Impact Radius

Online marketing is a widely growing business. As the internet emerged so did the world of online business. Even the firms that are not available in a country can be contacted through online websites. This business has been widely growing and influencing the world rapidly. Millions of businesses are been introduced every day in the domain of online marketing to prove its worth, to get a better rating and to achieve better performance. But with all the good, come certain bad names that make it difficult to trust the better part of the world. Thousands of scam groups are working under the mask of online marketing websites, ready to loot its customers. This makes it very difficult to trust even those who are working for the betterment of their clients. But there are certain groups that are working for destroying the names of good firms; this also affects a name of the corporation a lot. And even with all this, it does not means that every single working Corporation is a scam. Many names today have been proving their worth by improving their ratings, their influence in the marketing world and by their performances for their customers. One of these rising names is Impact Radius.


Company Background check

The company was founded in 2008, by some professionals who have been successful in establishing Commission Junction, They also created Lead Point. In a short amount of time the firm has achieved a lot. This executive group created this company based on the rising SaaS technology. This group was not built on the traditional footsteps of the affiliation business, but from the start, they have been different and pursuing the SaaS technology. They have been helping the marketing professionals, to achieve increased revenues and manage their partnerships themselves. Their goal is to provide digital marketing options, fraud detection programs, better marketing platforms, with proper network of buyers insights. This group has been developing and changing, with the change in digital technology, to provide the best to its customers. They have excelled in providing the digital brands, to improve their revenue and their demand in the online market. They provide a trusted partnership to their customers so that they can achieve their goals. Their technology is one of the best in the marketing business. Their global executive team has been working around seven well-known companies, to provide their services throughout the world. This attribute makes them one of the trusted corporation in the online marketing business.

Affiliation program

Like the other firms working in this business, Impact Radius does not provide the publisher and advertisers with a plan to serve the needs, but it provides them with a platform to emerge and engage with the publishers and advertisers themselves. It provides them with a platform to choose for themselves, and promote their business the way they like. The program they offer is based on the project manager. The project director of this firm provides a vast affiliation network to its customers, with proper tracking of their promotions through proper channel, a wide range of web searching option, and all of this at a low and reasonable price. The project manager provides the features of electronic contracting, Automated payments with tax processing also. It also helps in making the perfect promo codes for your purchases and provides you with information of the clients that are worthy and valuable. The Project Manager is quite a quick solution for all your online business related problems. It helps you with vast features and a quick responsive service. It helps you generate the revenue you desire for your firms, with a complete backup service of tracking your sales and promotions.

Joining the program

For joining the program, you need to get to the official website of the firm. They would be providing a signing in form, which would be basic information of you and your business, your contact detail and your payment preferences, etc. That’s not just about it, to start working on the platform you would need approval from the company itself. They would call you and learn more about you and your business just for verification, only after which you would be able to start using the platform. This option has been added by the executive group for the security purposes. They make sure that the business merging is not a scam of fraud in any way possible.

Payment Methods

The payment method of the firm is based on International Bank transfer. They charge you with 5% fee upon admittance. The fee varies from plan to plan. They also provide you with the option of ACH. The customer has its own choice for setting the threshold from $25-$5000. But the lower you bid, the higher is the price of ACH and the fee for International bank transfer. They also provide you in setting your pre-set threshold, once in a month or twice a month.

Customer support

The Customer care option of the group is very helpful and very productive. They ask you to fill a form about your personal detail and the reason you needed to get in touch with the customer care services. Within 24 hours the customer care bench gets in touch with you and provides a complete data, about the detail you needed. They have a quick responsive service. Not only you can get in touch with them via email, but can also contact them directly by the numbers they have provided on the official website. The customer care service also provides a free demo for your affiliation program if asked for.

Scam or a Legit

The Question remains the same, whether to trust the well-established group under the name of Impact radius or not. The answer is yes. The company has not only been operating since 2008, but it has two other firms running before it, namingly Commission Junction and Leadpoint. Commission Junction was the first company that started online marketing through affiliation program. After the success of both of them, the executive group started the firm in question. The company has been working with great accuracy and professional help and has also been spread in total seven countries of the world, covering the American and European continents. This firm has been providing its affiliation program demo for free, and the rates of the programs are not very high. Other than that the business has been merged with many big names like Cabela’s, Caxton fx, Affiliation management, etc, and this proves the trust level of the firm. The company has been providing its platform for 9 years and has been proven its vitality, accuracy and long-term partnerships with many major brands, all these attributes cannot be overlooked. They themselves prove their vitality by adding the Fraud protection program to their nest. They themselves are very sharp towards the money their clients pay. It is a vital trust between the platform and the customer, and if that is broken, it won’t be good for their ranking. Their affiliation with the International bank of Transfer and AHC also proves their legality. Thus, it can be proved that the group is not only a legal but it provides so much to its customers in very less.


The goal of the executive in the making this firm was to provide a developed technological platform to its clients, based on the SaaS technology. With the change in media and technology, this company revolutionised their business too. They have been working for a long time in online marketing and producing better and transparent options for their affiliated businesses. This platform provides the advertisers and publishers to gain better experience, by engaging with their clients themselves. They are a legal company working under the banner of the professional executive group, who are not only their co-founders, but they have been working for its development too. The firm made it possible to bring many customers to its platform and help them in every possible way. Its project manager is one of the facilitated app provided to its clients, which helps them in increasing their revenue and get all the advanced possible options for their promotions. The firm has been working hard to prove its worth, and in short time they have established seven of its headquarters working around the world. Not only have they digitised their platform, but made it possible to remove the fraud parties on their platform. Their Fraud protection and security approvals makes this corporation one of the best-rated firms of the world.

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