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There are over 2.6billion smartphones on the planet, and most smartphone users spend about 85% of the time on their mobile phone apps. Mobile apps offer solutions to various challenges encountered by smartphones users. Through mobile apps, users log into their social media accounts, access their emails, download valued contents suitable to their needs, etc. The mobile phones have revolutionized the affiliate marketing industry. Before the arrival of smartphones, desktops and laptops were the main source marketing. Today, marketing have been made easier and safer with the use of mobile phones.

Using mobile phones, more creators can drive a large volume of visitors, enables them to make more sales. Some other creators are unable to monetize their visitors. Monetization of your visitors can be done by promoting leading apps or software on your site. Partnership with a pay per install marketing network, which specializes in helping you reach your business goals in the market space. Through this, making money is made easier and safer.

Expanding rapidly in a competitive marketing industry, this program provides publishers with top converting offers, which ensure that you generate better revenue. As a leading performance affiliate network, it protects clients from scam, irregularities, and fraud. Creators searching for a reliable source of making more money can partner with perinstallbucks Affiliate Company.


A pay per install affiliate performance marketing network, which is designed to provide all types of publishers with top quality software products. With this, publishers are paid for promoting software. As a performance PPI marketing network, this company has achieved remarkable success in the affiliate industry.

It has partnered with various leading brands, providing contents for all types of visitors. It’s a result-oriented platform as payments are made for predefined actions. Site owners get paid only when a target consumer make installation of software. Partnership with this network is an assured medium of achieving all your business goals, enabling you to make a better income. Lots of promo tools are provided for all member publishers, making them launch top converting campaigns. Members within this platform have access to:

  • Top quality promo tools and high-tech customer support.
  • Display banners.
  • Landing pages.
  • Unique download links.
  • Simplified and secure mode of payment.

Within this system, a real-time analysis and tracking system is set up to provide detailed report or updates for all activities done. This makes it easier for both affiliates and company management to monitor each campaign, enabling each party to make informed decisions. There are vast volumes of software which are suitable for your specified visitors. Through the of its system’s installer, you are enabled to bundle any software of your choice. Site Owners are paid for all confirmed plus valid installations, making you earn up to $1.20 for each installation made in the United States.

Affiliates generating traffic types such as Adult traffic, torrent, YouTube, movie, etc. is given an opportunity to monetize their visitors. All visitors types exception of email database is permitted in this program. Perinstallbucks also provides a medium through which Site Owners convert their media visitors. Promo tools provided by the company are a direct route for affiliates to launch top converting campaigns across all online marketing space. Customizable display banners coupled with a unique download link enables partners to monitor their campaigns effectively and obtain an accurate or detailed report, making them boost their revenues.


A pay per install performance affiliate network. Within this network, publishers earn extra passive income by broadcasting software suitable to their visitors. The software products add value to their sites and help affiliates fill up their inventory with top quality contents. Publishing members of this network can make a selection of any display Ads suitable to them. Various Ad formats are available, enabling member partners to launch top converting campaigns which lead to the generation of large volume of audience and conversation are also established. These audiences are subsequently converted to loyal customers.

Promotion of software or apps makes it easier for consumers to access quality products in a specific market space. Software products launched from this program are 100% legal, safe, clean and provide value to all consumers. The safeties of its software are guaranteed as there are no installed spyware – malware. Other promotional features are activated for affiliates to benefit maximally from each campaign. All traffic types are permitted in this network. The traffic types may include Adult traffic, torrent traffic, YouTube traffic, movie, and all other modes of traffic. Mailing or email database are prohibited in this platform. Through this system, publishers or affiliates are given an opportunity to convert their media traffic.

Experienced or professional affiliates can earn up to $1.20 for every successful software installation. This platform is highly protected via anti-fraud software, protecting all clients from irregularities. Fake affiliates are automatically detected and banned from this network. The easy to navigate interface, coupled with a user-friendly dashboard enable Site Owners to quickly go through all offers, make their preferred selection and launch top converting campaigns. These customer-friendly dashboards also help users to easily access their earnings and make a withdrawal anytime suitable to them.

Affiliates or publishers can cash out via PayPal, Payza or Bitcoin. There is also a minimum payment benchmark of $20. With this simplified, secure and reliable model of payment, all partners are assured of cashing out at any time of the day. A request option is available for clients to instantly withdraw their earning. Publishers or affiliates with software are permitted to bundle it with an installer. Through this model, better service is delivered to the large volume of consumers. A PPI established for publishers aspiring to:

  • Dominate a particular target market niche with high valued software
  • Add value contents to their sites, enabling them to generate more traffic and audience
  • Make more money by simply promoting top brands in an online market space.


All publishers seeking for an avenue of monetizing their visitors can signup into perinstallbucks. The signup process is quite simple. Potential affiliates can join this program by completing a signup form with valid information. You’ll have to provide:

  • A preferred username
  • Create your unique password
  • Identify your traffic source
  • Input a valid email address.

After an account confirmation, you’ll log in and immediately launch your campaigns.


There is an easy, reliable and secure mode of payment. Clients can cash out via PayPal, Bitcoin or Payza. There is a payment threshold of $20. A minimum amount of $20 has to be earned before withdrawal. Active partners are also given a 10% referral commission. Partnership with this platform is an easy way of earning up to $1.20 per install. Although the pay is dependent on locations and geographical region. Other issues about payment process can be discussed with an account manager. An instant payment model is enabled in this system. Partners can withdraw their earnings by simply notifying the company via the payment request option.


A team of knowledgeable and experienced support network aids in the creation of a customer-friendly business environment. The customer support team ensures that good communication is established, making all partners able to communicate effectively. Perinstallbucks customer service is aimed at understanding your business goal and enabling you to achieve them via a healthy long lasting business relationship.


This is a highly recognized network in the affiliate industry. It’s a result-oriented platform that protects clients from all forms of illegitimate activities. As a renowned premium performance network, all business transactions are done legitimately, ensuring that all publishing partners make more money.


Perinstallbucks is a program which provides 100% clean, safe and legal software products to consumers. It also gives publishers with a large volume of traffic an opportunity to make more revenue from their visitors. All types of traffic are allowed in this program, exception of emails. Partnership with a genuine and anti-fraud system is achieved through perinstallbucks. This is a premium performance program, which understands and helps you achieve your business goals.

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