Wap Empire Affiliate Network Company Reviews


Over 50% of the populations access the internet using smartphones. These large volumes of internet users present a business opportunity for affiliates and advertisers. Affiliate marketers are constantly searching for a reliable system to partner with, and advertisers are looking for ways to reach their customers from a specified market niche. Reaching a large volume of a market is achieved by partnering with a result-oriented network. With this, advertisers are enabled to launch top converting campaigns and publishers can monetize their mobile visitors. A network that has the perfect marketing blueprint for all partners. As a renowned mobile CPA network, partners are protected from all pseudo-transactions and scams. This is a platform, which has a reputation for being transparent as all activities are done securely. Through its legitimate operational pattern, partners are enabled to increase their reach from a competitive market. Publishers promote leading brands, making them monetize their mobile visitors while merchants carefully monitor their campaigns which ultimately generate more paying customers. Publishers, merchants and all other affiliate marketers seeking to broaden their business horizon and make more sales should join WapEmpire Affiliate Network.


Wapempire, established in 2005, it’s a mobile CPA network that converts worldwide mobile traffic. Affiliates are offered various solutions to help them monetize their mobile visitors. As a performance affiliate marketing network, advertisers make payments for defined actions. This makes it easier for merchants to maximize their campaign budgets and generate a better R.O.I. With this, affiliates such as webmasters, visitor’s brokers, and publishers are accommodated. Campaigns are also hosted for both adult and mainstream guests. Categories of offers available with this are games, subscription campaigns, utilities and other apps. This has an easy to navigate platform with software that filters visitors and redirects best converting offers to member partners.

Wapempire was established with the sole purpose of helping brand owners, traffic owners, and advertisers achieve their business objectives. The platform enables advertisers leverage on its large volume of publishers, making them launch top converting campaigns, which help you generate a massive amount of audience in their market space. This company possesses high-tech software, which redirects and filters visitors. Targeting characteristic features such as country, operator, device, and the connection does the visitor’s filtration process. This enables advertisers to launch strategic campaigns from a specific target market niche. Using this medium, more fans and followers are gained. These engaging audiences are subsequently converted into loyal paying customers. Advertisers and brand owners with contents such as games, apps and software, mobile subscription and video portals utilize the opportunities on this company to broaden their business horizon. This is a rapidly growing system with a list of increasing offers for all kinds of traffic, featuring large volumes of direct offers, which aid in keeping the payouts high.

With this system, partners get access to

  • Real time updates and statistics
  • Flexible and secure payment model
  • Committed account managers and highly skilled tech support team which help you to succeed
  • High paying popular and exclusive offers
  • High-quality traffic distribution model, enabling you to attain the highest profit possible.

Commissions issued in the platform use CPA, CPI and RevShare model. Campaigns are launched in a cost effective way using these models. It’s a result-oriented platform where advertisers make payments for predefined actions. Such actions may include clicks, sale or installations. In every web page, mobile traffic makes up over 20% of the traffic. Partnership with wapempire gives you an opportunity to maximize profit from your traffic.


Wapempire is a mobile CPA affiliates system, which offers partnership to both large international companies and small advertising agencies. The minimum budget of $500 is to help marketers launch top converting campaigns covering a larger portion of their particular target market niche. Marketers also benefit through the CPI, CPS, CPL and CPA operational models. Through the use of its CPS models, advertisers make payments when sales are generated. This model increases your sales exponentially on all mobile devices. With this model, more sales are made, and this implies better R.O.I. They have a collection of data with the use of CPL model. Using these statistical data, merchants make informed decisions based on the market conditions. It also enables merchants to identify top converting traffic. This ensures that marketers launch strategic top converting campaigns in a specified market niche, leading to the greater conversion of all potential customers. With this model, an exponential increase in the total conversion is observed during campaigns.

