The word affiliate in the term of online business means a person that promotes or makes ads that promote the products of a website or a publisher. A publisher requires a proper platform in order to promote the products; this platform is provided by the affiliate businesses. The affiliate businesses are an indoctuary platforms for both the affiliates and advertisers. The affiliates need this place in order to find the proper product to be promoted and the advertisers for introducing their product to the global market.

These sites are often used for a scam and trusting them becomes an issue, in order to get a close look at these sites our platform provides reviews. The corporation in question is LinkConnector Affiliate Company.


LinkConnector Company Background

This network was established 13 years ago. This corporation was established with a dedicated and hard working team that promised to provide a better Performance based system to its customers. The company is a growing industry from the last 13 years which has been changing with the development of technologies. These technologies have basically been promising for both the customers and the corporation. The company was made just to provide the best for its customers, in other words, it is all about the customers their needs, wants, etc.

They seek a lot of importance in rewarding the best during the sale years and make discussions with other competitors to bring changes and betterment in the model. These changes bring out the companies uniqueness and their accuracy for their customers. The corporation is a rebellious one and strives to gain more advanced technologies with time in order to provide the best to its clients. The network has been gaining a lot of success. The network is a great help for those who are new to this kind of business because they take great care and value in the relation with their customers.

The Performance Marketing was made the way it is by the founders of Link Connectors. They take credit in what it is today the good and bad both and are trying day by day to improve its reputation and work. Year by year they have been gaining extra success in the corporation with the hard work, rebellious and dedicated attitude towards this business. From the start till the end they have been striving to gain more which is the reason for their success.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of this corporation is based on the models of CPA, CPL and CPS. These models are applicable to these network from the start and till now. The affiliates gain a lot of commission through these models, and the advertisers gain more revenue through it. The company has been pursuing the policy of empowering the affiliates and the advertisers from the start.

How does it work

The work of the corporation is based on the above-mentioned models, and the company also is a Performance based Market. The affiliates and advertisers enjoy many benefits and opportunities through this platform and own many direct and indirect offers to work on. The corporation has been providing many unique features to its customers and has been gaining a lot of clients in return. The features this business offers clients are as follows.


  • The company provides a dedicated affiliate representation team that provides help to the affiliates and to enhance the performance of the promotions in the proper direction.
  • They respond quickly to their customers, which is in hours while the other places take a lot more time than this.
  • They provide the options of automatically applying to active campaigns.
  • They provide the options of promotional coupons.
  • The technology upon which the corporation is persistent is very advanced, and the affiliates are provided opportunities to work with it.
  • The best option of this platform is that it provides advanced reporting of the sales to its members. It also provides detailed search options through email, SMS, API, FTP, etc.
  • The platform also provides the opportunities of EPC for its affiliates.
  • The platform has an IT team that can help the members in converting their partner’s pages in pixel placement. This helps take their promotions to a better level.
  • The place does not tolerate fraud policies or any fraud using customers on their platform. If a client is found guilty on this charge, they permanently remove them from their platform to save others


  • The advertisers are provided the options to work with the top quality affiliates on this platform.
  • The platform provides opportunities to work and built the partnership with the best affiliate workers.
  • The relationship is strictly based on business terms through which both the parties gain.
  • The advertisers are provided unique features for the betterment of their customers, from the wish list to the client care service the platform provides it all.
  • The platform provides the best to its advertisers and exceeds expectations in their work.

LinkConnector Joining method

The joining method of the corporation is very easy. In order to register with the website, the customers need to get in touch with the official website. The site provides two separate forms for its affiliates and advertisers. The form asks a complete detail from both the parties which include, their personal data, their business details, their skills in the business, their payment methods, etc. Registration to the platform is free of cost for both the set of customers. Although the advertisers have to submit an advance payment that is of $100, this payment is used by the corporation for the payment to the affiliates.

Payment method

The payment plan of this organization supports are PayPal, check and direct deposits (ACH). All these payments are applicable to the corporation, and the affiliates are paid through these channels. The advertisers pay a minimum payment till $100 at the time of registration this payment is used for the payment to the affiliates affiliated with the advertiser.

LinkConnector Customer Support

The company provides a complete set of detail on the website to get in touch with its customer care team. This team is available on the platform 24/7 and responds to its clients and noncustomers inquiries the whole year. The website also provides a different phone number for advertisers and affiliates customer care departments and also provides an online form for general inquiries. The site also contains the head office number to make emergency calls to the company and the addresses of the offices located in the US.

LinkConnector Scam or Legit

The most important question is LC a scam or a legit. The answer to the question is provided with following facts.

  • The firm is around for almost 13 years which is a lot for any scam company to survive.
  • The contract of many branded companies proves it a safe play.
  • The company provides quick payments to its affiliates and promises the increase of revenue for its advertisers through which it has changed many lives in the long term.
  • The official website provides information about the corporation’s press releases FAQ’s and the blog that is quite demanding that it is a legitimate working place.
  • The reviews on the internet about the firm are also very promising.

They themselves do not tolerate fraud on the platform that is the best case scenario for any company that has doubts over its name.


The place was established from a scratch and it has become of the well-developed network of today. The corporation was built for the betterment of its customers and has been providing the same service from the time of their origin. It takes a great deal of importance to its clients and considers them family which is the best service they can provide being an affiliate network. The corporation was built on the firm beliefs of an advanced technology related Performance based system and it has been able to keep its name intact in the criteria. The founder of the company built a platform that was to serve its customers and has been doing so in all this time. Its affiliate program provides many significant benefits to his clients and makes it a unique place for creating many expectations for them.

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