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The affiliate marketing industry is a profitable business consisting of advertisers and publishers. Advertisers launch targeted campaigns to reach their customers while publishers monetize their traffic which may be mobile or web traffic. Reaching larger volumes of audience means more sales which lead to more money and building a better profitable business. It’s nearly impossible to cover a vast area of a market niche by operating with one website. Covering a larger portion of a market niche involves a partnership with a group of traffic owners enabling your brand to dominate a vast majority of an online presence, ensuring maximum exposure of a brand. Publishers with good contents drive traffic, but there’s always more to driving traffic. What if more money can be made through the traffic enabling you to tackle other projects financially leading to better business opportunities. All these benefits are possible only in a RIGHT platform. A platform whose foundation is based on integrity and client satisfaction. Protecting its member partners from all irregularities and Scam associated with the marketing industry. A system which ensures that partners access all best offers available and gets an extra value for every penny invested. Publishers and advertisers can benefit profitably from their partnership with Igain Affiliate Company.


This Company is private online marketing network founded in 2011, headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, USA. This is a premium performance affiliate network with partners like LiveSample, OneOpinion, EarningStation, theharrispoll, VIP voice etc. As a leading affiliate network, it makes timely payments, protects member partners from all forms of fraudulent activities, and has an outstanding management team with a real-time tracking and analysis technology, ensuring quick or fast service to its advertisers and affiliates. This program is made up of highly skilled and passionate team having a sole purpose of helping all advertisers and affiliates reach their business goals from the market. This team is comprised of a managing partner, Matt Hynes. Matt, an Emerson College specialist in development and implementation of new techniques used for the identification and assessment of diverse user community. His creative abilities yielded in an improved or more refined way of increasing the overall population and dynamics in the traditional online community. Having an extensive training at Greenfield online and vision critical, Matt is leading igain operations. He is assisted by Vice President of business development, Joel Rose. Having an extensive background in user acquisition, performance marketing, mobile/online advertising and market research, Joel is a skilled business development specialist. He had previous success in uSamp/Instantly’s global panel as He maintained a positive return on investment while building its users to 12 million. Sheryl Rihacek, a senior software developer, is a computer science graduate from Bowling Green state university specializes in enforcing practices in the streamline development process. An affiliate marketing manager Brendan Cronin popularly known as the pixel master at this company has vast knowledge in affiliate marketing. He also specializes in making member partners get better ROI for every investment. He graduated from Bridgewater state university. Other core members of igain team are Donna Nelson (a communication manager), Kiel Wood (software engineer), Aaron Copi (software engineer), Samantha Conway (marketing communications coordinator), Alyssa Buechner (affiliate marketing coordinator), Natalie Gaynor (affiliate marketing coordinator), and Lydia Bucklin (affiliate adviser coordinator). This amazing team coupled with their high technological standards aids to boost business for both advertisers and publishers.


This is an affiliate performance marketing network focused on aiding advertisers or publishers maximize their business potentials. Previous partners like Freebie Mom, CriticalMix, Adperio have increase business sales through partnership with this. From this competitive marketing industry, this program enables clients to launch effective campaigns targeted at large audiences which are ultimately converted to paying customers.

Advertisers are enabled to increase sales via generation of impressions which is done by an expansion of brand visibility in an incredible way. As a dominating marketing network with a large number of publishers across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada coupled with their skilled account managers, converting campaigns are launched a unique fashion enabling your brand gain relevance from the specified target market. Placements of Ads are done through a website having audience suitable for your brand in a cost-effective system. In this platform, payments are result oriented. You only pay for results specified so as to aid you to meet your targeted goal or budget. This program requires NO invoices from advertisers as publishers are always paid on time. By this model, payment burden is lifted from advertisers making them focus 100% on its advertising campaigns in order to attain your specific goals. Publishing partners are thoroughly screened before joining this system. This is to ensure that advertisers get the best result with their campaigns and also guarantee 100% quality traffic. There is also a top anti-fraud system set up to protect clients from all scams or fraudulent practices. This provides advertisers with quality traffic which are later converted to engaging audience leading to more loyal consumers. With its top quality publishing agents who run advertiser’s campaign, this network has achieved a record-breaking scrub rate that is less than 5%. The real-time detailed monitoring; automated redirects and advanced tracking technology are also tools used to enable you to maximize your campaigns leading to a greater return on investment. It is important to emphasize that this program promotes offers of all categories.

Best offers in the industry are exclusively offered to publishers through this network. Some of these top offers are The Harris Poll, LiveSample, EarningStation, etc. In the Harris Poll, publishers are opportune to influence decision makers in various organizations, shape policies, products or services. LiveSample allows member affiliates complete two surveys every day as they earn $1.5 per survey plus entry into the Sweepstakes. This enables win amazing prizes. EarningStation enables members to complete high paying surveys as they gain high virtual currency as rewards which can be redeemed via PayPal or other stores.

Publishers also benefit through its large volumes of converting offers, timely payments, real time updates, 24/7 customer support, top payouts for exclusives, affiliate bonuses, competitive commissions, easy to navigate platform and much more.


Joining this program is totally FREE as there is no start up fee. The program is free; payment is made for only offers promoted by publishers. After a site review, offers are run in less than 24 hours. Publishers from various niches across the globe are also invited into this network. It is important to emphasize that publishers with non-functioning websites, containing offensive contents or with any other form of inconsistency are rejected. It is interesting to indicate that publishers can also create campaigns as advertisers, making them operate as both affiliates and advertisers in this platform. Potential partners are to visit igain sites and fill out its signup form.


Payments are made via PayPal, check or wire transfer. There is a threshold of $50 before payments are made. This system has a payment frequency of NET-50 making it easier for money to be released appropriately to its partners. Other payment complaints or modifications can be discussed with account managers.


This team of customer support is committed to aiding all Clients increase or generates revenue at an exponential rate. It’s also committed to knowing your business goals in order to aid you to attain them in a much faster rate. This support team ensures efficient company-partner communication enabling them to build a healthy business relationship with all clients. For more inquiries email [email protected] or telephone 617.340.8619.


This has a legitimate method of business operation with various leading partners around the world. This platform has developed a good reputation as one of the best marketing network in this industry. It is a recognized, reliable plus registered program in the USA.


A top performance online affiliate marketing company where publishers or merchants are enabled with all necessary tools for the attainment of its business goals through utmost market exposure by maintaining total dominance in a competitive market niche. With its top technological advantages plus an advanced tracking system enabling clients to closely monitor their campaigns in real time, making them prepared and make informed strategic decisions which lead to more audience, and subsequently converting them to loyal paying customers. In Igain Affiliate Company, high exclusive offers are obtainable enabling member affiliates to place more valued contents on their sites, generating more money in the process. A network that works with all companies at various levels, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. This system is recommended for all brand owners, affiliates plus merchants seeking to generate more passive income or better return on investment via online marketing industry.

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