Globalizer Affiliate Network Company Reviews


Do you have a business? Do you want to reach more audience with your brand? The online marketing global market is a space where online marketers promote their businesses. Publishers, advertisers and various other parties use the Internet space to grow their business. But MORE benefits can be achieved through partnership with a better performance-marketing network for brand owners, media buyers, and publishing agents. In fact, quality results are obtainable through the partnership with an interactive advertising network which specializes in all forms of web advertising. It is a leading platform, which provides partners with every vital tool needed for a total and thorough boost of their businesses by launching top quality converting campaigns. This company has a good record of results as it aids all member clients to achieve their business advertising goals. As a result of the oriented platform that protects clients from all scams through the elimination of all fraudulent practices, member users are guaranteed of generating better results legitimately. Publishers and various business owners aiming to achieve better results can attain their individual or business goals with Globalizer Affiliate Company.


This was established in 2008 by a team of experienced Internet advertising and direct advertising individuals. The individual component of its team, having achieved remarkable success in their previous companies joined globalizer affiliate with a sole purpose of aiding brand owners, affiliates plus merchants attain their various advertisement needs via the placement of top quality online Ads enabling them to reach their targeted consumers in a cost effective medium while generating better profit in the process. Having partnered with leading brands such as mate1, QualityHealth, ShoeMoney, Purpose Inc, Liquid traffic, Lifestreet Media, CPA-affiliates, Fox Mobile, CPX Interactive, Affinity Labs/monster worldwide, etc. this provides a means through which publishers maximize their inventory as they make more money from their traffic driving source. It is important to note that this program handles all types of media such as email, display, social network, search and affiliate marketing across the world but with a special interest in US, Europe, South America and Asian regions. This program is recognized not just for its outstanding or high payouts but due to its integrity. It has zero tolerance for fraud or any other irregularities associated with this industry. Advertisers gain through the system as it helps them promote their brands. It also aids you to launch various multi-channel top campaigns via email search, affiliate advertising plus quality display banners. Publishers in diverse locations can mine into this golden offer presented by this system. Offers from North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia are accessible via this company. Their partnership with various social network platforms makes them the right system to leverage on. Developers with top quality apps or software seeking to grow their audience via social websites or monetize their apps or software can also join this group of direct expert marketers from the social network space. Through their internal efforts coupled with its partnership with some largest social media publishing system, it aids you to increase value for your apps, software as well as social applications.


This is a premium performance affiliate marketing network for advertisers, publishers and app/software developers. Merchants are enabled to dominate their specified target market niche via utmost brand exposure. Affiliates are helped in their quest of adding more value content to their traffic driving sources. Affiliates across the globe who drive large volumes of the audience through email, websites, blogs or any other traffic driving medium are given an opportunity to fill up their inventory with contents provided by member advertisers while earning commissions as their audience take specified actions. Partnering developers are given a chance to increase the volume of their fans, followers plus audience subsequently converting them to loyal paying customers. With this method, more value is added to your quality apps or software while you generate a better return on investment via this system.

Advertisement techniques used in this system include: Social media, display advertising, search optimization, email and local advertising. Social media sites like Hi5, Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace are great tools for building up traffic. In social network platforms, right visitors are targeted with the use of an appropriate technique. As a leading system within the media industry, globalizer affiliate has a well-established social network blueprint used to launch strategic campaigns targeted at the appropriate visitors. Their effectiveness from the social media space-proofed fruitful as they were invited in 2009 to join the Facebook beta program. These unions made the company access Facebook’s API, enabling them to build a customized Facebook Ad Manager. Its extensive links and a large number of social media space are one of the essential tools that make this system generate lead counts ranging from 200 – 1000 daily. Large volumes combined with top quality leads are delivered to several advertisers in this system.

This is an affiliate network with a team of veterans that drive bulky, top quality traffic to the advertisers across all market niches. Member advertisers benefit by:

  • Making payments only for defined actions like lead, click, registration or sales
  • Acquiring selected accomplished publishers to generate large volumes of quality traffic. These publishers are closely monitored to eliminate all forms of irregularities. Effective communication is also established towards the promotion method used.
  • Reaching the global market by the attraction of top publishers with a wide blend of advertisers.
  • Having a detailed analysis with the use of its real-time reporting techniques.

Inventory with appropriate display Ads is available combined with the acquisition of Ad units from any location in the world on a CPC, CPM, and CPA basis. These display Ads are specifically for US, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America markets. More market expansions are also achieved with search engine marketing. Through the SEM process, hundreds of campaigns have been managed for clients within and outside the US. Development of landing page optimization, copy testing, and links for SEO purposes have been excellently executed enabling clients to run offers on Google, Yahoo, MSN and on other search engines such as Baida, Yandex, and Naver exclusive in China, Russia, and Korea respectively. Large volumes of consumers are grasped through email marketing and local marketing which are subsequently converted to paying customers.

In this system, publishers are offered

  • Accurate tracking using cookie-less tracking technology (direct post pixel tech) to attain 99.9% accurate analysis making it easier to get payment for every valid sales/lead generated.
  • Exclusive offers
  • High payouts
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Customized banners, email and landing pages for an easy promotion of unique offers.


Publishers, developers, as well as advertisers aiming to maximize their business potentials by boosting their brands in a specified target market niche, should join globalizer network. A signup form from the website is to be submitted, followed by an extensive signup process where all potential partners are thoroughly screened.


In this platform, funds are released when it reaches a minimum benchmark of $50. Payments are done on the Net-15 weekly basis. Funds are released to clients with any specified payment methods. The payment methods are Check, PayPal, wire, and ACH. This is to ensure that clients receive their pay in a simplified, secure and reliable medium. Payment issues are also discussed with the customer support team to ensure regular payments of partners.


A customer friendly support team enables all partners to achieve their various business goals. This support team ensures regular communication with its clients ensuring the development of a healthy business relationship. All challenges encountered during the partnership period are handled with the aid of a supportive customer service ensuring the total satisfaction of all partners.


This company is a highly recognized premium affiliate network across the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America online marketing space. The network has developed a long lasting relationship with various agencies and social media platforms. This is a program, which operates, in a legitimate mode, and they partner with various systems across all marketing spaces within the industry. Partners are enabled with an ability to genuinely make more money with a wide range of market across all online marketing spaces.


As a leading online affiliate program for all publishers, merchants and software/app developers, Globalizer Affiliate Company has a vast network in the online marketing industry and several other social media platforms (like Facebook) enabling partnering agents to attain maximum market exposure of brands. In a competitive industry, brand owners are assured of a better return on investment while publishers are guaranteed of making better revenue by partnering with this network. It is highly recommended for all online marketers and brand owners aspiring to maximize the full potentials present in the online marketing industry.

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