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Emergencies are part of life, they are inevitable, and everyone has experienced it at some time. Most times tackling it effectively requires an individual as being properly funded. Getting access to quick loans is the key from overcoming unforeseen circumstances. Making a connection with lenders willing to grant you loans at a reasonable interest rate is a right step to financial freedom. Affiliates driving a large level of quality traffic can benefit greatly from their website.

Marketers can also help their audience gain access from short-term loans through a reliable, secure and simplified source. Using this method, marketers help their fans, followers and loyal customers with their quick loans. Money loan companies seeking for quality and trustworthy customers can also benefit from a trusted partnership with a recognized system. The system is built with the sole aim of connecting professional Marketers with loan companies and providing loyal customers with loans on a quick basis. This is founded by a team of experienced cash advance loan experts properly equipped with the necessary tools to provide professional services in a friendly and Scam-FREE online business environment. All lenders, publishers, and consumers seeking to benefit from an online financial network can achieve their desired goals through ZeroParallel One Great Network Affiliate Company.


Zeroparallel is an emerging payday loan affiliate network aimed at bridging the gap between quality borrowers, affiliates, and lenders. Founded by David Gaspargan, this system has a sole purpose of connecting top marketers with lenders. The compliance page at its website provides potential affiliates and existing marketers with an updated plus accurate information or news about the Operations at this company. New or relevant articles are regularly posted for clients becoming properly educated on ways for maximally benefit from this system. Lenders in this system have an extensive pool of veteran affiliates, which drive significant quality leads, making them a key component of the scheme. This company is made up of teams of highly skilled networking agents.

With this platform, affiliates are assured of

  • Multiplying their chances of an easy operation with the payday loan industry. With an exponential growth rate of the pay day loan affiliate network, partners tend to benefit from a long-term relationship.
  • Associating with a reliable and secure system, enabling them being properly equipped in the market space.
  • Mutually beneficial long-term relationship.
  • Real-time analysis, updates, and reporting. Detailed analysis or reports are provided by the proprietary, offering you insights into campaigns. This will aid us in improving the quality of our leads.
  • Quick, simplified and secure payment model.
  • The experienced team will guide you throughout the partnership period.
  • Consumer protection and quality performance results for both loan companies and publishers.

Zeroparallel is differentiated payday loan network that offers various promotional techniques designed for publishers from maximizing their results in an online market space. Other reward programs are offered to encourage good performance plus innovations amongst affiliates. This platform also engages in charity works. Multiple organizations have benefited from these charity projects. Donations of monthly $3000 have been made to Arthritis Foundation, UNICEF, Save the Children, Direct Relief, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, etc.


Zeroparallel is designed for providing an effective medium for marketers and corporations from generating better income in the payday affiliate program. Marketer’s benefit via various means such as:

  • Extensive and effective report analysis.
  • Experienced or skilled account managers.
  • Timely competitive payouts.
  • Opportunities of upgrading to other payout models.

With this system, accounts can be easily set up. There is an easy to navigate interface, enabling us to access a real-time report of all activities. Affiliates signing up into this network are thoroughly reviewed. This is essential to ascertain the quality of publishers and maintain a high amount of relevant leads for loan companies. Approval into this program is based on some factors like quality of traffic, content, design, and compliance. Qualified publishers can access offers, promote payday loans and drive leads. It is interesting to note that publishers can promote offers by simply embedding JavaScript codes onto their website. Once you’re set, you can drive a large amount of leads, and make commissions as your leads are sold. Inefficiency can be avoided by reviewing offers. Prohibitions are placed on replication of leads, incentivized traffic, adult contents, gaming or casino, and SMS. Further directions or guidelines are issued by an affiliate manager.

