VIP Affiliates Company Network Reviews


Affiliate marketing is profitable industry designed from helping publishers monetize their traffic while advertisers promote their brands with global market space. Billions are generated through affiliate networks yearly, and partners use this avenue to generate more money as they achieve their desired business goals.

One of the most challenging factors for publishers is to find and partner with a network that truly cares. A result oriented network, which ensures that affiliate partners are treated the right way and payments are done appropriately. Partnership with a network reputable for its outstanding business models as they eliminate all forms of fraudulent activities, scams, and irregularities.

This network which works directly with advertisers and publishing associates are given preferential treatment. A network which specializes in helping associates achieve business goals, enabling them to dominate a specific target niche. The ideal network for publishers, advertisers and other marketing associates is VIP Affiliates Company Network.


For nearly a decade, they have been providing good quality services to publishers, advertisers, and all other affiliate marketing partners. This network is aimed at helping publishers get paid for their traffic.

This is mobile affiliate network that creates and executes marketing strategies needed to grow your business. They operate with commission types like Cost per action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and revenue share method. Online business improvement tools are also provided to aid publishers, and advertisers generate a large volume of an audience as they are subsequently converted into loyal customers.

In this system, associates benefit through:

  • Quick and secure payment model.
  • Complete control of campaigns and all business activities.
  • Skilled affiliate consultants or account managers.

A filtration process is activated for helping direct quality traffic to your brand. A powerful third party tracking software is available. The tracking software, powered by HasOffers records all business activities in such a way that detailed reporting is provided for all associates, enabling you to track down activities going on in their market space.

The easy to navigate interface enables associates to quickly access their account, make a selection of a relevant offer and launch prime converting strategy for a short time.

This is a rapidly developing network, which combines all technological advancement and skilled account managers from helping maximize the huge benefits of the affiliate market. List of multiple offers for helping you increase your payouts is outlined.

Publishers or veteran affiliates with a diverse source of traffic are permitted. Information provided is cross-checked and validated before you’re accepted into the network.

Partners such as merchants, affiliates, brand owners and various marketing associates are supported as they achieve their business financial goals through affiliate marketing.

This is premium performance affiliate network, which has a global reach, making clients generate millions of conversations per day. These engaged audiences are subsequently converted into loyal paying customers within a quick time.


VIP affiliates is a premium performance affiliate program. This network promotes online gaming sites like Cherry Gold Casino, Free Spin Casino, etc. All affiliate associates are compensated via a revenue sharing model making them earn more money by promoting leading brands with specific target market niche.

In this system, vast networks of associates or publishers are established. These associates or publishers direct quality engaged players to their website and earn a share of the revenue generated by each casino.

There are NO clauses in the contract, which permits this network to cancel players commissions. Multiple revenue models are offered, enabling associates to make a selection of a model that yields highest results for their work.

Advantages of this platform are:

  • Negative carryovers are eliminated.
  • Diverse models of payment are available. Through this model, partners access their earnings via a reliable and secure method.
  • Minimum payment threshold is fixed in such a suitable plus compatible way for all partners.
  • Signing up is FREE. There is also a free operational model as NO admin fee is charged.

VIP affiliates are also specialized in binary options and forex affiliate program. As a renowned program, vip affiliates have represented leading brands such as Ubinary, Empire Option, iOption, Option Fair, Goptions, Banc de Binary, AnyOption, Trade Rush, Bank de Swiss, Citi Trader, 24 option, StockPair, and Opteck.

The payment model is dependent on the amount of revenue earned. Associates with commissions over $2000 can be paid via Bank Wire. While affiliates with commissions under $2000 are paid via PayPal or Money Bookers.

Markets targeted in this program include Europe, South America, North America, United States, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Asia and some other specified Worldwide market.

A bilingual communication system is established to eliminate all communication barriers. Partners can communicate with the support team via languages like Spanish, French, English, Arabic, and German.

Many types of banners are available to help partners launch best converting strategy with global online market space. Marketing materials are provided to enable you to yield better result as you generate a massive ROI. Diverse binary options are available with trusted leading trading platforms.

Vip affiliates function directly with merchants, brand owners, and advertisers to ensure that all associates plus marketing partners are paid quickly and appropriately.

Binary option is an emerging and exciting form of investment in the financial market industry. As a new industry, binary options offer high commissions. The engaged audience is rapidly converted into loyal paying customers. Affiliates or publishing partners can take advantage of this amazing opportunity to generate better income, making them attain their business financial goals and objectives within a short time.


Vip affiliates are established to help you grow your business and generate better revenue. Publishers are provided with tools which will enable them launch best-converting campaigns with short period.

Opportunities are opened to both potential publishers and advertisers. To signup with this leading network, simple steps have to be taken. A registration form is displayed on the website. You’re to provide valid information. After confirmation and validation of your information, you’ll be notified of your membership status. This is an amazing platform designed to expose your brand with specific target market niche as you make a massive return on investment.


Partners are paid using a reliable, trusted and safe payment system. There is a minimum payment threshold of $200, and partners can cash out via Wire or PayPal. Payments are made on a Net-30 basis. Active partners can increase their earnings through a 10% referral commission. A powerful third party tracking system powered by HasOffers is available to ensure proper recording of all business transactions, making it easier for partners to be paid appropriately.

The improvement tools combined with an easy to navigate interface aids partners to launch best converting campaigns, generating a large volume of paying customers and ultimately make better revenue.


Teams of knowledgeable and experienced affiliate consultant are present in this system. State Of The Arts technology is available, enabling all partners to effortlessly launch top converting campaigns in the market space.

Account managers are present to help you monitor your campaigns and direct you during the partnership period. This customer support unit is aimed at understanding your business goals in order to help you achieve your business objectives within a short period.

Through this support team, an effective communication network is established and a business friendly environment is provided for you. Partners are given an opportunity to grow their businesses through a long lasting business partnership.


Vip affiliates is a recognized network in the affiliate marketing industry. All business transactions are properly recorded in order to provide detailed reports, facilitating quick plus appropriate payment. Tracking software powered by HasOffers aids to ensure the proper monitoring of business activities. Pseudo-transactions, automated actions and other forms of irregularities are automatically detected and banned from this system.

Publishers or affiliates are helped to launch top converting campaigns, making them earn better revenue from their traffic. Advertisers, brand owners, and merchants are given an opportunity to broadcast their brands with global market space, enabling them to generate a massive return on investment with short period.


VIP Affiliates Company Networkis a leading network designed to help all kinds of publishers add more valued contents to their sites as they earn more money. Unlike other affiliate programs, this platform is reliable, and it provides the necessary marketing tools for all partners.

Advertisers, brand owners or merchants are enabled to attain utmost market exposure of their brands. Millions of quality traffic are generated within a short period, making brand owners earn a massive return on investment.

The easy accessibility of your account coupled with a customer friendly interface and knowledgeable account managers help all affiliates partnering with this system to effectively promote leading brands by launching top converting campaigns with specific target market niche. Through this process, partners make more revenue with given period.

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