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The concept of Online marketing appeared in the 90’s when commercial email started. A commercial email was the first step in the making of this business. This business has been a pioneer for the affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are a program for both the advertisers and publishers. The advertisers promote their own products, and the publishers promote them through ads. Thus a connection is built between both through a platform that is known to be the affiliate program or in detail online marketing. With the introduction of these companies in 90’s the trend started increasing and today almost millions of corporations are working for this purpose. These firms are a platform to introduce both the advertisers and publishers and thus, in result e-commerce has been promoted in the world. With these corporations, many as such companies started popularising that were made on the basis of looting people, in short, made for fraud and scams. Thus, this trend has been spreading a lot which has been defaming the whole online marketing business. People start distrusting businesses like these and has a lot problems for these corporations, but the affiliate firms have been proving their worth and have been improvising their policies so that they can prove themselves. Share Results Company is one of these that have trying their best prove themselves a legit one. Today we will review the company and prove whether it is a scam or a legit one.


Share Results Company Background

The firm was established in 2004, in Canada. The system has a goal in making this platform. It was to provide an increased traffic for its advertisers, to help them increase their revenues and to maintain their business with advanced technologies. From their best affiliation software to their customer care the firm has been optimizing in every way to provide best results to its clients. The firm was established to provide a platform that was easy to use and which provided the best. The firm with its establishment has been evolving with the change in the technologies and has been providing better results with the best professional help available to them. They have the best specialist for web designing, developing, specialists for handling traffic and the best customer care representatives to help their clients. The Corporation has been creating long term and trusted relationships with their customers both advertisers and publishers. This relation becomes more stronger when the customers are satisfied with the services provided to them, which in return helps the firm to evolve with time. Their goal is to provide the fastest and up to date technology to their customers that in return helps them achieve better sales for their products. The increase in revenue and better performance helps the businesses evolve and spread all around the globe. The professionals of the firm have been providing constant help to their customers in regards the affiliate software and have been improving their work with time. Thus, Share Results provides the best results for his customers.

Share Results Affiliation Program

The affiliation program of the company provides the most excellent features and help to their customers. The platform provides its customers with the features of customer care, increased revenue, converting campaigns, optimized reports to sales tracking. All these features are the most important part of the affiliation program, which helps the platform attract many customers for it.

How does Share Results work?

The program has been working in order to provide both advertisers and publishers. The firm has a wide range of advertisers from the range of educational products, finance, fashion, etc. Mainly the wide range of advertisers helps the publishers to meet the perfect products to be promoted. The platform provides the tracking services to its advertisers with a full keyword product search, and API statistics feed reporting. The platform also provides the easiest to use platform that helps the customers reach their success easily. The firm has brought the tools of coupon, ads, newsletters in order to promote the products of a business more efficiently. The publishers are provided with the best commission programs like CPA, CPI and also the hybrid deals. They also offer many other promotional deals like emails, coupons, etc. The firm is highly considerate about the long-term and friendly relations with its customers so that they become regular and promote the website too. The professional team of the corporations provides a direct help to all those customers that require it.

Share Results Joining Process

To join the company, you need to get to the option of Logging in under the official website. This provides both the options for signing up and logging in to your account. The signing up process of the site is easy. You need to complete the online form whether as an affiliate or a publisher. You will provide all the details of your business and the reasons behind joining the corporation. Thus after signing up an approval email would be provided by the company which thus, lets you use your account.

Share Results Payment method

The firm supports the payment methods of cheques, bank transfer and of PayPal. The payment method of the companies is quite efficient, and with all these options available a customer can choose the best payment method for himself. The company provides a commission to the publishers on the basis of CPA, CPI, and hybrid deals and also on the basis of CPL. The commission of the publisher is withdrawn every month or based on the plan chosen by the publisher. The advertiser submits an amount on the admittance to the firm, which is later used by the corporation to pay the commission of the publisher used.

Share Results Customer care

In order to get in contact with the business, a customer needs to fill in an online form and submit on the official website. The firm thus replies through a customer care service and helps to provide the best solution for its customers. The firm headquarters can also be directly visited by a customer if required, which is located in McGill Canada. The corporation does not provide any details or a contact number to their customers, due to security reasons. But the help they provide to their customers via the email service is one of the best.

Share Results Scam or Legit?

The corporation has been operating in Canada since 2004 and has been providing many services to its customers. If the firm were a scam, it would have been proven a long time ago. They would have been reported and proved too. It might have been reported for some of the issues with the customers but never due to any fraud. If the business would have conducted fraud, it would not have lasted in the firm much longer. Not only this but it has been operating with many of its clients from a long time, they have proven trusted relations with them, which proves the company a legal corporation. It should be noted that the firm could not have earned respect in online marketing if it was a scam. There are no reviews to prove that the company is doing frauds with its customers. Thus which proves that the company is a legally authorized corporation.


The firm has been helping a great many advertisers to help increase the sale of their products and is also helping many publishers to get an increased commission in exchange of their work. The firm provides the most efficient platform and the best customer care services to its clients that help them achieve better results for their own corporations. The company has been providing long lasting relations with its customers and a friendly user platform that helps them create better understanding with each other. The company is one of the top affiliate networks working in Canada and has been appreciated many of its clients. The firm provides excellent features to its customers mixed with better payment options and customer care services. The firm itself has been changing its features with the advancement of technologies. They provide optimized reports to its customers which help them track their online sales easily. The firm might be many things it may lack in one way or another for some of the businesses in online marketing, but it cannot be proved that it is a part of a scam or fraud. Thus the company itself is evolving, and still, it is one of the trusted business which provides the best affiliate networks with affiliate solutions.

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