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There are over 2.8 million mobile apps in Google Play Store and over 2.2 million apps in the Apple Store. The populations of Smartphone users have increased for a large volume of over 2.32 billion users. Due to the fierce competition within the mobile app marketplace, advertisers are unable to reach their customers. Mobile app developers, brand owners or advertisers aiming to aid consumers to solve their problems via mobile apps can achieve their business objectives by an effective partnership. Joining a platform with a large network of publishers is a key step taken to build a long-lasting business and broaden your brand presence within the competitive global market.

App developers benefit from this program through the generation of a better return on investment as their software or apps are displayed to a larger global audience, subsequently converting them to loyal paying customers. This is the leading affiliate system, designed for advertisers and publishers. Publishers with a huge volume of traffic can maximize their business potentials by an addition of quality contents while generating better revenue.

This legitimate platform where all transactions are performed in an anti-fraud system, eliminating all forms of scam and irregularities. Advertisers, developers, and publishers aiming from boosting their income through proper penetration of an online marketplace are to partner with LeadAds Affiliate Company Network.


LeadAds premium affiliate system headquartered in San Jose, California. This platform offers advertising solutions to mobile app or software developers. Publishers or affiliates are helped to monetize their traffic. This network is aimed at connecting advertisers and affiliates, enabling them to generate right consumers for their mobile apps, games, and software. Advertisers in this platform are provided with an opportunity to broadcast their brands, games or applications on multiple platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, etc. LeadAds affiliate system has pioneered innovative formats which aids publishers launch precise and organized campaigns in an online market space, enabling them to generate more engaging audience within a limited period. High paying offers and customized Ads are delivered from leading brands. The proprietary tracking system, expert support and access to best converting campaigns aid veteran affiliates to effortlessly monetize their generated audience through a transparent partnership with a reliable network. In this platform, there special focus on customer acquisition, lead generation, and traffic conversion. For nearly a decade, leadAds operates through CPA and CPL business model. This premium performance affiliate network which has partnered with leading brands like DISNEY, USA TODAY, Vistaprint, mint, HSBC, Virtual Piggy, GROUPON, DISCOVER NETWORK, etc.

Brand owners, mobile app or software developers are permitted into this company, enabling them into cover a wide range of global audience by launching strategic campaigns within a specific target market niche. Millions of conversations are generated rapidly, aiding you for growing audience, fans, and followers. With an effective plan and implementation model, top quality traffic is directed at you, making the volume of your mobile app or software download or installation increase at an exponential rate. An effective tracking system powered by HasOffers is provided. Through detailed tracking, all activities are reported, making it easier for a smooth business partnership.


LeadAds premium performance affiliate network that supplies comprehensive marketing solutions to advertisers and affiliate marketers. Partners benefit via diverse marketing models, reliable reporting, and mutual partnership. As a result oriented network, customer acquisition and lead generation are prioritized. Advantages of the partnership include:

  • Worldwide campaign. Multilingual campaigns are launched across the globe. Best converting campaigns are launched in diverse languages around the world, aiding in the generation of a huge volume of leads, downloads, installs or any other predefined action.
  • Large traffic generation. All types of traffic including social media traffic are generated, leading to better exposure of your brand within a specified target market.
  • Quick and easy signup. There is an easy signup procedure where potential partners can quickly signup and immediately launch top converting campaigns.
  • Organized, strategic and precise campaign channels. All campaigns channels are content based.
  • Full system integration. There copy-paste integration model activated for all partners to effectively maximize their campaigns.
  • Easy customization and design of your special offer page.
  • Monetization of various types of traffic. Both incentive and non-incentive traffic are allowed in leadAds.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable account managers or affiliate consultants.

