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The world is a global village where people meet, do business transactions and perform several other online activities. Through the internet, several hitches experienced ages ago have been surmounted with new territories being discovered every day. But the question remains. How do you (advertiser) maximize this incredible opportunity to grow your business while making more money? How do website owners, bloggers, individuals specialized in driving traffic leverage on their existing platforms to generate better revenue? Advertisers are faced with a problem of having their products known from a particular target market whilst publishers lack the necessary tools needed to cultivate their traffic to make more money by doing little or nothing. The second problem is partnering with an existing company with the technical know-how coupled with the right skills and expertise to connect advertisers with publishers in mutually benefiting relationships. A platform which delivers as they make payments in a secure, simplified and reliable medium using Bitcoins. Partnership with a platform with a strong system making member partners operate their various online businesses via a legitimate route, scam FREE and protected by law is of utmost importance. As an advertiser or publisher, to attain a great height in the online marketing industry partner with RunCPA Affiliate Company



Runcpa is an online performance marketing network which uses Bitcoin model of payment, enabling partners receives their pay in an easy and stylish fashion. This system has an efficient system that connects brand owners to affiliates using a genuine cost per action (CPA) model with quick and good payouts in Bitcoin. Their proprietary Skynet a.i makes it simpler to clear traffic which in turn aid in the detection and elimination of all forms of fraudulent practices. This platform has various competitive advantages such as timely or instant payment, payments via Bitcoin, payments of bonuses, acceptance of all kinds of traffic with no specific traffic requirements, making potential affiliates to t signup with their emails. With an easy signup process, enabling publishers to join in a hitch free model. There is no phone verification or signup interview conducted making it easier for affiliates to start earning more money instantly in this system. Using a CPA model of payment, it enables advertisers to make payments for defined actions. These actions could be clicks (cost per click), leads (cost per lead) or lifetime revenue shares. Webmasters or advertisers get rewards when their audience performs useful actions ranging from signups to making purchases. The use of cryptocurrencies is allowed with the blockchain technology. This makes it easy for creation, verification, and storage of transaction through a decentralized medium. With the use of the Blockchain technology, a high level of anonymity and safety is reached. Skynet a.i, a subsystem found in runcpa affiliate network, monitors all traffic. Skynet a.i is a high-tech automated system which detects top converting traffic source whilst eliminating traffic with fraudulent activities. Partnership with runcpa affiliate network is an assured way of boosting income and generating better ROI for all publishing agents and merchants respectively.


Runcpa Affiliate Company is a leading performance marketing network using the Bitcoin model. With this program, publishers boost their profiles enabling them to make more profit and advertisers generate more audience which is subsequently converted to paying customers. Publishers or affiliate partners benefit from this company via CPA and revenue shares with instant payouts, high payout through exclusive offers, maintaining an anonymous profile with its Bitcoin model, and ultimate acceptance of all traffic types. Publishers can access each offer link by navigating through the system to offer menu, open your preferred offer, and then click on ‘start making money’ to obtain a unique link. Some other offers can be accessed by clicking on ‘use referral link below for advertising.’

Advertisers can grow their brand from a competitive market niche making them generate a large volume of audience. Having an extensive line of affiliates, brand owners are helped in boosting their products from the online market, enabling them to gain exposure in various spheres of the marketing industry. This platform has over 10,000 professional webmasters coupled with the advanced and easy integration statistics which makes it possible for clients to access real-time analysis of market activity. This enables them to make informed decisions based on facts about their campaigns. The unique Skynet algorithm has an anti-fraud system that protects member brands from all irregular activities which may be fraudulent in nature, leading to a genuine and transparent business partnership. When challenges are encountered, they have high-tech managing team of experts to help in tackling all it. Their partners include Genesis mining, Hashflare, A-markets, ecoin, livecoin, etc. The Procurement of partnership with various quality excellent quality anti-fraud operational companies coupled with its implementation of Bitcoin and Blockchain aids in having a transparent and quick payments model of operation. The system also offers; Ad rotator, profit rating for every offer, detailed statistics, combined payouts (which includes offers ranging from CPL, CPS, CPA payouts), and low transaction cost. Potential affiliates or merchants gain immensely through the promotion of member brands and by dominating the global online marketing sphere.


As an online affiliate marketing network designed to aid publishers and advertisers boost a business brand via advert promotion. Brand owners or advertisers can join this program by clicking on ‘sign up’ at its website. This is followed by signing up via filling of its signup form. After this, a valid email address is entered which is followed by a confirmation process. Joining this program is absolutely FREE as there is no fee or charges attached to the signup process.

For publishers or potential affiliate partners, after filling out the signup form, the process is concluded by clicking on <signup as traffic owner>, which is followed by the confirmation or verification of email address. It is important to note that ONLY a valid email address is required for signing up into this system. Publishers are widely accepted regardless of their traffic types. Incentivized or fraudulent traffic is prohibited in this program. Affiliates outside the US and across the globe are welcomed into this network. By signing up, publishers or advertisers boost their various brands and add more value to their traffic through the gain of more return on investment and making more revenue from their traffic. For more inquiries, email [email protected] or telephone +44 203 514 80 50.


Payments are made using Bitcoins. On this note, publishers or affiliates aspiring to partner with this program are required to own a Bitcoin wallet either for depositing or withdrawal purposes. This platform has a minimum benchmark of $5 for withdrawal. Member partners can also earn more via its 20% referral commission for a lifetime. Trusted publishers or traffic owners are paid bonuses which are aimed at encouraging and fostering better revenues. Through its operations using Bitcoin payment models, clients are guaranteed of having a quick, secure and reliable payment.


There is a customer friendly team available 24/7. The support team is a medium by which users communicate effectively with this network ensuring that every partner is 100% satisfied which in turn build a better long lasting business relationship.

RunCPA Affiliate Network SCAM OR LEGIT

Runcpa is an incorporated and registered network in England. It is registered with a brand name of Runcpa advertisement LLC. This is a recognized system of law which protects its clients from all scams or fraudulent practices encountered in the internet marketing space. With its vast database of publishers and advertisers delivering top converting campaigns, this system has partnered with various agencies ensuring a hitch-free online marketing experience for its clients.


A system having a diverse partnership with various leading brands enabling you maximizes your market exposure whilst increasing your popularity in a particular target market niche. A platform which connects affiliate with merchants creating mutually benefiting relationships in a win-win condition that enables each member to attain its financial motives and goals in a stress-free environment within a short period. A platform highly recommended for every brand owner and publisher aiming to gain more from an online internet marketing space.

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