Affiliation companies or the online marketing networks are those corporations, which are working today to provide their customers a platform, to get in touch with Merchants or Publishers. Merchants are the advertisers that are the sellers of the products and Publishers are the promoters that promote the product in the market for gaining a commission. The Merchants and advertisers need a platform to get in touch with each other which is provided by this platform or firms. These platforms are known as the Affiliation groups or the online marketing network. Currently, many organizations are working today to provide these services to their customers and to provide an affiliating network to them. These affiliation networks may vary in features, customer care or in payment methods, but the most obvious thing that they all are trying to achieve is the perfect affiliation network for their customers.

Scientists today are making many revelations today in technology, and online marketing was one of them, but when a thing is been used to spread good in the world, often it happens that same thing would be used for bad. Thus, online marketing is often used for fraud and scam. These scam people just try to steal your money and after which they leave you penny less. This has ruined the name of the good companies too. Today we will be reviewing the MaxBounty Company and would be revealing whether it is a scam or a legit business.

MAXBOUNTY Company Background Check

The firm was established in Canada by two affiliates JP Suave and Stephen Suave. These two started their career as affiliate marketers some two decades ago. They worked real hard in the domain to make a perfect network, after working a long time they realized that the program lacked many things thus, Max bounty came into being. It was made to fill in the gaps that the early affiliate program lacked. They both worked really hard from 2004, and today have reached the point where their business is considered one of the best in Canada. The firm has been working hard to delete fraud and risks from its network. They have hired many professionals to remove these problems and to save the platform from getting involved with any type of scam processes.

It is the goal of the corporation to provide long everlasting and honest relations with its affiliates. The company has also made its goal to provide the best tools in their affiliate program which helps the affiliates improve their performance level. They also ensure that the customers may improve more by cooperating with the firm, they have made it their motto that corporation leads both the affiliates and the company to its success. They help them increase their revenues and improve their performance level which helps them gain more in the global markets. The policies of the firm are easy and flexible for newcomers as well as for those who are working with them from a long time. This helps them attract more clients to the platform.

MAXBOUNTY Affiliation Program

The firm has been regarded as the number one CPA network operating today. The affiliate program of the establishment is regarded one of the best in the markets. It provides the features of search engines; the also provide you with webinars that help you understand the affiliation program easily, the network also provides you seminars to understand CPA affiliation and provide the knowledge that is affective for both newbies and experts. These workshops help you understand all the details of online product selling and the skills that are required in this field. The platform helps you establish your businesses in the best way possible.

MAXBOUNTY How does it work? 

The affiliation network of the company provides the Cost Per Action option that makes this firm one of the best online marketing business today. Whether you are an affiliate or an advertiser the program works for both. As an advertiser, you may only when you start acquiring results when you join the platform as an advertiser the network offers you the opportunity to sell your product whether through ad clicks, mobile app downloads, through paid calls, etc. The advertiser may only pay commission to the publisher when he acquires a new customer. This thing is known CPA, if the advertiser has no active lead or customers he will not pay a penny. Which makes this the most affective affiliate business working today.

The network provides over than 18,000 affiliates to match the category of the product to be promoted. The affiliates, on the other hand, are provided with high rates to acquire when working on the network. They are provided with the opportunity to work with the best advertisers in the market. The best in the market helps the affiliate to improve them in the long run. The network offers the affiliate to work with CPA, CPL, mobile downloads or payment through calling actions also. Thus this variety helps the affiliate to earn more from this platform. The network provides the affiliates to get payments after 15 days or after 30 days. They also provide the options for saving the money for later withdrawal.

MAXBOUNTY Joining process

The process of joining the platform is too easy. It provides you with an online form to fill in, both are different for affiliates and publishers. The form asks for details regarding the person and the company. After filling in the form and submitting the form the firm contact you and approves your admittance after which you are free to work with the platform.

MAXBOUNTY Payment method

The platform provides the payment methods options like PayPal cheques, bank transfer, credit card options, Inter Cash, ACH, eCheck, etc. The platform helps the advertisers to pay their payments through all these options and the publishers to acquire their commissions. The platform helps the publishers to gain their commission, once in a month, twice in a month or savings account too.

MAXBOUNTY Customer Care

The customer care services of the platform are very quick and responsive. They provide the options of contacting the offices via mail, direct messages and through emails. They provide help to the advertisers and publishers through experts. The platform also provides a FAQ section to answer quick questions that are already stored in the database.

MAXBOUNTY Scam or Legit? 

The most important question that is left behind after reviewing the complete detail of the platform is that whether the network is a scam or legit? We have been reviewing the firm details from top to bottom. The company has been created in 2004, but its makers have been working in this domain for the last two decades, which makes them an expert in the field. Not only this but the firm has been named number one CPA affiliate network working today. It has not been named number one for its frauds or scams, but for its best quality network. They have been working with one of the best-branded names in the online market. These all things make the firm one of the legit corporations working today in online marketing.

The name does not need to prove its self more than this for being a legal operating firm. They have been proving their worth and making a name out of this business and thus it has been proven too.


It should be concluded in the end that firm has been working hard from long to prove its best and has been working hard to provide the best customer service in this domain. It has been cooperating with its clients. To help them gain more profit and to increase the value of their products worldwide. It helps you sell your products domestically and in foreign too. The firm has one of the best minds working to provide the best software programs to its clients and to provide them solutions that increases their revenues. It has been operating from long and has become the experts in the affiliation programs. Both the advertisers and the publishers are provided with the best quality service from here. From their background to their payment methods every possible thing points towards their credibility, innovation, effectiveness and trusted relation. If you are a newcomer, their seminars are helpful to provide you the start you need and to help you build an experience in the field. Their friendly using website guides you to open up your accounts quickly and to make you understand the process.

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