As a leading performance network, advertisers earn a better return on investment. Committed teams of affiliate consultants are available for aiding you throughout the partnership period. Top quality campaigns are launched within a targeted traffic, leading to the greater conversion of an audience. Business operations are done using CPA model. In this model, advertisers make payments for predefined actions such as download, installs, sales, leads or other specified actions. Advertisers maximize their campaign benefit by:

  • Making selection of publishers or affiliates suitable to them.
  • Deciding on the type or nature of banner used for publicity. Publishers are mandated to respect your choice.
  • Complete management of your campaigns. All Ads placement, creatives and other forms of displays must be approved by you.
  • Launching top converting campaigns to millions of consumers in a short period. After signing up, you’ll be contacted by media strategists within one business day.

Publishers are enabled to effectively monetize their traffic via a proprietary tracking system, State Of The Art Technology and launching top converting exclusive campaigns. Affiliates are paid commissions based on CPA, CPC, CPV, CPL business model. Cost per lead model is designed for advertisers aiming for generating a large volume of leads in a short period. Payments made are dependent on leads acquired. Through this model (CPL), you grow your audience, fans, and followers in the competitive market space. This gives your brand better chance of dominating in the target market niche. Publishers aiming to generate more revenue through an easy and simple model can use cost per view model. In a CPV model, Ads are delivered in popups or popunders. With this broadcasting system (CPV), mobile apps or software are exposed to a large market area within a short period. Revenues are also generated using cost per click and cost per action model. In the CPC model, payments made to publishers are proportionate to the number of clicks performed by a consumer. Partners can also opt for a CPA model where they specify preferred customers actions to be taken.

All kinds of publishers ranging from veteran affiliate to an inexperienced blogger can monetize their traffic through LeadAds. Site owners with loyal followers can also maximize the potentials of their audience through an addition of valued contents while earning more revenue through their traffic. Customized display Ads, product links or text links from a merchant are provided to publishers, enabling them to launch campaigns while tracking their leads or sales. Sales could be predefined actions like trial download or completing a form. Once a valid sale is made, commissions are paid to an affiliate. In this platform, publisher – advertiser relationship is fostered through the use of technologies, which manage commissions, links, tracks results and make payments.


LeadAds Affiliate Company Network is designed for affiliate marketers aiming to generate more revenue via the promotion of valued contents of leading brands. App developers aspiring to get more sales, leads or download delivered to them can also partner with this leading network. Signing up is relatively easy, potential partners are to complete a registration form found on the website. Signing up is FREE as there are no extra charges attached to it. Advertisers can submit a registration form and get a feedback within one business day. Partners in this platform have access to high-quality technological tools needed to launch top-converting campaigns effectively.


Payments are made via an easy, reliable and secure method. Partners can cash out at any time suitable to them through Check or Web. A minimum threshold of $250 is attained before payments are released. In this system, payments are made on a Net-30 basis. As commissions are generated via CPA or CPL model, partners launch top converting campaigns and get access to their money via a medium suitable to them. Issues or difficulties encountered during the payment process are rectified by your account manager.


Teams of knowledgeable, committed and skilled account managers or campaign consultants are available 24/7. Challenges encountered during the business partnership period are surmounted with the aid of effective customer support unit. With over 500+ high paying offers, campaign consultants aids publishers from launching organized campaigns, subsequently converting audience to loyal paying customers. Other campaign aid includes a multilingual campaign strategy, eliminating any form of communication barrier in a global online market space. This customer friendly support unit seeks to establish good communication, building a healthy business partnership.


The efficient proprietary tracking system powered by HasOffers provides a scam FREE business environment, enabling partners from transacting in an anti-fraud network where all online irregularities are eliminated. LeadAds is a reputable affiliate network having a legitimate framework where all activities are done in a genuine and orderly pattern.


LeadAds Affiliate Company Network is a premium performance affiliate network, which aids partners to generate a large volume of customers in the market niche. High-tech tools are available to help publishers launch campaigns within the market space. Customized Ads, banners, landing pages and various other advertisement tools are accessible to clients for better results during campaigns. This platform recommended for all brand owners, mobile app developers, and affiliates. Through this program, you’re enabled to obtain more results within the market space.

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