CJ Affiliate by Conversant

The best affiliate network is that which provides the best platform to its customers. They respond to each, and every request sent their way and had a proper way of controlling the customers. These are the basic requirements of any quality affiliate network.

The networks are the most widely used networks today, these networks provide some unique and advanced technologies in it, but certain times these networks are also used for fraud and scam. This attributes sometimes brings a doubt in the minds of those who are trying to approach these networks.

In order to remove these doubts from the minds of the new customers, our platform provides reviews to decide whether these networks are trustworthy or not.


CJ Affiliate by Conversant Company Background

CJ Affiliate by Conversant affiliate company was  founded in 1998, with the name Commission Junction. The program was established on a very small forum but with time it expanded a became a network it is today. The program recently changed its name to CJ in 2014. It is the most widest and largest used affiliate network of today. The brand was established at the time when the affiliate business was new, but with time it has developed into a well established a widely used network.

The network works on the model of CPA. It provides its affiliates commissions on pay per action and pays per click. All these offers make this network the most widely used network of our time. The place has thousands of campaigns available, which makes it more popular in blog users and the small web businesses. The network has been incorporating a lot of hard work in the domain to provide the best quality offers to its customers.

The corporation comprises of a large group that helps out his clients and the clients that approach this place for the first time. It provides plus twenty-five thousand affiliates to work with that is a quite a lot for any quality network. This much choice is quite helpful for all the advertisers that are approaching for the first time to this network. The corporation has been gaining a lot of success in this long time due to its credibility in the area and the hard work they have been influencing in this domain. Either you are looking to increase your sales or looking for more customers, this is the best place you will find in the market.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of this firm is based on CPA offers. This means that an affiliate is only payable by an advertiser when due to a certain action, promotion, etc, he sells a product of an advertiser. This helps in increasing the sales of an advertiser and the commission for an affiliate.

How does CJ Affiliate by Conversantk work

The work of this program is most simple and understandable. As the groups were established a long time ago, they have not involved a lot of technicalities in the department. The features of this simple and approachable plan are as follows.

  • The network provides the most excellent tools for its affiliates to work with. Whatever may be the offer CJ has the proper tools for it.
  • The website provides a Deep link generator that helps to create more and better content for the sites. It is the fastest way of creating web content.
  • The site provides a method of calls for its affiliates and advertisers to communicate with each other and to more properly understand the offer to be discussed. The pay per call solution is one of the unique features of this website.
  • The graphic tools help the affiliates to enhance the view of the products provided by the advertisers, which helps in improving their view for the global market.
  • The tracking option allows the affiliates to track through all the sales the promotion has been providing them.
  • It provides the best technical support provided by its customers and helps in understanding them more properly.
  • The platform provides plus twenty-five thousand advertisers, quality advertisers to work with.
  • It provides the best Growth strategy to its customers that helps in increasing their revenues and commissions.
  • The network has quite improved and enhanced the platform for its clients that helps them in achieving far-reaching results.

How to join CJ Affiliate by Conversant

The Joining process for the site is very easy and efficient one. In order to get in touch with the website, you can reach the official website and start the signing up process. The signing up process is very easy and can be done by a customer within minutes. This process requires a complete detail of the client and the business they are affiliated with. The customer can start using the platform the moment they have been approved by the site. This site provides free registration to the affiliates that are very helpful for them.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant Payment method

The payment method this corporation supports is Check and Direct deposits (ACH). Although these payment methods are very less but these are to ensure that the customer’s money is not used in any fraud or scam and the customer themselves support lesser options for themselves. The minimum payment an advertiser provides upon opening its account with the site is $50, that is payable by any advertiser. The platform also provides extra commission on the base of their performance. The platform also claims to provide the commissions in 20 days.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant Customer Support

The customer care service of the platform is very helpful and quick. The support center of the platform is very useful. It provides a complete detail of all the program available on the platform, and it also provides the option of signing up to the platform and asking a detailed question. The support center is very helpful in providing solutions for technical issues, and it also helps its customers in providing a direction to the new businesses. The blog of the corporation keeps updating with new ideas and facts and figures about the corporation which is a great step in making a company work.

CJ Corporations Scam or Legit

The most important question about the site is whether it can be trusted or not. Can be trusted with the money of the customers or not. The answer is yes due to several points.

  • It was established a long time ago, and in this time it has gained a lot of success and popularity.
  • It has some plus two thousand advertisers working with the site, all large and small companies are affiliated with them for a long time and have a long term relation with them.
  • The corporation was started with a small plan and has y=turned into a large dynasty.
  • The corporation has its contracts with 100 plus companies that make it the most trusted and honest one.

The company has been providing a trusted and honest relation with all its customers. All these points also prove that the corporation can be trusted with the advertiser’s money. They have been around for a long time which makes them a place of confidence, for all small and large businesses. The company provides one of the best plans to its customers and has been working to provide the same till now.


The conclusion provides that the company was established with a goal in mind to provide a well-furnished plan to all of its customers and it has been doing so in this time. They have been changing the lives of many customers and businesses. The company is been affiliated with some hundred companies and have been exploring their boundaries. The company was made by the help of some of the experts that were working in the same business with the idea of improving the platform, and they did it in a short time. They built a platform with tremendous opportunities and provided a lot in return.

The corporation provides an excellent platform with an affiliate program that has many opportunities for those who are looking to expand their business range and in return the profit. The affiliates look up today in order to raise their commissions, and this is the place they all look up to.

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