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The corporations that provide a platform to the online buyers and sellers are known as affiliate marketers. These platforms started emerging on the internet from the early 90’s and too a kick start after that. Currently millions and millions of affiliate businesses are available on the web and even more than a million customers are affiliated with them.

Certain times these platforms were used for fraud and scam thus, trusting them became an issue. It is the job of people like us that provide a trusted review of these companies and make it easier for new customers to understand them and approach them. The corporation in question is ClickBank Affiliate Company.


ClickBank Company Background

In 1998, the founders of the company started this platform from a small and down to earth place. They started this company in a garage in San Diego, California. The founders started this business from sitting on the floor of a garage and with time they have become a huge business. In the start they received 2 calls per week, but now they receive 2000 calls per day which are a huge success for the founders of the place. Now, they have reached the milestone of earning $3 million sales per year.

They promise to be delivering world class products to their customers, where they never compromise on the quality of the product. They claim to provide the best in the market at reasonable prices and deliver the best in time. The customers are offered the best.

These affiliate marketers have been promoting their site with a basic tool program. They do support any kinds of the ad on the platform that is quite helpful for all the customers. They work on the model of pay per sale only that is quite helpful for those who are affiliated with these models.

They have approximately 500,00 clients and colleagues working on the site which makes them an exclusive large network. It is one of the easiest sites around in the market which is based on digital products selling. They claim to provide you with an instant increase in profits if you are an advertiser, they also provide you to choose the option of a publisher for your product or the publishing tools available on the network. This makes it a wide ranged and the most qualified site available in the market.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of the corporation is based on the model of pay per sale; they do not run campaigns of CPA, CPM, etc. This is to keep their platform as simple as possible for their customers and to keep it fraud proof. The corporation does its business with 190 countries around the globe which make it a global marketplace to be targeted.

How does it work

The working of the model is based on the simplest model that is pay per sale, that means that the affiliates would earn money when they make an action to sale the product an advertiser has allotted to them. Other than that the corporation does not provide commissions to the affiliates. This is to make sure that the affiliate working will complete its work and promote the stuff with proper ad tools. The features the company has been providing are as follows.

  • It is the most awesome digital marketplace in the business.
  • The advertisers have been provided with exclusive help through the FAQ’s section, Clickbank University, tutorials, etc. The tutorial is a step by detailed step program that can be followed to make progress on the website.
  • The corporation offers fraud monitoring tool, and the customers can also report any fraud if they come through any.
  • The affiliates are provided with the commission that reaches the height of 75%.
  • They offer you an option of choosing any digital product the affiliate wants to promote.
  • The 17 years of experience in the area provides the claim of providing on time payments to all its affiliates. They claim to never delay the payments.
  • They provide the affiliates the option of recurring commissions. Which means that the product can be sold till the advertiser keeps its subscription on.
  • The affiliates can choose the products that have the upsell option upon it; this provides the opportunity of earning more commission.
  • The platform provides the opportunity of developing a friendly relation with your partners and quickly splitting the money in between. The joint venture can be quickly set up, and due to being the boss you can choose the payment halves and methods too.
  • The platform also provides the detailed reporting app, through which you can easily track the data and the sales reports about the active campaigns running on the platform.

ClickBank Joining method

The joining process of the company is very easy to use. The official website provides you details about the signing up process which is very easy to do. The online form provides a complete detail about the options you are going to choose and the reasons behind it. They require a complete detail of the business you are affiliated with and the products you need to be selling. The joining up process requires a very low fee from both the affiliates and the advertisers but which is very low. They also ask a fee for promoting each and every product on the platform.

Payment methods

The payment options the website provides are direct deposits (ACH), direct deposits through the international bank, wire transfers and PayPal. The advertisers can also make payments through credit cards, debit cards, master cards, etc. Upon joining the platform, the advertisers can make minimum payments till $50. The affiliates are also requested to provide registration fees that are of low costs. The affiliates are paid every two weeks of their sales on Tuesdays.

ClickBank Customer support

The customer support services of the Corporation are very helpful and accurate. The company provides an online form to make queries from the corporation. The company offers a FAQ section, the blog and complete online help to its customers through the website. The site also provides the details of the ClickBank University. They also provide a complete tutorial for the advertisers to walk through the website and following the steps they can make progress. The customer support services support and respond to all the inquiries sent their way and help clients completely.

ClickBank Scam or Legit

The most important question answered for the new customers is whether the place can be trusted or not. The answer is yes due to the following points.

  • The corporation is around for the last 17 years; there may be certain sites that claim this place is not trusted but all those are to de-popularize the website.
  • There are many reviews on the web that provide a complete detail of the website.
  • The website has its business spread in some 190 countries of the world, which makes it a global Digital Network that is honest and trusted.
  • They maintain an anti-fraud monitoring department to report fraud and discourage these kinds of activities.
  • The place was started from a garage and has a quite touching story and the founders remember the place they belong to that is quite important for any business to run successfully.


The network is a place with lots of opportunities and lots of money to be earned. Either as an affiliate or as an advertiser the place provides the best opportunities to its customers. They had started their network from a garage in San Diego and know they have their offices in other cities too. In the outset, they were a small business venture, but with time they have been recognized as the most digitalized network around the market. The Corporation provides opportunities for its customers with many features and promises huge money in return. For both the affiliates and advertisers the corporation runs the model of pay per sale.

They claim to provide on time payments, active offers and even the options of designing your own products, which makes it a unique marketplace. The corporation is approved trusted market with a lot to offer its customers.

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