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The mobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the twenty-first century. Over 50% of all Google searches are made by smartphone users. Launching top converting campaigns with mobile Ad marketing space is one of the easiest mediums of generating better revenues and earning a massive return on investment.

Through this process, brand owners plus advertisers can dominate their specific market and generate a huge volume of conversations, subsequently convert them into loyal paying customers. Partnership with a network specialized in the mobile advert market space is an avenue to maximally utilize the opportunities presented by the Internet. Using this network, a large volume of sales, app installations and downloads are guaranteed.

Publishers plus various affiliate marketing partners can utilize this medium to promote sponsored mobile apps as they add valued contents to their traffic sources, enabling them to earn more revenue.

This network operates through a scam-FREE business model as all business transactions are properly recorded making partners attain their desired business goals with short period is Mobilda Affiliate Company Network.

Mobilda Affiliate Company Network Background

This is premium online mobile marketing Ad network. This platform is designed to deliver effective marketing campaigns to both affiliates and advertisers. Services offered include; XML mobile feeds, app install program, Ad agency, and lab innovations. As a leading mobile Ad advertising network, mobilda is aimed at making the mobile advertising niche simple, beneficial and result oriented.

This Mobile Advertising Company is headquartered in Herzliya Pituach, Israel. It is also a platform which offers over 100+ offers with a vast network of global advertisers and veteran affiliates. As an effective and result oriented system, it is highly recognized for connecting the most reliable and trustworthy advertisers using certified reporting, detailed analysis, and cutting-edge technologies.

For over a decade, mobilda has successfully promoted high paying offers through the launching of top campaigns with specified target niche. According to AppsFlyer performance index, this platform has been rated 16th, 11th and 18th for gaming iOS global, North America and non-gaming iOS global respectively. It has 20 top mobile advertisers worldwide.

This is leading premium mobile Advertising performance network which has partnered with leading brands such as Social point, HOTHEAD, Fetch F, Zepto Lab, ONE TWO TRIP!, OASIS GAMES, WindPlay, UC Browser, PARAMIDA Games, DURPALM, Starfish Interactive, Elex, PIVMO, trivago, iProspect, Active Win, DIGITAL SKY, Chukong Technologies,, Kongzhong, embracing challenges, IM 30, Wooga, FUN PLUS, Storm8, foodpanda, GAEA MOBILE, efun, gumi, snail,, tbames, SGN, tap4fun, Yandex,, KORAM GAME, efunfun, 360,, APUS, LAZADA, R2GAMES etc.

In a world where most communication systems utilize the mobile phone, mobilda helps affiliates ranging from new publishers to veteran publishers, enabling them to effectively monetize their traffic with cost effective means.

Company Affiliate Program

Mobilda provides an ultimate medium for the monetization of mobile traffic in a global market. Through the use of algorithms and effective tracking technology, real-time demand and supply score of a specific target niche are displayed, enabling you to access accurate bidding of the market. With a completely automated Cost Per Install (CPI) feed, developers maximally monetize their traffic, making them double their app/software install rate within a short time.

This premium performance mobile advertising network is also focused on user acquisition. A Large volume of leads and audience are generated within a short time. After the generation process, top converting campaigns are launched, enabling an audience to be converted into loyal paying customers. With this business model, advertisers/developers are assured of safe investment as they earn a massive return on investment (ROI) while publishers earn better revenue. Organized campaigns are launched to the right traffic, making it easier for the desired results to be obtained as more leads and app installs are generated with specified target niche. Non-intrusive users are also targeted through Native Ad units.

In this platform, partners benefit via the following ways:

  • Domination of the global market space by reaching a relevant audience via their newsfeed.
  • Promotion of apps via Appclip. Using this proprietary app engine, relevant apps are promoted effectively.
  • Generation of quality engaged users through an in-app video traffic
  • Organized and strategic video retargeting techniques. Passive users are engaged, subsequently converted to loyal users via effective campaign video retargeting techniques.
  • Acquisition of millions of users across the globe
  • Network XML feeds. With this, mobilda generate quality customers by using keywords. Targeted customers are quickly reached, making you become a leader with simplified target market niche.

