The firm that is working today for providing a platform to affiliates and advertisers are known as the affiliate marketers or online marketers. These businesses have established a platform for the development of affiliate programs that have provided a market to buyers and sellers of the products. The advertisers introduce a product in these markets, and the publishers promote these products. The publisher earns through promoting a product, while the advertisers earn when their products demand is increased online, and it is being bought by many customers. This whole process needs a platform of affiliation between the advertisers and publishers, which is provided by these corporations. These companies earn when an advertiser meets a perfect publisher, and their product is sold all over the world by using these platforms.

With the advancement of technology, many types of affiliate firms have been established online and many of them are working today. But many fraud and scam programs were also created for the reason of looting honest customers. Many cases have been reported where a firm is established and after looting from its customers shuts down the bogus corporation. Well picking the odd one out has become tough today. Thus, clients do not trust any firm very easily. The company in question today is Peer Fly Company, through our review we would declare whether the establishment is fraud or legal.


PeerFly Background Check

The business was established in 2009, by Chad French. The organization had been more than ten years ago but it is the work and performance of the firm that it is still a very small. The staff consists of only 15 members. It was the vision of the maker to provide the best quality network to the customers that is the reason he kept his firm very short. He did not want the customers to go through a long procedure to confirm or to acquire any knowledge, thus he kept the firm small and provides the best quality in it. Each staff member has it’s on client to represent them and to help them out. The establishment has made its mission to provide the best affiliate program with legitimacy and honesty. Help them and to become the top most affiliation network in the world with progress and transparency provided. The firm wants to provide the simplest most network to its clients so that they focus on their own businesses and the rest is taken care by them. They have been promoting the affiliates and advertisers in a total of 165 countries. With the top most offers and orders. The database of the network has around 250,000 publishers and 2,000 active clients working with them. The firm annually produces $100 million sales for its clients. The company was also voted number 1 in 2015, by mThink. The firm may be a small one, but it has been providing one of the best affiliate programs available in the market today. They have established one of the best networks for their customers to easily promote their products and bring an instant increase in their revenue.

PeerFly Affiliation Program

The firm provides the best hand made a program to their clients. Like other affiliate programs, this is not based on the host machines, but it has made by the 15 professional minds of the organization. They have been providing the best solution helps to every kind of affiliate and advertiser all around the globe. They have been promoting their name around the world with such a small collaboration that this makes it the most achieving firm today.

How does PeerFly work?

  1. Publisher:

The program is essential for both the advertiser’s ad publishers. Whether as an advertiser or a publisher the program provides many features. The program is custom made which helps cover all the details of it. Not only they provide admission to all kinds of publishers, but they also help build them experience in this domain. The network provides a customary platform that helps you track your sales, the platform has some 2,000 open offers, they also offer promised high pay-outs, rewards on contests, and a platform that trains the publishers too. The platform also promises an increase in the revenues.

  1. Advertisers:

The affiliation program of the Peer Fly is based on CPA, cost per action that helps the advertisers to pay only when their product starts attracting customers. The plan promises the advertisers to grow and improve their businesses. The platform offers some active 500+ offers to choose from. The platform offers CPL that helps produce leads through Sales, apps, mobile leads, etc. It has a dynamic project manager to help you with the problems, no monthly fees to pay, and some 75,000 active publishers in 165 countries to work with.

PeerFly Joining process

The signing up process of the firm is very simple and easy to use. To sign up to the website you need to fill an online form. The online form asks for your detail and all the details about your business. The platform asks about the detail of your payment methods, and for the advertisers, it asks for an advance payment. The advance payment is only used by the firm when the publisher starts promoting the products. The company takes some 3 days to answer the online submitted form of the publishers.

PeerFly Payment method

The company provides a wide range of payment methods. It provides the option of PayPal, bank wires, local transfer, and Postal checks. The wide range of payment methods allows you to make an easy choice. The payment to the publishers is based after a month. When a person reaches his $50 threshold he can acquire it next month, publishers can also request for the payment early when they have reached the threshold. The threshold can be increased via upgrading their membership.

PeerFly Customer Care

The customer care service of the firm is very responsive. They have provided an online form to receive enquiries, and they respond in normal working days from Monday to Friday. The firm also responds through their office in Florida. The firm takes a lot of care responding to the inquiries of its customers. The customer care service of the firm is quick, talented and helpful.

PeerFly Scam or Legit?

The question of the firm being scam or fraud still remains the same. The firm has been operating in a very small manner, but it has its contracts with 165 countries of the world. They have approximately 75,000 active publishers working in the firm and millions of online offers to work with. The firm has been widely used by many clients online. If the firm was a scam it could bot have achieved this much in this small time. The firm itself has been working to push fraud clients out of the corporation. They themselves disapprove these practices and has thousands of contracts with naming brands which makes it one of the legitimate firm working today. The company has proven its worth by acquiring very much with so little resources. The establishment has taken a lot of care while making all this program and has made it custumal this makes this firm the most legitimate.


The firm was established with a dream to build the most optimistic, simple, transparent, flexible, and helpful network for the customers. They have been operating with very few professionals but with the best minds of the market that has helped them achieve a lot in very short time. They have achieved a lot of fame in a very short period that has brought them in the top contenders of the affiliate business. The affiliation network was customarily made by these professionals who are a huge task and since its establishment, they have been promoting it successfully. Currently, the firm has thousands of affiliates and advertisers to work with and also thousands of active offers to be promoted. The company also provides training and free tools for the publishers who are new to this kind of business. Not many organizations provide these kinds of opportunities to not only train but also help them in making their own name. The firm is one of the best affiliate organization working online today and providing one of the best programs. They are quite adaptive about their approaches and help their customers resolve their problems quickly and professionally. Peer Fly is a pioneer in it making and has been proved its worth since long.

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