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Over 50% of all Google Searches are done with the use of mobile phones. An average Smartphone user downloads 25 apps in a device and uses up to 10 mobile apps daily. In 2016, it was reported that over 65billion and 140billion apps were downloaded in the Google Play and Apple Store respectively. From these stats, it can be deducted that the internet mobile space presents a competitive market for all app developers. Developers or advertisers are meeting increased resistance in a market niche as they try to expose their apps to the consumer. This challenge can be surmounted via a partnership with a pay per install affiliate marketing network. A system which connects developers to top publishing agents, enabling you to increase your app installation at an exponential rate. Through this model, you’re assured of growing your App’s presence in a market space. Partnership with a genuine network which operates legitimately across all online market space is an assured medium of generating more revenue from your mobile traffic. It is also a means by which developers acquire an engaged audience, making them generate a better return on investment. To grow your business in the online market as you’re protected from all forms of scam and irregularities join everyads by Rocket 10 Affiliate Company.


It’s a CPA affiliate network established for app developers, affiliates, and advertisers. It is located in Moscow, New York, and Shanghai. As a CPA network, advertisers make payments for installations done. Owners of websites and other forms of traffic can sign up for this. This will help them monetize their traffic. In this system, large volumes of strategic campaigns are launched and closely monitored from their high-tech tracking system. Unique links are specified for clients, making it easier for details to be properly reported. Through this model, associates earn more income. Some specific tools are also available to guarantee the efficiency of all associates. With the use of an extensive support team, adverts are efficiently promoted and targeted. Accounts managers are attached to each new partner, which enables you to earn more profit.

As a renowned network, everyads has partnered with leading brands such as Alawar, avaisales, GameInsight, KABAM, MACHINEZONE, naturalmotion, @mail.com, momondo, Nival, OCTPOBOK.ru, Pacific Interactive, tap4fun, gumi, InnoGames, my.com, Opera Mobile, Yandex, Mobogenie, Delivery Club, FLIRCHI, rocket bank, foodpanda, UC BROWSER etc.

In this pay per install affiliate marketing network, partners make payments only when app or software installations are done by customers. This network has over 1000+ partners, and all types of traffic such as In-apps, social media, mobile Internet, search engines, video, and editorial are monetized. Third party integration of accounts with other providers is allowed. These third party tracking providers include Mobile app tracking, Appsflyer, KOCHAVA, Apsalar, ADXTRACKING, adjust and appat. Having over 300+ publishing associates, coupled with their team of experienced professionals, associates are guaranteed of obtaining their desired results. Everyads it’s a mobile affiliate network that drives positive return on investment by launching strategic campaigns for app developers. Website owners with large volumes of traffic are given an opportunity to monetize their mobile traffic. All installations are effectively tracked with a unique link. Reputable publishers are given exclusive offers with high payouts. Offers available for Android platforms are Pocket World Cup, Onava, Tyrant, etc. Other offers designed for iOS platforms are Numbers and Xtreme slots. There is also an exclusive offer for iPad which is World of Tanks.

These offers generate high conversions with top payouts. Associates can also communicate with account managers for discussions or further negotiations.


Everyads is a global Mobile pay per install marketing agency. In this platform, best advertisers are connected to top publishers. Solutions are provided for games and app adverts. This system prioritizes all types of mobile traffic. Through this, partners get access to extensive inventory consisting of displays and Videos, which works, on CPI model. As an affiliate platform, there are partners from over 40+ countries coupled with an existing partnership of over 89+ media agencies. The support team eliminates all language barriers. This team of knowledgeable staff can communicate with eight (8) different languages.

Through, this platform, partners are enabled to

  • Buy media from Facebook, Google, AdWord, twitter, etc.
  • Monetize their mobile traffic
  • Launch top converting campaigns making partners earn more money.

With this, mobile Ad campaigns are launched on Android and iOS platforms. Multiple Ad formats such as banners, interstitials, Pop-unders, Native, video and Rich media are promoted. Developers are helped to broadcast their apps or software in a global market. Affiliates are paid for specific actions performed by visitors. Registered members can manage or control their account in a simplified and secure medium. Through this model, members launch high quality converting campaigns, access real-time reporting tools and get paid for valid specified actions taken by customers. It is important to emphasize that each campaign is guided by some specific terms which an affiliate have to accept. For the benefit of partners, everyads have reservations to withdraw a member from an ongoing campaign.


Joining everyads involves an easy and simplified process. All potential affiliates must submit an application form from the website. This application form must be completed accurately with the required information. There is termination of contracts for affiliates aiming to mask their information or original identity. Applications are accepted or rejected within three (3) business days. This platform is specifically designed for publishers seeking to generate more revenue from their mobile traffic. Software developers or advertisers aiming to increase their app installs and make a positive return on investment can also join this system.


As a CPA mobile performance network, they have a threshold payment of $100. You can also cash out on a Net-30 or Net-15 basis. Payments are made through various methods such as PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, Webmoney, etc. This simplified and secure model of payment makes it easier for partners to cash out and get paid at any time suitable to them. This system also offers a referral commission of 3%. The payment model combined with its simplified dashboards provides a means by which partners easily navigate through the system and get paid at their convenience.


There are a high tech and knowledgeable team of experts available to support all customers or help them throughout the partnership period. The multi-lingual customer support eliminates all forms of language barriers. An experienced account manager is attached to each account. This account manager makes it easier for effective communication with its partners. The customer support is established with a sole purpose of building and maintaining a healthy business relationship with all partners. All partners are assured of benefiting from this mutual relationship created.


With over 50+ offers, everyads covers all European, Canadian and Arabic market space. This platform is a renowned CPA marketing network. Due to its effectiveness and easy model of operation, over 1000+ clients are partners with this program. It also has an extensive network of publishers and advertisers across 40+ countries. They have a network which operates legitimately with an anti-fraud system. It enables partners to make more money via a genuine model of operation. As partners with the renowned HasOffers tracking system, clients are provided with a secure medium to monitor or manage their campaigns closely.


Everyads by Rocket10 Affiliate is a premium performance affiliate network, which monetizes all types of mobile traffic. It’s a platform for leading brands and experienced publishers. Developers with quality software, seeking to get more app installation can join this program. Through this program, strategic campaigns are launched, making it much easier for potential customers to access and install an app. Account managers are also assigned to help you make a positive return on investment. Publishers can also promote leading brands in their traffic. Using this model, affiliates monetize their traffic. It is a platform also designed for developers seeking for avenues of generating a large volume of app users in a particular target market niche. It also accommodates affiliates aiming to make more revenue through the promotion of apps or software, adding more value to their audience.

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