Share A Sale

The affiliate network is a platform that is required by both the affiliate and advertiser. This platform works as a bridge in between the affiliates and advertisers so that they can work together in future. This platform is required so that both of them come together and start their work. This network in return provides opportunities to their clients for increasing their sales revenues and commissions.

This network is sometimes used for the purpose of fraud and scams. Which makes it a little untrustworthy to pursue. In order to know which network is honest or not our platform provides a review for the customers. The corporation we would discuss today is Share A Sale affiliate company.


Share A Sale Company Background

Established in 2000, this affiliate network is producing some tremendous results in this area. They were established in the time when the affiliate business was starting to take it breaths on the web pages and from there they began their journey. The affiliate network they have been successful in producing is honest, advanced, technical and have been striving to produce more better results for their clients. The network provides an honest and fair platform to work on and in return, they ask very less.

The firm was established with the dream to promote a network that was suitable for all types of customers, an honest and friendly platform that was free of cost and produced great results in return. All these possibilities were a little difficult to produce, but with the passage of time, it all has become easy and advisable. They have become an expert on the issue and have been working in order to provide a platform that is advanced and unique for its clients. They also wanted to provide a platform that was helpful and provided support when required all this stuff was helpful in making Share A Sale, the network it is today.

The network changed its ownership in January 2017, and came under the banner of Global affiliate network Awin, in order to improve its reputation in the international market. This change has proved a better result for the corporation and has been contributing more popularity for it. The company works in this domain providing a better network to its customers and producing better opportunities for the domestic affiliates and Merchants too. This project has been enabling to lift many people’s lives and producing far-reaching effects for its clients.

Share A Sale Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of the Corporation is well organized and not based on any single model of the affiliate program, but it provides a variety of program to work with. The affiliate network provides a professional team that helps all its customers and provides all the details of the affiliate program provided on the network.

How does Share A Sale work

The most basic question is that what does the system offers in the program, what sort of features are available on the platform that tempts a customer to join the network of Share A Sale.

  • On registering with the platform, the network provides a welcome kit, that is a training plan for four weeks. This four-week program helps its customers to walk through all the technicalities one has to go through upon joining a network.
  • The tool of application diagnostics helps a customer take care of all the technicalities one faces in making or finding a campaign on the platform.
  • The company focuses and provided a number of webinars to be attended by the customers that help them in understanding the technicalities of the affiliate market.
  • The company provides a best practice series for all the common questions that arise in the work of the customers. These files are quite helpful and decrease the chances of using the customer service. This column is a quite help for those that are trying to understand the business.
  • The affiliate development team is available for all the new and old affiliates to help them with all the problems they are facing. They provide excellent solutions and are a great help to this cause.
  • They provide the best quality of Affiliates and Merchants to work with. They are provided in a large number, and the affiliate and the Merchant themselves can choose the best option for themselves.
  • They provide monthly webinars, newsletters and affiliate classes to provide education and better understanding of the change that is daily occurring in the affiliate marketing business.
  • They provide help in choosing the best tools and features that help in preparing the best ad and improving your reputation as a business.

How to Join Share A Sale

The joining process of the company is relatively easy and the most successful way of getting involved with an affiliate business. The network offers a free registration option for its affiliates that is very helpful for the newbies. In order to get registered the customer shall get in touch with the official website and start the joining process either as an affiliate or as an advertiser. The minimum payment an advertiser has to provide on registration is $50 which is quite acceptable for all type of advertisers.

Share A Sale Payment method and terms

The payment method the corporation supports are Check and Direct deposits (ACH). The models of CPA, CPS, CPL and CPC are applicable in this network. They also claim to provide payments to their affiliates in 20 days. They also provide $1 of referral commission plus 5% of the earnings. These things are quite helpful for the affiliates that are looking for immediate money or in need of proper money in return of their work.

Share A Sale Customer Support

The client care service of the company is available from Monday to Fridays; they do not work through weekends, and also encourage their clients to do so. They look after all the customer care problems during the weekdays and respond to each and every request that has been sent towards their way. The client care service is also helpful in regards to the solution providing to its customers. The corporation also provides an affiliate development team that helps its members through all the progress and ad making work. The corporation also makes webinars, pdf files to answer many possible questions of their customers.

Share A Sale Scam or legit

We have gone through all the details of the company but the most important question remains unanswered is it a fraud corporation, or it can be trusted with the money. The corporation has been around for a long time and has been making a lot of progress. They have been doing webinars and have produced many helpful adverts in order to provide the best to your customers. They have their contracts with many good brands and have been producing excellent work for their clients. They also have a department running in order to report fraud for their customers. All these things propose that the corporation is a legitimate one and has been producing quality work in all this time. They also provide many unique facilities for their customers that help in promoting their own cause. These things prove that the company has been working hard to gain a better name and credit should be provided to them for it rather than accusing them of fraud and scam.


It can be concluded that the platform is a good one with lots of unique features and advanced technologies available in it. The platform was established, and they emerged with Awin, in order to increase its international popularity, and they have been successful in it until now. The platform was established with one goal to provide a fraud-free and honest platform for its customers and have been successful until now. They have been proving their worth in the long run and have been promoting their customers in the global market too. All these things make this platform a perfect match for those that have been in need of a platform that works and promotes their customers in return too. They are an honest, trusted and friendly network with lots of opportunities and chances that should be availed as soon as possible.

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