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There are about 12 – 24 million online stores across the globe. But just a small subset, about 650,000 make $1000 sales annually. A larger percentage of these online stores generate little or no sales annually. One of the major challenges advertisers encounter is an inability of making great sales in a reasonable period. Producers, brand owners and advertisers aim to generate better profit from their business. The profit generation process can be hindered by an inadequate publication of your brand, product or services. This challenge can be surmounted through a PROPER partnership with the renowned network.

A network established with the sole purpose of aiding advertisers broadcast their various brands, allowing them to generate better sales and make more return on investment. Publishers can also partner with this leading network as it permits both new affiliates and veteran publishers to promote leading brands in their traffic. Partnership with a legitimate network having a genuine mode of operation, protecting clients from all scams or fraudulent activities in online market is an important step to take to achieve maximum exposure and results in the web. A network, which connects new or professional marketing, associated with advertisers, making them benefit significantly through a mutual relationship. This top quality performance affiliate network, which will help you attain all your goals in an online market space, is GuruMedia Affiliate Network Company


Since its establishment in 2010, gurumedia have generated over $25million payouts and over 3 million sales, plus leads. The extensive or comprehensive tracking platform powered by HitPaths guarantee a safe, simplified plus transparent model of business operation. Weekly on-time payments combined with competitive payout is really a great model, which makes it easier for partners to cash out at their convenience. An incredible system is provided for both advertisers and affiliate marketers, making it quicker to launch organized or strategic campaigns in a specified target market niche. They are a leading platform targeted at improving the affiliate marketing experience for advertisers or publishers. It also embodies vast marketing resources such as State Of The Arts technology, a team of dedicated account managers or consultants coupled with an experienced and committed management.

Gurumedia is the right choice for new affiliates or veteran publishers, enabling them to launch top strategic campaigns, yielding greater conversion rate and ultimately establishing an additional source of income. In this program, advertising associates are eligible to:

  • High competitive payouts
  • Quick, secure and on-time payments. Payments are made on a weekly basis.
  • Extensive and real-time tracking system
  • Comprehensive choice of top converting campaigns
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and committed account managers and network consultants.


This network is also designed for advertisers. With over 3million sales as well as leads, gurumedia aids to promote your brand to an online global market. The goal is to acquire top quality leads or sales. Affiliates are extensively or thoroughly screened, making them maintain their high standard of traffic. Campaign managers in this platform ensure transparent business transactions and efficient communication with all partners, aiding in the solidification of a long term business relationship. Advertisers with a satisfactory volume of sales or leads can increase their sales/leads at an exponential rate through organized and strategic marketing campaigns. Top quality, safety, and good results are obtained through:

  • An intelligent, extensive and transparent tracking platform which is powered by HitPath. This reliable tracking platform provides detailed and real-time reporting, enabling you to closely monitor your campaigns, making better decisions in the process.
  • Intelligent Forensic, database. Using a comprehensive Forensic database, quality control is assured.
  • Skilled, experienced and reliable campaign managers. These campaign managers guide you in an appropriate way; enabling you launch top converting campaigns in a specific target market niche.

Marketing partners accepted into this system undergo a thorough vetting process, which is by security level clearances in government. These vetting processes include a review of background information, comprehensive interview model, proof of identity originality, and authentication of online transaction activities. The transparent tracking platform combined with a network of veteran marketers is an assured medium of delivering good quality sales and leads to you. The fast changing nature of an online global business environment creates an opportunity and also poses several threats for companies not capable of adapting. Partnership with gurumedia is an assured means of conquering all challenges encountered in an online market space. They are a committed network which understands your business goals and aims to make your brand generate a better return on investment, while qualified affiliate makes more revenue.


As a premium performance affiliate network, veteran marketers are given an opportunity to generate better revenue while advertisers are provided with a medium through which they broadcast their brands across the globe. Potential partners are seeking to broaden their scope of business, enabling them to generate more profit can signup. Advertisers of various brands seeking for means of boosting product sales by the generation of large volume quality sales, leads and publishers aspiring to monetize their traffic by promoting quality brands and adding valued contents to their sites can also join. It is important to note that potential affiliates should have an authentic traffic-driving source, and can generate a large volume of quality leads in a short period. There is a thorough vetting process put in place to ascertain the quality and source of traffic. Signing up for this program is relatively easy as there is NO signup fee. Potential partners are to complete a registration form displayed on the website.


Having over 700+ offers, gurumedia have generated over $125million payouts and over 3million sales and leads. Using a cost per action (CPA) business model, payments made are proportionate to actions taken by consumers. These predefined actions may include sales, leads, installations, etc. Partners cash out on a weekly basis through payment models such as PayPal and Wire. There is no minimum threshold amount required for partners using PayPal. Clients using this payment model (PayPal) are allowed to cash out without any form of restriction as no minimum threshold is stated. They have a minimum threshold of $500 for Wire. Committed and active partners could also increase their pay through a 1% referral commission. The quick, secure and reliable mode of payment makes it easier for clients to cash out at their convenience.


A team of knowledgeable, committed and experienced campaign consultants is available. Top quality tools are made accessible to all partners. This is to ensure that large volume of top converting campaigns is launched, enabling each partner to attain their desired business objective. All payment issues, operational issues and other forms of hurdles are effectively tackled by this customer support team. The customer friendly business environment established by this support team provides a route by which marketing partners and advertisers grow their business. An easy communication channel is also established, enabling them to build a long lasting business relationship.


Gurumedia operates using security guidelines laid down by the government. As a result oriented system, this network is focused on attaining top-quality performance for all launched marketing campaigns and business operations. This is a highly reputable company with a legitimate mode of business operation. They are a premium performance affiliate platform that provides an avenue for a genuine connection between veteran marketing partners and all brand owners or advertisers.


GuruMedia Affiliate Network Company is a leading company in the affiliate marketing industry. Through a partnership with this platform, brand owners get their products or services broadcast to an online global space, making their brands dominate a specific target market space. In this program, advertisers generate a better return on investment by an utmost market exposure. Veteran marketing partners or publishers are provided with a medium through which they add more value to their sites, promote top brands in a specific market niche and ultimately make more money. This is a program recommended for publishers, advertisers and all brand owners aiming to achieve their business financial goals and build long lasting brands.

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