The affiliate marketplace is not a program that was built in one day, but it has been progressing with time. In the start, the business started appearing with small corporations, but slowly and gradually it transformed into what we see today. The business in the start was not very well defined but today every other person expects awesome work from them, and which is due to the success rate they have achieved.

This platform is sometimes used for a scam and trusting them becomes an issue for those who are not affiliated with them. Our corporation provides trusted reviews for these platforms so that understanding them becomes easier. The company we are discussing is UltraPay Affiliate Company.


UltraPay Affiliate Company Background

The network was established in 2012 in Austria. In order to provide a unique affiliate platform that had features and models different from its competitors. It is the first network that provides three models CPA, G.P.T, and PPD available on its website. The network provides these three models to work upon and provide huge profit earning possibilities to its customers.

These three models are uniquely embedded on the website which helps its affiliates earn a lot. The CPA network helps its affiliates earn through direct promotion of the website and by involving huge traffic, the G.P.T network lets you post the links on social media sites and earn through it, and the PPD network is surveyed filling segment that provides many offers in return. The affiliates earn even by completing a survey. All these unique features make this platform one of the best and remarkable in the global market.

The platform provides more than a thousand offers to work with that helps the affiliates gain more profit in return. The website also provides the opportunities or referral commission to its affiliates, that is 12% for lifetime. As you remain a constant member of the website and an active member, the corporation keeps on providing you referral commission. This also keeps up the hope for those who are unable to find work for a certain time period.

The platform also provides the new leveling system on the website which is quite new in the industry and provides many opportunities for the affiliates. The leveling system is based on the system of online surveys, the more surveys you complete or are completed by other on your behalf take you to a new increased level, this level provides you with better opportunities, and you gain more the higher level you climb.

UltraPay Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of the website as known deals with three models CPA, G.P.T, and PPD. All these models are never found on any one site of affiliate business. These models provide best features for its affiliates to earn from.

How does it work

As explained earlier the models of the sites are three in one. They provide the best opportunities for its affiliates to work upon and gain other than through advertising too. Not many affiliate programs provide these opportunities which make this one a unique and remarkable one. The features this platform has been providing for its affiliates are beneficial and progressing. The features are as follows.

  • The models of CPA, GPT, and PPD are all applicable for its affiliates.
  • They provide the unique survey system for its customers that helps in gaining more commission.
  • The active affiliates provide you the opportunities of earning referral commissions.
  • They provide you with plus thousand offers to work with.
  • The platform provides no payout limits for its affiliates, they pay you even 0.01$ if it is required by you.
  • They provide the highest referral commission rates for its affiliates and which last lifetime.
  • They offer you more than thousand surveys to complete and to gain from. More surveys you complete more you gain from the website.
  • The site also provides the affiliates to invite friends on the website and take part in the completion of the surveys.
  • They provide a leveling system on the website which provides extra points to those who keep on completing the surveys.
  • The more points you gain from the leveling systems te greater bonuses and rewards you would be provided with.
  • The corporation provides registration to all kinds of affiliates that can be from any country.
  • The affiliates are provided a support team that is available 24/7 on all kinds of messengers.
  • The corporation also provides a tracking link that has unique properties.

Joining method

The joining method of the corporation is easy to use and is very quickly filled. In order to get affiliated with the program, the official website is to be approached. The official website provides an online form to be completed by the customer. This form requires a complete data of the client and the business he is affiliated with. The joining method is the first step in coming in contact with the team of the platform. The registration process does not takes long and will be accepted by the team as soon as they have made inquiries about the customer. As soon as the customer is accepted on the platform, he can start working.

UltraPay Affiliate Payment method

The payment method this corporation supports are PayPal, Payza and wire transfers. The corporation asks for no payments at the time of registration. They provide even the payouts that are of lowest rates, they make no delays in payments and provide $2 upon completing every survey. The surveys provide more bonuses and rewards once the leveling system exceeds. There are no minimum payments to be made on this platform. They also provide 12% referral commission to its affiliates that is a lifetime.

UltraPay Affiliate Customer Support

The customer care service of this platform provides an online form to be filled by the customer in case of making any inquiry. These inquiries are responded by the team in 24 hours and helps the customers out completely. The customer care service is very much reliable and supportive. The affiliate management team of the platform also responds to all the requests send towards their way. They respond quickly and effectively to their customers.

UltraPay Affiliate Scam or Legit

The million dollar question regarding the corporation is whether it is trusted or not. There are many reviews on the internet that claim this site has been doing the same work as it says. The company has been around the market since 2012, and have been working hard in providing the best online survey and paid offers. This guideline helps the affiliates gain more commission than any other affiliate network. The corporation has many success stories to share with its customers and has been gaining more trust of its customers with the passage of time. The program is available for the customers present around the globe. Its registration is free of cost and pays no extra fees monthly or annually. The platform is trusted place for all types of affiliates and has been providing its unique and awesome features for all of them. The affiliate plan it provides are the best and free of cost and keep a proper check upon its customers. The company cannot be regarded more trusted due to the lowest payout it provides its affiliates.


The platform was established in Austria in order to provide one of the trusted, friendly, compassionate and unique platforms for its affiliates. The affiliates are provided with the unique features of CPA, GPT, and PPD to work with. All these models are designed uniquely by the team of the platform. They take great care of their customers and provide the best solutions and help in return. It is the easiest platform to be used by the customers and gain even by using the platform. In order to set the record straight, they provide their affiliates with even the payouts that are of 0.01$. They provide the payments to their customers on the fifth day of the request and never delay more than this. The platform has many opportunities for its affiliates to gain from it and earn more commission. Earning commission is never this easy, as it is with this platform.

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