZ). For PayPal and bitcoin, there is a minimum benchmark of $1. The low payment threshold is done to enable partners have complete and total control of their money. For Webmoney and Panza, its payment threshold is $10 while the minimum payment benchmark for wire transfer is $100. Customized options are also present enabling affiliate partners to manually set up their minimum payouts. Payout fees (which depends on your medium of payouts) are also charged. These are $35 for wire transfer, 1% bitcoin fee is charged based on the aBTC/USD exchange rates. While the default fees for Webmoney, Payza, and PayPal are also applied. In its biweekly basis, incomes made from 1-15 are released by 16th – 18th, while incomes generated from 16 – 31 are released the following month from 1 – 3rd. All payments are released on the business day. When the payment threshold is reached, payments can be manually activated, and money is released within 2 business days. In special cases such as emergency, another model of payments which are suitable to the clients are activated money is released appropriately. This secure, simplified and easy payment model makes it easier for every partner to access his or her revenue using a desired or appropriate medium.


Cinstaller Affiliate Company gives its member affiliates or advertisers adequate customer support service. This customer support team ensures that quality; a long lasting business partnership is formed via its relationship. This ensures effective or good quality communication between its network and member partners. This high-tech support team ensures that all challenges encountered are resolved appropriately. Clients having problems accessing their money can also contact its support team, which makes necessary arrangements, creating an alternative medium for effective release or assessment of such payments by clients.


As a leading pay per install affiliate marketing network which specializes in aiding advertisers or software developers generate a high volume of installs, this platform is recognized globally by every governing body. It’s a program, which prohibits all forms of fraudulent activities by protecting partners from every form of scam. It is also an experienced pay per install affiliate marketing network and has multiple links in this industry. Leading brands are already benefiting from the company’s networking program.


Cinstaller Affiliate Company is a premium pay per install marketing network aimed at enabling member partners to achieve their business objectives. It also enables affiliate gain more income through the promotion of Software, making them monetize their traffic. This company also aids its partners to stay free of all forms of fraud or scam, which mitigates their earning, making them maximize various business opportunities presented affiliate networking industry. This program also aims at enabling member partners to attain their financial business goals in a short period.

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