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Online marketing is one of the most established network working today. There are thousands of firms working today on this network and all are trying the one same goal, to propose the best affiliation program for its clients. The basics of these programs are to provide a platform to the clients from where they can meet the right publisher and advertisers to work with. For this purpose, the firms have been admitting publishers and advertisers to their platforms on lower rates. These corporations not only provide admittance to the customers but let them expand their businesses in a proper way. Their online sales are increased which increases their revenues. Thus the platforms are important for online marketing and helpful too. But with the good platforms come the bad ones too. It is natural that good and bad both have remained side to side in the world and same is the case in online marketing, there are the good ones and the bad ones. The fraud companies take the clients money away and vanish into thin air. The company we are reviewing today is the Trade Tracker Company. In this review, we will prove whether the firm meets the criteria of the good corporations or the fraud ones.


TradeTracker Company Background

One of the top affiliate firm working in Europe today is Trade Tracker. The company has been working long in the network and has been regarded as one of the best firms in Europe and all over the world today. The company has been operating in 15 European countries currently and has been taking their network all over the world. It is one of the best platforms for the clients all over the world.

The firm was originally made in order to pursue the Cost per sale and Cost per lead method. Cost per sale or CPS means to gain commission when a publisher makes a sale for the advertiser and Cost per lead or CPL means to receive a commission when a publisher attracts the customer for its advertiser through ad clicks and newsletters etc. Thus the firm was established on these two basics and still provides these methods for publishers for gaining more income.

The advertisers, on the other hand, were in need of the proper channel through which they could get in touch with a publisher, that would lead their products on the internet through ads and helps them increase its sale. Thus the affiliate marketing program provided by the firm was established for these reasons.

The goal of the corporation in between all these was to provide a proper channel to both the advertiser and the publishing agencies by which they both could gain their own ends of the means. The firm not only provides them the platform but also helps them in increasing their sales through this platform. The clearly adapt and fulfill the needs of their clients by easy and diverse approach.

The firm is one of the biggest corporation working today in Europe and providing the best affiliate program through their platform.

TradeTracker Affiliation Program

The firm has some masterminds working for them to provide one of the best affiliate programs available in the online marketing industry today. The Corporation works to provide the best programs for increasing the advertiser’s revenue. To fulfill your objectives in a proper way. This platform provides the most transparent and complete control over campaigns, which is easy to use and lets your product reach the global markets, and lets you take control of your business in a most professional way. The firm provides the demo for both the advertisers and publishers program so that if a person needs to understand all the detail of a program, a demo is the best way for it.

How does TradeTracker work?

The program provides all the best benefits for advertisers, publishers, and the publishing agencies. It is operating in the most competitive way to provide optimized technology, better performance levels, reversed strategies for campaigns with information.

 The site greets the advertisers every time on login. The platform provides the best collection of publishers to meet them and to connect them. After affiliation of advertisers, the platform helps them to increase their products reputation and its sales worldwide. They also increase the flow of the customers to your businesses sites. The platform works on the model no-win-no-pay model. If the advertiser’s sales are not increased and their products are not getting sold then the website would not earn any money. They also provide many features like ROAS insight (that provides info at every login), you can optimize your campaign with ideal approach, you can track your sales and the sales increase, a project manager that helps on every stage. The platform also has involved the Admonitor that helps you track your product on the web; this helps you protect your product. The site has an easy set up for both, helps you reach the global market, and provides the best support to you.

How to join the platform?

The joining process of the program is just easy as any other site. You can get the information of making an account from a sales representative or a project manager. They provide you with as the detail of the signing in process and making an account. The signing in of a publisher account is free of cost. But only after the firm’s approval you can start promoting the products of the advertisers.

TradeTracker Payment method

The payment details and the payment invoices are made to the publishers are taken care by the firm. The advertisers just have to make an advance payment through PayPal or bank transfers so that the firm should be able to pay the commissions out of it. The advertisers are informed about all the invoices and payments extracted from the account. The firm works on the model of the no-win-no-pay method. If the publisher has not made any sale for the advertiser then the firm would not extract any payment from the advertiser’s account.

TradeTracker Customer care support

The customer care service of the business is very helpful and supportive. The company website provides a full detail of contacting the firm and provides you back help quickly and efficiently. The company also offers you a demo of the affiliation program so that you can understand it properly. The corporation also provides a contact number and an email address to directly contact them. The corporation has its offices in 15 countries, and if an affiliate needs direct help he can make a visit to these offices. The corporation has its main headquarters in London and provides the best care to its customers.

TradeTracker Scam or a Legit

The corporation might have some allegations of late service or a complaint in any department, but the company has not been reported ever about scam or frauds. The company has been operating in some 15 countries and has its main headquarter in London. The corporation has its contracts with one of the leading brands like Disney Land etc. If the corporation were a scam or a fraud, it would have closed down long ago, or it would have been dragged to court long ago. The company’s global connections and its contracts with many leading brands prove that the company is a legit one. The corporation has some thousands of affiliate businesses working around the world and is providing one of the best services available in online marketing.


The firm is one of the best affiliate network progressing in Europe. It has some 15 offices established in European countries and its main office in London. The Corporation has been providing the best affiliate programs for both Advertisers and Publishers. The firm is offering many features for both of them that helps the businesses to progress worldwide. This platform helps the online companies to improve and to increase its sales. The platform is currently working to improve its technologies and to optimize its campaigns so that it can provide the best customer care service. The platform has been providing its support to help improvise the businesses and to help them create the best possible sales for the advertisers. It also helps the publishers to improve their commissions. They also help them get their commissions in super fast ways. The platform has its best programs for its affiliates and helps them promote their performances in the online marketing.

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