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There is a network of online marketing companies working in the world right now, but not all of them are legal. They promise you a lot and offer a lot of guarantees on how their company works and how it is beneficial for you. But the questions remain that Are their guarantees enough for you to trust them? Will they provide everything they promise? Is it even beneficial for you? There are some companies, who do just that, that is they offer whatever they promise and stand up to their claims and fulfill their promises. And then there are other firms who offer a lot but are either not experienced enough to uphold their claims or they are a just plain scam. Due to many of these scam businesses, many legit businesses are facing a problem. People who are scammed don’t trust even the legit corporations which cause a problem for them. This is the point that we present you our review, to give you a better knowledge of a corporation that is not only a legit but a well-rated corporation in its making. Rakuten Marketing company is an online marketing company that provides you what it promises. You can not only trust the company but invest in it without a doubt.


Company Background

In 1997 an online marketing was started by Hiroshi Mikitani, operating in Japan. This company was an electronic commerce based firm working online. Their headquarters were made in Tokyo, but in 1999 the group changed its name to Rakuten Marketing, and from then onwards they have been proving its worth. The group today has almost 10,000 workers, and its operations have been spread throughout America, Asia, and Western Europe. The firm has been working online since 1997 and has been providing services in e-commerce, e-reading, banking, travel, security, money, e-portal, online marketing, and sports played on a professional level. Even with all these services, the business has never been reported as a scam. It has been expanding since the day of its birth, which would not have been possible if it was a scam. The group has made its mission to provide an absolute services to its customers, with acute care and perfection. They also have been keeping a good look on expanding their business in the third world countries of the world. They have been offering the highest level of specialization with proper approach and the view of emerging better platforms in their firm, for better performance to their customers. All these attributes sometimes bring a doubt for the customers, but even if there had been a bad review about them, it would have been due to some misunderstanding. With all these attributes sometimes people try to defame the name of the business, but with its rising name and performance to prove its worth these things turn into failure. Recently the company merged with the LinkShare, which was the biggest emerging in the history of the firm. It became Rakuten LinkShare and after the merge has been providing better service.

The Affiliation Program and its work

The affiliation network of this group has been the most intriguing one. It affiliates with all the proper branded names not to just take them over but to provide what they provide with proper protection. It affiliates with the publisher and advertiser to maintain a proper relation and to keep the truce at their end. Its affiliation network has merged many brands. After taking them under its banner Rakuten provides better services to its customers. They provide tracking, payment and reporting effortlessly. Currently, LinkShare turned Rakuten LinkShare, that predicts a better long-term and profitable partnership. It also provides expert advice to the brand names for better work protection. They provide the best advice for acquiring suitable publishers for the business of the brands. They also provide a better service plan for achieving better goals in future.

Joining the program

The affiliation network of the corporation is just as easy as it looks. You just need to login to the companies official website and provide a complete detail of the business you are affiliating with the enterprise. The official website provides a project manager to you that advice you all about the publishers required for your business and the detail that will follow after it and just like that your brand will not only be protected by it but it will progress in small time. The firm provides well experienced and well-trained professionals to help you attain the goal you have been working so hard to reach.

Other Features

The group provides you a helpful, accurate and reliable technology that supports your affiliation. It provides a dashboard that helps you in attaining the features that are new and are according to trend. They also get you in touch with a proper tracking service that keeps you in touch with the accuracy of the reports. The best opportunity they provides you is an easy method of online payment that ensures you that your money is in safe hands. Money is the biggest problem when it comes to a scamming or legit firm. If the Name in consideration were a scam, it would not have made this option possible. Safeguard protection of your money is the option that proves that this business cannot be a scam. It is legit as its name and as its affiliation programs. It also makes the easy to use tools available for you that are required for the production and promotion of your business. The firm provides innovative methods that have revolutionized display ads for the promotion of affiliated businesses. 

Payment methods

The Corporation provides you a lot of easy to pay online options that are applicable for customers around the globe. They accept credit card, PayPal options, Debit cards, Visa cards, Rakuten eGift cards, Rakuten Super points, MasterCard, and Rakuten Rewards MasterCard. All these options make this group easy to pay and easy to acquire your rewards. The permanent members also get the Reward Cards of the firm due to long term membership and trusted partnership.

Customer Support

The Customer Support option is available 24 hours, and they provide their clients help in whatever dimension required. The Customer Care makes it possible to trust this Name. It proves that the corporation is not a scam but a legit operating business with so much to offer. 

Is the company Scam or Legit? 

The firm could not provide more for proving its worth. It’s affiliation with brands like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Its affiliation with the brands like Mango, Walmart, Vince Camuto, Sports Craft, etc proves that it is a fully operating legit worker. If the group just had been reported for Scam by just one of these brands, it would have proven it. But by working with so many partners and proven results it speaks the reality of the business. The protection of the payment method also provides assurance of its legality and its proven worth. The work they have been putting up is just the result of their hard work and trustworthy relation they have provided their customers with. It is a highly professional business with many professionals working with it and proving that the firm provides what it speaks of. Just their headquarters are working in nine countries so if you have any problem; please make sure to visit them. They never back down from a challenge and prove that they are made for it. 


All these positive aspects prove that the Rakuten is working with many professionals for the betterment of their customers. Its workers are also hard working trained officials that provide better results and exceed excellence in every professional field. The corporation can be proved a good professional legit, that can be trusted with your business, your trust and most importantly your money. Whatever area you need to affiliate with, Rakuten will provide its best and make sure that you achieve what you thrive for. They advise you for the best and offer any professional help needed in the field of online marketing. If you have a business, you need to promote, and a business that needs a little help get in touch with the firm and you would not be disappointed. They are providing excellent services to their customers and ask very much in return, and even if it is much to ask, it is worth it. Do not hesitate while getting in touch with them, this review of the business proves its vitality, professionalism and it’s on time work promises. Trust is what they provide and will provide always.

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