Mobilda is a leading force in the mobile advertising industry. They provide over 100+ top performing Ads using commission types like Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Lead (CPL) business model. The Cost Per Lead (CPL) model is recommended for partners aiming to generate a large volume of lead with a specified period. Through this model, engaged conversions are generated, and organized campaigns are relaunched, converting the audience into loyal consumers.

A Cost Per Action (CPA) model is available for advertisers seeking for avenues to achieve their definite business objectives appropriately. In this model, advertisers specify an action which will be taken by a potential customer. These predefined actions may include clicks, sales, downloads or installs. Payments made are proportionate to the number of predefined actions taken. This is an effective method as partners generate their desired result in a market niche.

How to Join

This platform is designed for all mobile Ad partners aspiring to earn more money by promoting leading brands in a cost efficient model. Advertisers can make a massive return on investment by simply investing in this result oriented system. Publishers can also achieve great monetary benefits through this partnership. Advertisers seeking to reach a large area of a target market can partner with mobilda. With this process, defined actions will be obtained with a short period. Developers can generate more leads, downloads and installs with this network. New affiliates plus veteran publishers are enabled to properly monetize their traffic, earning better revenue. You can signup by visiting the website and completing the contact form. After successful completion, you’ll be appropriately notified of your membership status.

Career opportunities are also opened for skilled and passionate persons. Opportunities are available for talented individuals aiming to join an innovative marketing company. Positions available include: System Integrator, Business Development Manager for Mobile, Server-side Software developers, Campaign Manager – APAC Region, System Administrator, AdWords Campaign Manager, Campaign Manager – Russian Desk, Affiliate Manager, level Two Bookkeeper, Online Marketing Copywriter, Media Buyer, Account Manager – Operation team, Analyst, PHP developer, R&D Department Manager, Business Intelligence System Analyst, RTB Programmatic Account Manager, Full Stack Developer, Project Manager and Feeds Department Account Manager.

Interested parties with relevant skills can send their CV or fill out their details on the Website.

Payment Methods

Reliable, easy and simplified payment models are used. Partners cash out via Check, PayPal or Wire. There is a minimum payment threshold of $50. Accurate tracking powered by HasOffers is provided, making it possible for all business activities to be recorded. Through this model, partners are paid in proportion to the volume of defined actions generated. Active partners can also increase their earning using a 10% referral commission. With this model, partners are quickly paid for a smooth business partnership.

Customer Support

Highly skilled affiliate consultants plus account managers are available. This customer support unit provides a business friendly environment for all partners. There is also a multilingual support team, making it easy for smooth flow of communication as language barriers are eliminated. This support unit consists of an experienced team of leading personnel in this industry. They offer solutions to all problems, ranging from payment challenges to account management. Account managers are also attached to your account, enabling you to gain technical advice, guidance, and directions as you launch campaigns across a specific target market niche.

The support team is aimed at understanding your business goals, aiding you to achieve them quickly within a short period of time.

Mobilda Affiliate Company Network Scam or Legit

Mobilda is a highly renowned company with mobile Ad performance networking space. As a result oriented network, they are known for their quick plus effective delivery. Safety measures are implemented, eliminating all forms of scam, irregularities plus inaction. HasOffers, a powerful plus trusted third party tracking software is activated. Through this model, detailed reporting is established making it easier for all business transactions to be recorded. An anti-fraud protecting system is executed, aimed to improve the quality of service provided by all partners.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Mobilda Affiliate Company Network is a system, which specializes, in launching top converting campaigns, generating millions of engaged conversations and subsequently converting its audience to loyal paying customers. Advertisers are helped to attain maximum domination in a target market niche. Developers are provided with an opportunity to generate more installs while publishers are enabled to fill up their Ad inventory by promoting leading brands. This network is recommended for all advertisers, brand owners, developers, publishers and other affiliate marketing partners. It is also recommended for partners aiming to improve the quality of their business through affiliate marketing.

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