CityAds Affiliate Company Reviews


The affiliate program was produced to propose the best in the advertising network. This network is a vast spread system that keeps on proposing the best for all type of associates. These systems provide the ideal solutions and Ad opportunities to its associates that make them the best.

This system is often used for fraud and scam. That resulted in a loss of ratings and trust issue even for the legit ones. To provide trusted and assured reviews our platform has gone through research, and the result is what we see. This corporation, which is our case study today, is CityAds Affiliate Company.

CityAds Affiliate Company Background

City Ads Affiliate was established in 2010, by Alexander Savchenkov in order to do an experiment with the offers of CPA. Commercially it was launched in 2011. This gap was due to technicalities and the work that was left in between to deal with. Within the same year the corporation started receiving its income, and from then they never stopped. Like always starting line is always difficult, but with time everything comes together due to hard work and honesty. This corporation did not take much long to enter into the sky of success, but it was the result of mindful people that still back the firm. Due to hard work, this reached the milestone of 100 advertisers in just one year. A milestone that was much needed for it. Since then they’ve been opening new offices in Chelyabinsk, Ukraine, and Brazil. They become very popular and successful in very less time.

They started many operating departments within the firm to make it work better and more competitive in a long run. They’ve been working on many roofs with many technical departments to provide not only a platform that worked for producing Ads but that provided technical solutions too. Their success didn’t stop here, but they also opened a new platform called Version 2.0 to enhance more results for their customers. They also reached a milestone of earning up to, $5 million dollars on a yearly base. They also have achieved a second working platform called Version 2.1 for analytical purposes. Thus, it is not just an Ad agency, but it has many different roles for its members. A very innovative and fast improvising platform that we can find in today’s market.

Affiliate Program

Not only they provide an affiliate program, but it also has too many technical roles to play. But their affiliate system is the center of attraction of our review. Offers that have been provided by this system are based on the models of CPA and CPL. They provide some active 500 plus offers to work with, which is a lot regarding the companies we see from the market today. They have many other features under their affiliate system, which would be discussed under the next category.

How does it work

As it is known working of affiliate system depends upon the offers the platform is providing. Their offers as mentioned earlier are CPA and CPL. These offers provide profit to both types of associates that are working under this roof. All their other features it has been providing are as follows.

  • First of all, they offer an advanced type of technology for their members to work with, which is quite essential to gain better results.
  • Experts of this have made a plan that increases traffic for sites. This plan has two main points marketing and re-marketing. This endorses extra pressure and provides significant results.
  • CPA offer is considered the widest used offer by the websites today. This offer helps in providing results. For example, advertisers only pay money when a publisher has made an action to sell his products. Thus advertisers only pay publishers when results are achieved.
  • City Ads provide you to utilize the global market. They offer you opportunities to utilize them and reach their market in real. This step helps in producing more customers for your brand than on a national level.
  • They also have some best quality of associates from different countries to work with.
  • They provide you solutions from the most occurring problems in this business.
  • Their experts work day and night to provide their members with best Ad campaigns available in the market.
  • They have mingled their Big Data technology with an affiliate program for providing best results in short timing.
  • Their traffic is also which has quality customers.

 Joining Method

Joining this firm is quite easy and lots of fun. To be able to start the process, an applicant must get access their official website. This site provides an online form that is to be filled by the applicant himself. This form requires all essential data an applicant has regarding himself and his business. The data must be accurate and if any fraud or scam found the applicant must be rejected without further notice. Applicant after filling the form must submit it on the official site. Registration department immediately responds via email their applicant and provides info regarding the corporation too. This process often takes time due their number of applicant per day is often more than hundreds.

CityAds Affiliate Payment method

There Payment methods have been supporting are Wire Transfers, Webmoney, e-payments, and Capitalists. These methods are available for all kinds of customers affiliated with the corporation. The minimum an advertiser has to pay upon registration is $30, which not a lot. They so not ask for any registration fee from their members. This minimum budget is also for the payments to publishers. One of the ideal points of this firm is that they provide weekly payments to its associates, which is good because many websites do not offer this option.

Customer Care Department

The support department of this firm is quite attractive and helpful. They have options of a knowledge base, a tutorial, API, and community. They provide their members help by providing immediate answers to them. Often answers are stored in the knowledge base and community, which is quite helpful. If these places do not respond their request that is needed to be fulfilled than the member can make inquiries through an online form that is available on the website. These requests are answered quickly and with great care and respect.

CityAds Affiliate Company Scam or Legit

It is one of the most obvious questions, which needs to be answered. Whether they can be trusted or not. Is it a reliable site. The answer to this question is that this platform has been around for some years and has been making a lot of name and success due their policies it has created. This firm has many accurate and positive reviews on the Internet. They are providing actual money to its workers and members. All these things are quite enough to prove the trust and honesty level of this platform. These things can be trusted and be checked if a new customer has some doubts about this system. Well, this network is quite is trustworthy and essential for those, that are starting their work in this business. Even if certain people provide negative remarks about this, that would only be for defaming them.


CityAds Affiliate Company is a place that could be innovative, made with care, provided solutions, utilizing with time and had many unique features. These attributes make it one of the ideal solution and Ad making agency in the global market. They have been working quite hard and have achieved a lot of success in very short time. City Ads are changing and gaining more experience with time. Their new and unique policies are worth looking for. Their features are quite exclusive and free of cost. They make campaigns that are unique and effective ones. These features make this firm more successful and trustworthy.

They have opened many offices around the world and are looking forward to opening more. Can this type of place be doubted by people. It would not be fair though. Small budgets, exclusive traffic ranges, Big data technology, etc. All these things make it worth your money.


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