One other unique feature of this platform is the Direct call. Through a Direct call, consumers are permitted to communicate directly to loan providers. Detailed reporting of this model make it safer and quicker for marketers to closely monitor their campaigns in an optimized fashion. Zeroparallel is a leading network in the payday loan industry, and it’s designed as being result oriented. All operational activities are handled by its experienced team, making marketers to be more productive as they focus solely on lead generation. Transactions are done via a cost per lead (CPL) operational model. Publishers payment are proportionate to the volume of leads generated, and the total sum received by a consumer. Payouts are obtainable in this platform range from $2 to $200 averagely. First-time marketers are to complete an affiliate questionnaire. This questionnaire comprises of basic information such as identification of traffic source. Dashboards display information like available balance, earnings, daily leads, charges per lead, etc. A line graph is also displayed showing your basic stats such as leads generated, leads sold, earnings and other basic information.

Easy navigation aids us to set your account appropriately, choose your preferred mode of payment and fill out a W-9 form. Creative tools such as landing pages are activated to enable publishers direct top quality consumers to pages where they get access to payday loans. Affiliates with traffic types like search engine marketing, social media traffic, email database or other authorized sources of traffic are recommended. Ad banners are available to aid you launch top converting campaigns. These customized banners, landing pages and copy pasting JavaScript makes it favorable for marketers to generate a large volume of quality leads. Zeroparallel further distinguishes itself from other affiliate platforms through a rewards program. Monthly bonus is drawn for top publishers generating $1000 or above. The winner is awarded $3000. This network is solely focused on supplying a large volume of qualified traffic to all lenders. Partnership as a lender enables you to gain via:

  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced team of experts.
  • Customized filters suitable to you.
  • Single sold leads. Replication or repetition of a specific lead is prohibited.
  • Real-time plus in-depth analytics.

As a lead generation network, Zeroparallel completely adheres to all laws and regulations in local, state and federal levels. Without any signup fees coupled with its exclusion on long term contracts, this system is aimed at building trust in the environment. Veteran marketers are recruited to aid you to gain more clients in a short period. Publishers are not permitted to infringe on lender’s keywords, making it easier for desired results as being generated. Their team of professional account managers is available to understand your goals, enabling you to attain your desired objectives in a limited period. Lenders can also communicate in an effective medium to their account managers via Free conference phone. Consumer protection is highly prioritized in this platform, and as a WatchDog system, consumers are adequately protected from any abuse.


This program is highly recommended for individuals, organizations, marketers, and lenders. Individuals in need of a quick loan can signup and get access to loans. There are no specific qualifications as everyone in need of extra cash can signup. The signup process is relatively simple as you’re quickly accepted, enabling you to access quick loans. Publishers seeking for ways of generating more money from their traffic can also signup. There is an extensive or thorough signup process for affiliates, making it easier to retain their top quality standards. Through this network, publishers easily make money from an online affiliate marketing company. This program is also open for lenders in the online financial business.


Partners can cash out in a safe, reliable and easy pattern. Payments are made using Wire transfer, Check, PayPal, WebMoney, ACH. There is a minimum threshold of $100 for PayPal, Wire Transfer and Check. While WebMoney and ACH have a minimum threshold of $1000. Active partners with qualified referrals get a lifetime 3% referral bonus. Payments are issued twice a month. Affiliates generating a large volume of leads can opt for weekly payments. Payment issues can be rectified with an account manager, making it easier for a smooth business partnership.


Zeroparallel has an amazing support team. Skilled and knowledgeable individuals make up this team. The customer support team creates a business friendly environment by establishing an effective communication system between partners and account managers. This customer support team is aimed at building a long lasting business partnership.


Payday affiliate industry is a recognized affiliate marketing network across the globe. This industry provides quick term loan services to individuals not qualified for traditional loans from banks or credit union. Zeroparallel is duly registered, providing an anti-fraud system where lenders, affiliates plus consumers connect with a mutually benefiting business relationship. All business transactions are by the rules and regulations guiding a payday loan network.


ZeroParallel One Great Network Affiliate Company aimed at connecting consumers, publishers, and lenders. Affiliates earn more revenue by promoting its extensive offers, whilst consumers get access to short-term loans. Lenders benefit through a top quality lead generation. As a leading payday loan network, all clients are guaranteed of safety in this business-friendly environment. Consumer protection is highly prioritized, making them function effectively in a global financial market. The online financial market is growing rapidly, making it a fertile business to invest with. Veteran affiliates, consumers plus lenders seeking for avenues to gain from an online financial market are to signup.

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