Popcash The popunder Affiliate Network Reviews


All types of affiliate networks are well rated and widely used today. This trend became popular during the early 90’s, but with start of the 21st century, this trend became more popular and widely pursued. The term means to provide a platform for any kind of associates that are affiliated with buying and selling of products.

Certain times these networks were often used by those people who were behind policies of fraud and scam. Which, brought a lot of problems and trust issues for this business. New customers stopped trusting these platforms and contributed thousands of issues in return. Our review today about PopCash affiliate company will provide details whether it is a scam or not.

PopCash affiliate company Background

Popcash was established in 2012 when online marketing business had become the soul of the global market. Creating a competitive network in these days was not an easy task. With so many systems turning in web creating the one that was attractive and provided best services was a hectic task. This network was built in the US, to provide best services to all its associates and become number one in the long run.

Pop Cash is a system that provides its service in all countries in world and continues to be rated well for its services by many of its customers. The system was published with a lot of hard work and thoughts of its founders and continues to be resulted excellent by all the members that are using it. Registering with it and using it is the easiest task. They promote all kinds of sites and do not have any compulsions for not promoting any particular sites.

Their web business is developed and used by certain qualified business members that try to provide best quality services, which makes this place worth trusting and using. Their network is rated many times as a good place to start advertising or affiliates. Their joining process and the registration process is quite easy, and applicants are usually accepted on low budgets. This network was self-established and have been keeping up its reputation from the start.

This company is responding accurately to requests that have been sent their way and have been keeping up a friendly environment to provide a better working place to them. The corporation provides on time payments daily and weekly when a request is made. This organization is working this long based on a referral program that helps gain better commissions for its members.

It provides a brilliant affiliate program that makes it more attractive and easy to use. Their masterminds behind this plan are working day and night to make it better and efficient. This site also provides an option to report malware that makes it more perfect and unique. Unique features of this platform help its members achieve more. These facilities make this place worth using. All of its members are just like a family.

PopCash Affiliate Program

The offers this website are CPM base model. This model helps the associates to gain when an action is made to purchase a product. Which, helps the associates to gain money and in return earn money for this website. This site is friendly and provides a good environment to work with. The site helps attain quick payments too.

How does PopCash Affiliate work

Working with this affiliate program depends upon same offers of CPM. They also offer other opportunities for its members that make it unique and better than others. Their platform is helpful, and the features it is providing to its members are as follows.

  • They claim to provide guaranteed success that helps less famous sites attain more success and better money.
  • It is the only website that provides daily payments on demands. This feature makes it a unique one because no other site provides this feature of regular payments.
  • Provides its associates a complete control over its campaigns, this provides members to design its campaign their own way.
  • Their platform publishes campaign of publishers in just ten minutes; you do not require to wait a day or some hours for their acceptance.
  • Provides hourly reports to its members regarding the campaigns and keeps them up to date.
  • Their corporation has no minimum range for its campaigns, it could be as less than $5, and the deposit payments too could be just low as $10.
  • Provides customer support live on their website that can be approached 24/7.
  • They also offer support via social media platforms too.

 Joining Method

The joining method of this website is very easy to use. Their online form for any type of applicant can be approached from their official website. They also offer a complete form for being filled by the applicant himself and must be submitted on the same platform. After completing a background check approaches all applicant whether he or she is accepted or rejected. They ask for very low budgets while registering with the company and provide triple revenue or commission in return. The minimum payment to make while accepting for their corporation is 10$, which is very easy for any kind of publisher.

Payment method

The payment methods, which this organization supports, are Paxum, Payza, and Paypal. These amounts are chosen by this firm to make money transferring easier for any kind of customer situated in any corner of the world. Minimum payment to make by an advertiser is $10. All clients working on this platform can request payments on any time of the day and to get fulfilled by this corporation. They do not stop or delay payments that are quite essential for any member to make them permanent visitor from the platform. They also provide their members 10% extra cash on their referral program. That is quite huge for any kind of company.

Customer Support

The client support department of this firm is quite essential and effective. They also provide a FAQ section on their site that is quite helpful for all new members. They have answered many obvious questions that arise at the time of new registration. They provide customer-contacting options via phone, emails, skype and yahoo chat too. They can be contacted through all these platforms any time a day on any day of the month. That makes them quite friendly and helpful towards their members. They also provide an online form for making inquiries. These queries can be done 24/7 and are responded with accuracy and on time.

PopCash Affiliate Network Scam or Legit

One obvious question that arises in our minds on the date of registration is whether this firm is trusted or is it a fraud. The answer to the question can be composed through these following points.

  • First, this site has many payment proofs on the Internet.
  • It asks for a very minimum budget while registering.
  • It has a spectacular success rate on the Internet.
  • All reviews regarding the site are very positive.
  • They have a clean sheet of trust with their clients.

All these things make them a trusted and honest website to be approached by any kind of associate in online business. They are not a fraud.


Popcash Affiliate Network was made to make affiliate business happen with fun and respect. It is a scam-proof environment with lots of opportunities provided. This company was not established a long time ago, but it proves to be a better option with all the competitors in the background. Established just to provide a friendly and better working place for all sorts of associates this place makes best affiliate business in the market. Their corporation is a good option for all those that are looking for a low budget option and especially for those that are new in the business.

The company makes sure that all members are treated equally and provided with equal opportunities. It has useful features in its affiliate program and provides best to all of them. Their company makes sure that it provides payments quick and on time to assure its compatibility too.

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