The affiliate networks were introduced on the internet in the early 90’s. It was a new concept for those who were not aware of this phenomenon. The late 90’s brought this trend to the doorstep of each and every customer. This trend started changing very easily with the change and advancement of technologies. Each and every step these platforms took were for the betterment of its customers.

But with the advancement of the platform, certain times this place was used by some people to scam people. Too much money was lost in this time, and both the business and its customers suffered a lot. The corporation we would be discussing today is RevenueWire Affiliate Company.


RevenueWire Company Background

The company has been working in the business from the last 13 years. They have gained a lot of expertise, experience, success and growth in this time. The firm takes great care in dealing with their customers; they regard them with passion, honesty, teamwork, ingenuity, etc. They regard their customers as their families and keep a lot of faith and trust in them. They promise to take the profits of the advertisers over the roof and provide its customers with the best quality service available in the market.

The platform is a digital product based business, which deals with the Performance-based Marketing. The platform claims to provide the best tech services to its customers that help them understand the ever-changing technical world in the affiliate marketing. The platform has a team that is known as accounts management team that has its expertise in e-commerce and the technicalities of the Affiliate Marketing business. This team helps its customers to properly understand the platform and the programs running on it.

The company provides wide range options for its customers from the cart using options to the options of 24 languages and the use of 35 currencies of the world. This wide range helps the advertisers gain a better audience to their website and increase their profit In return. The company has been persistent in providing the excellent track of services to their customers, which helps their corporation to gain they always had dreamed of.

Due to their unique facilities and services, they have been awarded many awards in the affiliate business. The awards like the Best CEO, Top 20 network, HOT in Victoria 2016, etc.

Affiliate Program

The tracking software the corporation uses are the in-house proprietary platform, they take care of all the work through their offices and provide the best to their customers. The model upon which the affiliate program of the company is working are CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, and Revenue shares. These models helps in influencing a better policy for their customers and gains more for them.

How does it work

The working if the affiliate program depends upon the models of the corporation and the policy obtained for their customers. They provide their clients with the best and unique features to work upon and in return gain a lot of success which they had always admired for. The pan provides following features for its affiliates and advertisers.

  • The corporation as being an award-winning platform provides the best to its clients.
  • They provide the affiliates big offers and in return big pay-outs.
  • The offers on the platform are high-end offers and have an international converting power.
  • The pay-outs of the corporation are the best available in the market.
  • The feature of the account management team is the best and the most helpful one for its affiliates.
  • The company has a wide range of products to work with, they work in the departments of health, security, gaming, insurance, etc.
  • The platform provides its advertisers with a speedy market that increases the sales of the product.
  • They provide a global market reach to their advertisers that helps in taking their sales global.
  • The huge variety of models to work upon provides the advertisers open opportunity to utilize the best for their need.
  • They have an open house of active offers to use that helps the advertisers in gaining more better success.
  • They also provide powerful promotion opportunities for them that helps them respond more accurately.
  • The wide range of tools they provide on this platform for both the affiliates and advertisers are extremely dedicated.
  • Their award winning streak from the last 5 years makes them the most looked after platform for the customers.
  • They also provide free of cost registrations, no monthly fees, and free of charge contracts with their advertisers.

Joining method

The joining method for the firm is very easy to use and quick responsive too. In order to start the joining method, the customer needs to get in touch with the official website. They provide different online forms for both advertisers and affiliates. The online form provides a complete detail of the customer and the website they are affiliated with. The online form can be submitted on the website, and the platform team replies to its customers within some time. The application form are certain times rejects in case if the customers provide any false information.

RevenueWire Payment method

The payment method this firm supports are Check, PayPal, Direct deposits (ACH) and wire transfers. The minimum payment an advertiser makes at the time of registration are $25 which excludes any registration fee. The corporation provides the payments to its affiliates bi-weekly, twice a month or once a week. These payment methods help the affiliates to gain more easily and even early for the need. The payment methods ensure a huge variety of delivering and receiving money. The affiliates can receive the payments quickly via these methods, and the firm is famous for it’s on time payments.

RevenueWire Customer support Services

The customer care service or the contact us department of the company is available on the official website. The official website provides an online form to be filled by the customer to make any kind of inquiries. They promise to respond through this channel within 24 hours on any day of the week. The corporation also has left a contact number of the Canada office in case of an emergency. They also provide addresses of the US and England offices that can be visited in the office timings in case of any problems.

RevenueWire Scam or Legit

The most important question about the name is whether it can be trusted by the customers or not, it has been around for a long time and not trusting such an award winning platform would be a bad thing for any customer. They have been around for the last 13 years and have been providing the best on time payouts for its affiliates not only this they also are the ones that have gained a lot of success due to their honesty and integrity with their customers. The company has made its motto to provide the best compassion, integrity, honest, etc. to its customers and have been known for such compassion too. They have won many awards for their performance in this business and have many branded names working with them which make them an honest and trusted platform. They can be completely trusted by any kind of customer with their money.


The corporation was established in order to provide the best quality services to its clients. They established the platform in Canada, and it has been spread in USA and England too. The corporation has been regarded as one of the best networks in the affiliate business. The company provides some of the best features in its affiliate program and takes care of its customers in the best way possible. The affiliate program provides many models to work upon and is in-house proprietary platform. They have been working hard since its birth to provide the best care to its customers and have got many awards for their services. From their payment method to their affiliate program all is the best available in the market. They have gained a long time proper and trusted success in the market and have been regarded as one of the best by their customers and affiliated brands.

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