The CPI model provides an avenue for merchants to make payments when a customer installs an app or software. This model enables partners to maximize their campaign budgets as they are guaranteed of an app or software installation by customers. One of the sole purposes of all marketers or brand owners is to help customers solve problems using their apps or software, and also making money in the process. Using this CPI model, developers and brand owners attain their specific business objectives. More values are added to the customers while brand owners or developers earn a better return on investment. This model is designed for app or software developers aspiring to make their apps dominate their particular target market niche. Advertisers with other specified defined actions can also opt for the CPA model. In this model, marketers get to specify an action. Payments made are proportionate to the predefined actions taken. Revenue share method is also included in this CPA model.

This platform offers a vast range of CPA/CPI offers for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. There are also precise campaigns for Andriod/iOS tablets. Full targeting control, which is dependent on country, operator, platform and tools, are equally implemented. The user-friendly and easy to navigate interface eliminates the need to install any software, enabling partners to access their statistics and offers any time of the day. In this program, there is NO signup fee. Signing up involves a simple process whereby potential partners visit the website and fill up the signup form. New affiliates, as well as experienced members, can signup into this network. They have a high-tech support team, which helps new affiliates promote campaigns, enabling them to earn more money as they start up their publishing career. To benefit maximally or become successful from this program, affiliates MUST strictly adhere to the rules and regulations guiding this system. Publishers accepted must have authorized or legitimate traffic sources. There is also special reservations enabling publishers who don’t own apps promote the various CPI campaigns. During these campaigns, all kinds of traffic such as banner, pop-up, and pop-under are allowed. Experts are available to enable you to get solutions for your specific traffic. Publishers can closely monitor their campaigns and track all clicks using online real-time updates.

It’s a mobile affiliate performance network, which converts traffic across the globe. This company has over 1200+ high paying offers, providing an ingenious solution through their team of experts. Partners gain customizable offers with high CPA prices, making them access highest payouts in the industry. In this system, all communication barriers are eliminated through their multilingual support team. The English, Russian, and Spanish speaking support team ensures easy and efficient communication with all partners.


Signing up for this program is FREE. For partnership with this platform, no special skills or knowledge is required. This is also a medium for new publishers to start up their career. A team of professionals is available to aid new affiliates promote campaigns, enabling them to earn more profit. Experienced affiliates can also join the platform and immediately start earning money. All members using legitimate traffic driving sources can join this network by simply filling up the signup form. Marketers can also sign up and start generating a better return on investment with a minimum budget of $500. This program is designed for publishers or marketers aiming to earn more money by abiding with the rules and regulations.


This company makes payments in a simplified, secure and easy medium. PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money and Paxum are used for payment purposes. Their payment threshold of $50. Partners can cash out on Net-15 and biweekly basis. The Referral commission is 5%. This amazing payment model coupled with an effective model of operation aids partners to access their funds appropriately.


Wapempire has a support team, which ensures easy plus smooth business partnership. Russian, English and Spanish speaking support team is committed to eliminating all language barriers, enabling partners across the globe to efficiently communicate effectively. This high-tech customer support team is aimed at offering solutions to all challenges encountered during the partnership period. It is also established to ensure a long lasting business relationship.


It’s a highly renowned affiliate network, which aids publishers to monetize their mobile traffic. Through this platform, partners make more legitimately. Wapempire is a registered network, which protects its clients from all fraudulent practices and irregularities.


WAPEMPIRE AFFILIATE COMPANY is for all advertisers and brand owners seeking to acquire more engaged audience in a market space. Advertisers in this platform generate a better return on investment by launching high converting campaigns in a particular target market niche. Brand owners are helped to increase their product sales, while software developers increase the quantity of their software installed by the public. Publishers or affiliates aiming to generate more money from their mobile traffic can also join this program. New affiliates are helped to profitably start up their publishing career while professional affiliates can promote leading brand in their sites. This platform provides an opportunity for publishers or advertisers to achieve their various business financial goals.

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