PassionTeck CPA Mobile Marketing Affiliate Network Reviews


Users are constantly searching for ways to solve their specific problems. Getting good quality mobile apps from a trusted developer could be a hectic process as they search through various platforms with their mobile devices. Traffic owners aspire to provide more valued contents for an audience, which may be in the form of cell phone apps or other types of software. But the challenge is in connecting with developers who constantly supply good quality cell phone apps that are beneficial to the consumer. Developers having top quality apps are unable to tap into its vast potentials, and reaching loyal paying app users seems frustrating. Finding solutions for these challenges enabling developers to reach a vast market area while making a better return on investment from their valued contents and publishers or traffic owners make better passive income via promotion of apps in a customized and user-friendly way is possible by partnering with an experienced affiliate cell phone Ad performance marketing network. A network, which connects application developers with publishers making it easier for each of them to solve their challenges in a mutually benefiting medium. Partnership with a duly registered platform recognized globally for top performance marketing as it protects member partners from fraudulent activities and scam enabling these people to achieve their business financial goals is achieved by signing up into PassionTeck CPA Mobile Marketing Affiliate Company.

PassionTeck CPA Mobile Marketing Affiliate Company Background

This is a leading mobile performance-marketing network, which was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Naples, Italy. Having an experienced team with over 40,000 partners, passionteck delivers cell phone apps to over 490 million app users across the globe. This self-supporting system provides an avenue for a developer by monitoring their campaigns in real time. This system has a wide range of market, reaching a large volume of app users, which in turn aids developers to leverage its technology to boost their mobile app market exposure. It also has a complete self-serve program enabling publishers and advertisers to manually introduce changes via setting up the system to launch it instantly. Total transparency is enabled in this program, making it safer for member partners to manage their cell phone businesses privately and securely. Mobile apps are automatically selected depending on device type, eCPM, and GEO aiding either publisher to maximize their respective revenue. Its optimized customized algorithm coupled with its transparency enables clients from managing their mobile businesses in their own terms. Tune, Kochava, Appsflyer, etc. are partners of this system. Each partnering agent had an exponential increase in the download of brand’s app within few weeks of partnership. This enables them from increasing their sales leading to greater converting campaigns and return on investment. This company has a core vision of global partnership between various publishers, advertisers, application developers, and media partners. Providing valued contents in the form of mobile apps to publishers or media partners which aid their people for adding more engaging contents to their sites as they earn more profit from their traffic. App developers or advertisers can also reach their loyal consumers through its quality apps enabling each consumer from having solutions for a specific problem. This leads to conversion into a loyal paying customer enabling developers to gain immensely by the generation of more ROI. Publishers can also add more contents to their sites, making them from making more revenue.


Passionteck is an online marketing network for advertisers, app developers, publishers, media partners and other Ad networks. Merchants have an opportunity of promoting its app in a result-oriented medium. The benefit is astonishing as merchants ONLY make payments for installs. Impression or clicks are not paid for. With this program, advertisers pay for only results obtained as there is no payment for actions, which doesn’t lead to results. This leads to an effective way of eliminating all forms of wastage while encouraging productivity in a positive way. This program helps developers boost their app’s value. You’ve produced an amazing app as a developer, partnership with passionteck aids to boost the app’s value using a complete set of online tools enabling the total penetration of a worldwide market niche, reaching millions of loyal users across the globe. Mobile traffic owners are given an opportunity to monetize their traffic via promotion of the best apps in the marketing. An app distribution business is built with media partners aiding them to gain access to endless market demand via an open API in this system. This platform also ensures that member Ad networks are provided with all desired tools needed to improve their standard of services making them attain maximum client growth in their niche. Clients partnering with this platform are given interesting offers, which increase their chances of attaining reasonable heights through its coverage of a large market area. Having over 30000+ exclusive offers for games, social, adult contents, casino, etc. Clients have an option of making selection of themes or options which are compatible or suitable for their sites, enabling them to get the attention of their audience with promotional Ad techniques which in turn leads to conversion to loyal paying customers. In this program, server-to-server usage is outstanding in such a way that there is a total server to server integration making it simple for easy navigation through the system. Through a unique point of access, clients tap into an endless mobile channel supply. Other benefits from this network include total integration of all relevant data enabling easy control and enhancing campaign results leading to better performance. Using its data integration model, campaigns results delivered are three times better. Targeted granular options are also used to reach users valuable to a brand leading to a larger audience, which in turn yields greater conversion to paying consumers. There is also real-time monitoring, fine-tuning, and management of campaigns with its user dashboards. Real-time updates or analysis are also enabled. Multiple Ad formats are available for selection. These Ad formats include interstitial, banner, native, dynamic making it easier for clients to creatively launch high converting campaigns.

As a mobile networking system designed for advertisers, it is focused on delivering 100% ROI. In PassionTeck’s Mobile Performance Network, advertisers pay for defined actions. These actions may range from install to purchases. As a mobile marketing platform, all apps in need of tangible, beneficial marketing results are promoted. Services offered to advertisers or merchants are operational experience enabling partners creatively design themes that convert. Thorough training (workshops or documentation) is done, enabling advertisers to be properly equipped. Advertisers through the use of its technological systems launch the retargeting campaign, which is focused on high-profile users aiding them to gain more conversion and re-engage more users. The in-app tracking tools filter high converting traffic from low ones enabling advertisers to launch converting campaigns via traffic driving sites, producing the larger quality audience. This system offers an advanced algorithm focused at right users depending on factors such as education, location, age, income, gender, etc. Users who display quality mobile behaviors such as Ad click frequency, daily app sessions, daily active time, purchase frequency and various other audience interests are targeted.

Having over 1,500 campaigns, 500 advertisers, and occupying a global market in nearly 200 countries, publishers and advertisers including app developers achieve ultimate benefit via passionteck.


Partnership opportunities are opened for everyone ranging from private individuals, merchants and publishing agents. Individuals can get daily updates by signing up for its email newsletters. Publishers and advertisers can also be part of this network by signing up plus going through its registration process. For other inquiries contact email [email protected] or telephone +39 08118858529. You can also visit its headquarters at Naples, Italy.


As a corporate member of PayPal and Wire Transfer, passionteck delivers quick payments from its member partners in a secure medium. Payments are released when its threshold of $100 is exceeded. This company has a payment frequency of NET-30, NET-25, and NET-15.


An amazing customer service team is available 24/7 for all clients. Solutions to varying challenges are offered to enable every member from building a strong mobile marketing network with its system. Effective communication with its support team ensures that all questions are answered. Through this model, a healthy business relationship with this network is built.

PassionTeck CPA Mobile Marketing Affiliate Company SCAM OR LEGIT

The pattern detection and data privacy coupled with its human intelligence provide utmost security for every partner making it possible to generate revenue or better ROI in a scam free environment as all forms of fraudulent actions are eliminated.


PassionTeck CPA Mobile Marketing Affiliate Company is a premium mobile Ad performance marketing company offering which enables member clients or affiliate partners derive total satisfaction and grow their businesses. The use of high-tech analysis makes it easier to have real-time campaign update with a high ratio of conversion enabling app developers broadcast their brands from a large portion of a market niche. Advertisers also get a medium where they reach a vast majority of its specified target market in an effective and secure way. This platform is highly recommended for all app developers, advertisers including publishers aiming to boost their cellphone business, models.

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