MobiCow Affiliate Company Reviews


There are over 7.22 active mobile devices in the world today. Smartphones are widely used all over the world. They are also considered as an outlet to the international global web. These huge populations presented by mobile devices comprises of individuals seeking of ways to solve their personal needs. Advertisers are unable to reach them due to the lack of a connection between advertisers and consumers. Affiliates with large volumes of cell phone traffic are unable to benefit maximally from their traffic. These problems encountered by advertisers and publishers can be solved through a mutual relationship. A reliable connection is needed to fill in the various gaps enabling merchants to broadcast their brands, making it possible to reach their various customers, while publishers mine rich monetary benefits presented by their traffic. A flawless connection which is legitimate as it protects its member partners from all forms of scam. A connection that eliminates all fraudulent practices as it enables partners to gain maximally from the mobile market. This connection specializes in full-screen cellphone advertisements, and it’s a platform for all publishers and advertisers. This connection is Mobicow Affiliate Company.


The advertising network was established in 2011, located in Montreal, Canada. This premium affiliate mobile Ad network is focused on a full-screen cell phone, which is compatible with all cellphone devices. This performs Ads which operates on various cell phones platforms such as iOS, Android, Symbian, bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, MeeGo, and Palm webOS. Mobicow is a platform which connects affiliate with merchants. Advertisers with high traffic are enabled to mine into untapped potentials from their audience. Merchants are aided through a process that enables them to reach a large portion of their specific target market with cellular advertising. Publishers are provided with an opportunity to earn more from their mobile traffic. This platform became fully operational in 2011 with large numbers of advertising partners from various market niches ensuring that each affiliate has an option of making selection of any brand suited to their traffic. In 2013, it was observed that this program generates an average of 6141 top quality audience per month; making a huge return on investment of over 950% monthly. With its cost per view (CPV) model, content producers at mobicow are assured of consistent, secure revenue as well as reliable payouts. In this platform, media buyers are free to buy traffic of any desired quantity without restrictions. Publishers join mobicow without any form of payment while advertisers join for as low as $5 for each campaign.

In a world of cellphone communication and information technology, consumers are actively searching for better brands, publishers are generating more traffic, and advertisers with good quality brands are unable to reach high-quality consumers. This is the platform where everyone can connect. Through its system, advertisers are connected to top paying customers through the use of high traffic generating affiliates enabling brand owners to make better ROI whilst affiliates earn more with their traffic.


As a publisher, you benefit from mobicow by promoting member brands using full-screen mobile Ads in your site. This involves a simple process where affiliates generate better revenue by simply copying Ad codes onto their sites. More viewers are drawn into the affiliate site by the same process. Whenever a viewer performs an action (e.g. by clicking on a link on your site), a new browser tab displaying full-screen mobile Ads is automatically opened. Targeting options include an operating system, device, location, and carrier. Publishers reach a wide range of all geo targets enabling them to achieve maximum benefit from a global market. With a minimum benchmark of $5 and a payment frequency of NET-30, all member affiliates get timely payments combined with a high level of payouts.

Joomla and WordPress site owners also generate income via this program as it has compatible CMS plugins aiding site owners to monetize the traffic generated by their WordPress and Joomla sites. This is a premium mobile Ad network which specializes in the monetization of mobile traffic and aids various networks in the generation of revenue through their mobile traffic. With the aid of the highly skilled and experienced Tech support team, all publishers or affiliate partners are enabled and equipped with tools needed to combat various challenges encountered. The tech team directs and also answers all questions as they are readily available 24/7 and ensures effective communication. Through this medium, all mobile traffic in a site is monetized, and mobile Ads are delivered to all targeted audience. Advertisers also benefit from this amazing platform as it ensures the total exposure of all member brands. In this system, Ads are delivered when a mobile Smartphone user performs an action. The action may be clicking on a link, downloading an app or requesting a new page. The use of powerful and high tech system combined with full-screen Ads enables brand owners to get their products and services to relevant consumers.

This platform operates with a CPM model which provides real-time updates and conversation enabling advertisers to assume total management of all marketing activities as they launch powerful and top converting mobile Ads in a cost effective way. Through this process, advertisers make informed decisions which enable them to plan their campaign budgets effectively. Target options are also offered to ensure the proper market exposure of member brands in a good and fashionable way. There is a vast connection of top advertisers and publishers enabling new clients to attain maximum benefit from a specified market niche.


This network is designed for publishers or affiliates aiming to maximize the full monetary potentials of their mobile traffic. Joining this platform is absolutely FREE as there are no signup fees. With a small amount of $5 merchants launch top converting campaigns, making their brands dominate the online cellphone space which leads to a larger quantity of audience that is subsequently converted to loyal paying customers. All barriers are eliminated as brand owners, and publishers occupying various market niches across the globe are given the opportunity of achieving ultimate market domination with this program


There is Net 30 payment frequency with a 10% referral commission. Payments are made through PayPal and funds are released when it exceeds the $5 bench mark. With an easy to navigate the system, partners make and receive payments through a simplified, secure and reliable medium. All challenges associated with payments are rectified by the customer support team.


The customer support team ensures a smooth business relationship. With a team of a skilled and high-tech support team, all partners are provided with the necessary tools needed to overcome all challenges encountered. A friendly partnership is formed enabling partners to generate productive results in the program. The account managers assigned to your account aid you through all operational processes, making them build long lasting business partnership combined with the creation of a mutually beneficial relationship. The support team also establishes a business friendly environment making partners engage in productive cellphone marketing campaigns


This is an internationally renowned full-screen cellphone Ad network which delivers top rated and converting campaigns to potential customers in a market niche. This platform is scam FREE, protecting member clients from all forms of fraudulent practices with a secure and simplified pattern of business. Having a legitimate model of business operation, it’s a medium by which advertisers and affiliate partners generate more revenue and ROI through the placement of cellphone Ads.


In the cell phone age where all forms of business transaction including buying and selling are done with the use of cell phone devices. Consumers are seeking for good brands to patronize; advertisers are aiming to reach large volumes of customers while affiliates are aspiring to benefit from their traffic. Mobicow Affiliate Company connects the various dots and fills in each space, enabling brand owners to reach large volumes of engaging customers through the domination of a specific target market niche with the aid of large traffic generating affiliates. This is a platform which enables advertisers to achieve their major Chief aim via market exposure and generation of a better return on investment; it also aids affiliate partners to achieve their specific goals through the monetization of their traffic.

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