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With over 2.32 billion smartphone users, the mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Over 50% of all daily Google search is done using smartphones. Reports show that over 40% of traffic is made up of smartphone users. Traffic owners can also monetize their cellular traffic through the mutual relationship with advertisers. Promotion of sponsored mobile apps in your website can be very profitable and rewarding for publishers and veteran affiliates.

This can be accomplished through mutual business relationship. Joining a network which supplies sponsored Ads, enabling you to fill up your inventory with leading brands. In this system, the high level of security is maintained as all activities are tracked with proprietary software making it safer for partners to avoid duplicate, automated actions or other forms of pseudo-transactions and scams.

Top paying offers which are compatible with all mobile platforms like Andriod, iOS and Windows are available. An intensive customer support unit provides partners with the necessary tools needed to launch top converting campaigns in a specific target market niche. Through this medium, large volumes of an audience are generated in a short period. Marketing partners seeking for a reliable medium of monetizing their traffic can achieve their business goals with OfferSeven Affiliate Company Network.


offerseven Affiliate network is a result focused affiliate marketing network which specializes in helping marketing partners earn more money from their mobile traffic. Advertising solutions are offered, enabling publishers to improve their mobile revenues at an exponential rate. This results-oriented program helps website owners to monetize their cellular traffic, boosting their site revenue through mobile users. Publishers are provided with a medium to grow their income through mobile users like tablet users and smartphone users.

Partnership with this affiliate mobile network enables you to:

  • Effectively monetize your traffic, enabling you to boost your revenue.
  • Add valued contents by utilizing app galleries in their site.
  • Promote sponsored software or apps as you make money through them
  • Generate greater results in little time.

This is the result-oriented platform which promotes top offers for mobile and online affiliate marketing partners. Affiliate managers present are Svetlana Babii, Igor Manzhelii, and Maxim Benzhan. The platform was established with a definite purpose of enabling traffic owners to benefit monetarily from their traffic. This can be achieved by promoting leading brands, apps, and software on your website.

With over 1537 high paying plus top converting offers, offerseven affiliate network provides affiliates with an opportunity to monetize their mobile traffic via CPA, or CPI business model. Through these business models, you’re assured of generating better income within a short period. Efficient improvement tools are provided to all partners to launch top campaigns in an online market space. Partnership with this platform is the medium through which millions of global conversations are generated. An in-house proprietary tracking system is activated. Effective reporting is utilized to ensure that business transactions are properly monitored. Partners can access their account any time of the day, making them have complete control of their campaigns. Their real-time analysis plus guidance from affiliate consultants, publishers, make informed decisions, enabling them to launch strategic campaigns, generating leads and sales which ultimately results in higher payouts.


As a leading performance affiliate program, offerseven affiliate offers a Cpa and CPI commission type. Advertisers, brand owners or developers can earn a better return on investment (ROI) through these business models. Software or mobile app developers can double their mobile app install rate rapidly via a Cost Per Install (CPI) model. The CPI model provides you with a system whereby you invest little and earn more. Payments made are dependent on the number of installs generated. In this model, your software or app is publicized to a large volume of an audience in a specific target market niche, subsequently converting them to loyal customers as more app or software installs are made. This business model (CPI) is highly recommended for developers seeking for avenues to launch top converting campaigns in the market space, enabling them to generate a large volume of installs within a specified period.

Aside from the Cost Per Install (CPI) model, a Cost Per Action (CPA) model is available for partners aiming to generate specific predefined actions from consumers. Advertisers in this platform specify an action, which is to be taken by a potential customer. These predefined consumer actions may be clicks, downloads, etc. Offerseven provides a genuine CPA model for business operation enabling brand owners to generate a large volume of consumer actions resulting to a better return on investment (ROI) as your brand dominate a specific target market space. Partners using a CPA model get their desired results as payments are released when the desired action is taken. Other commission types include Cost Per Sale (CPS), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and a CPE model. Engaged conversions are generated using a CPL model. With this model, more leads are initiated in a global online market space. After the inducement of quality leads, strategic campaigns are relaunched, thereby ensuring the conversion of a quality audience and ultimately generating a large volume of customers within a limited period. Your brand sales are multiplied their CPS model, organized campaigns aimed at doubling your brand sales are launched, ultimately generating a massive return on investment (ROI).

Offerseven provides offer types such as Contents, travel, Web, social, utilities, Mobile, Apps, Games, and Desktop. Their promotional model which is based on CPA/CPS/CPI/CPL is guaranteed avenue of maximizing profit as you dominate your specified market niche.

As a premium performance affiliate network, offerseven specializes in:

  • Top paying promotional offers for all mobile platforms. All operational systems such as Android, iOS, Windows are targeted.
  • Extensive authentic Reporting. Real-time accurate reports are available. Their comprehensive report system, all activities are properly recorded enabling partners access reports of their business operations 24/7.
  • Easy interface navigation and high tech account aid. A team of committed affiliate consultants or account managers are dedicated to guiding you through your campaigns as you navigate effortlessly through the system.
  • Revenue generation. This platform is aimed at enabling you to generate a better return on investment (ROI) while publishers earn more passive income.

By signing up, partners benefit via:

  • Timely, reliable and secure payment system.
  • Wide range of top payout offers and leading promotional brands.
  • Dedicated account managers or personalized affiliate assistance.
  • Suitable means of payments such as PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, and Wire.
  • Elimination of duplicate leads sales or installs.


This is a performance affiliate network designed for publishers aiming to earn more revenue from their traffic. To signup, quickly complete a registration form on the website. You’re to provide vital information such as account details (company name, address, city, country, zip, etc.), user details (email, username, password) and additional information which include your Skype username, traffic source, company URL, etc. Publishers, affiliates and various other marketing partners are to signup, promote sponsored apps and get paid. After the validation of your information, you’ll be notified of your acceptance or rejection into the program.


Partners cash out in a reliable, secure and easy model. Payments are made on a Net-15 or Net-30 basis. Publishers or affiliates can cash out via PayPal, ePayments, Wire or WebMoney. There is a minimum payment threshold of $100. Active partners can also increase their earning through a 5% referral commission. Detailed reporting of all business transactions are recorded their high-tech in-house proprietary platform. This ensures that payments are made appropriately and effectively.


Customer support team aids in the establishment and maintenance of a healthy business partnership. Effective communications are enabled, eliminating all forms of ineffectiveness as partners are provided with an opportunity to earn massively in an affiliate market industry. A team of affiliate consultants is available 24/7. With the aid of your account manager, payment issues and challenges encountered during the partnership process are properly handled. Through an extensive support unit, a long lasting, productive business partnership is maintained.


Offerseven is highly recognized in the affiliate market industry. As a renowned system, it is reputed of operating genuinely, protecting partners from all irregularities and pseudo-transactions. Marketing partners are provided with the necessary tools needed to launch top converting campaigns, generating more sales and ultimately dominating a specific target market niche. This is a leading performance affiliate network designed to aid developers, brand owners and publishers attain their business goals.


Having a genuine business operational model such as CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL, etc. Affiliates are enabled to mine into the monetary benefit provided by their mobile traffic. OfferSeven Affiliate Company Network is a premium performance network where publishers promote leading apps, launch top converting campaigns and earn more revenue. As a performance affiliate network, it is recommended for potential affiliate partners seeking for avenues to attain their business financial goals.

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