Top Ads Media Affiliate Company Reviews


The term affiliate business means a platform that provides a bridge between advertisers and affiliates. This interconnection is essential for both the clients to build a proper relation with each other. They offer to make connections and introduce products for their customers in national or international markets.

This bridge or platform went through a set back when the fraud was involved in this platform. A Huge amount of money was lost in this process. To provide a better understanding of this platform and to save customers further from any frauds our platform writes reviews. These reviews are helpful in understanding the sites and the way they work. The corporation in question today is Top Ads Media Affiliate Company.

Top Ads Media Affiliate Company Background

This website was established in 2015, that was not a long time ago. But this site was started by an experienced group of people that were open to sharing the experiences they had gained from this industry. They opened up this program to provide a platform that was open to options to all kinds of quality associates working from our market. They knew all about the ups and downs of this business, and they proposed a network that was free of errors.

This system was made to fill each gap between affiliates and advertisers. This program was basically a bridge that was to be climbed by both the parties that acquired proper relation. A network that is full of opportunities and features, Top Ads Media is a dream come true. They made a platform that was evolving with time and ever changing as the time required. They accept only best quality workers because they provide the best.

They have been gaining quite respect from the affiliate world due to the services and opportunities they’re providing to their customers. They take great care in serving their clients and accept the, greatest in return. This network is although new, but due to the experiences and success level, they’re providing high payouts to their clients who are always on time. The offers they make are custom designed, and they’re made using those offers that make more money. Their traffic is quality based in short whatever they provide is based on quality.

Affiliate Program

All affiliate programs available are based upon offers that any corporation has been providing. These proposals differ from corporation to corporation, but each offer available provides commissions and revenues. The offers of this firm have been providing are not based on any specific models, but they believe in providing all those that bring an outcome. All types of offers that provide high payouts in return are allowed from this platform.

How does it work

This affiliate program is not based on any particular models but they’re open to all kinds of campaigns that provide high payouts. This keeps them open to challenges and open to all sorts of associated workers from our industry. They offer so many features with their program other than the offers.

  • Open to all kinds of campaigns and offers and they also have mobile friendly offers for their clients.
  • Provides tracking services, content locking, offer walls etc.
  • Provides multiple rewards for each performance.
  • Their offers are probably the highest payouts for their affiliates.
  • They have quality affiliates and advertisers to work with.
  • Their campaigns are run from the global markets, that provides them extra revenues.
  • The global reach option helps associates to have better experience of he outside markets. They gain better experience.
  • They work with the markets of multiple countries and help their clients to reach out to them.
  • Their traffic provided to its customers is based on a quality, they never direct traffic that is less or non-quality.
  • Provides the best services so that the associates can control other things while the corporation takes care of the services.
  • Provides customer care support 24/7 to all types of clients and non-clients if required.
  • Their affiliates can take care of their campaigns at night because their corporation provides the option of auto-pilot to take care of things.
  • Provides on time payments to their affiliates that makes them easier to work with this network.
  • Provides details of their work and program from their FAQ’s section to make it easier to understand.

Joining method

Joining method of the corporation is very easy and can be accessed on their official website. They provide an online form to be filled by the applicant himself and to be submitted directly to them. This form is a requirement, and it asks for a complete set of details by the applicant. The applicant is required to provide essential data that is kept safe by the corporation. The website replies via an email to inform whether the applicant is accepted or not. Joining method is based on low budgets.

Payment methods

Their payment methods of this corporation are PayPal, Skrill, Wire transfers, Payza, checks, Money gram and western union. All these options let the affiliates help attain better channels for their payments. This site provides on time payments for its members. These payments are made Bi-weekly, NET seventeen and NET fifteen. They require $25 as a minimum payment at the time of registration of an advertiser. This payment is used to start paying the affiliates when they start making revenues for their advertisers.

Customer Support

Their customer care support they provide to their clients is extraordinary and exceptional. They provide support to its clients 24/7 and help them out whenever an inquiry is made towards them. They have a FAQ’s section which helps clients with their answered question, and they also have a contacting section from their website that can be approached by any customer or non-customer. An online form can be filled out when any inquiry is to make regarding any problem.

Top Ads Media Affiliate Company Scam or legit

The most important question to be answered is whether the site is a trusted one or not. This site was not established a long time ago and if clients have trusting problems with them that could be conventional, but the website has been keeping up with its reputation that is quite remarkable. Its customers have been providing payment proofs on the internet that makes it trusted one in the market. In a very short time, this place has been making fame and money both. They have their contracts with branded companies, and they provide their associates a better chance to start working with these companies. This site has become one of the largest sites that support many workers. The money they’re making is legal, and they have built a trusted, and honest relation with their collogues that is much honorable to them than the money. All these things combine this site is still intact and has not had any fraud issue until know.


Top Ads Media Affiliate Company was established in order to provide a place for the associates to come and work easily. They hand pick the people that are allowed to work in this program. Thus, they’re providing one of the best services to its clients. They have been helping clients build their careers as the best they can. Their affiliates and advertisers have a quality that they always keep up. They offer quality through their offers, their traffic, services, and clients too. That makes them one of the greatest in the market. This program has been providing many services like 24/7 support, quality offers, quality associates, tracking, reporting, etc. All these things make this place a better one to be approached. The site has no fraud or scam issues, that is the reason they can be trusted easily.

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